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tradeit next generation ecommerce platform
  • Ecommerce Platform

tradeit™ is an enterprise-class ecommerce platform that powers multichannel retailing, global ecommerce and sophisticated omnichannel strategies, handling any mixture of brand, B2B, retail, international or multi-site requirements. It's a highly robust, yet flexible and scalable retail & B2B ecommerce platform combining leading edge ecommerce, advanced content management, innovative marketing functionality and smooth order processing.

The tradeit ecommerce platform

Highly flexible, scalable and proven Retail & B2B ecommerce platform with a customisable framework which enables us to tailor ecommerce solutions to meet individual and highly complex requirements

Constantly evolving with frequent new releases and rich features future proofing your investment. As we own and develop the platform in house, it can be moulded to your exact requirements and designs

Red's superior hosted ecommerce platform model avoids the limitations of SaaS and similar models, resulting in a superior ROI and a lower total cost of ownership

Complete in-house control for non-technical users via the built-in content management and administration system

Strong multichannel capabilities giving you one master platform connecting multiple channels

An international ecommerce platform which powers fully localised ecommerce sites

Fully integrated with all supporting systems spanning 3rd party or bespoke in-house solutions

Built-in marketing & merchandising management tools to attract, engage, convert and re-engage users

Scales in line with your business meaning you never outgrow it, avoiding expensive and resource-hungry re-platforming projects

Leading ecommerce platform powering world class, engaging & award winning ecommerce websites

Class-leading ecommerce functionality

tradeit features enterprise-level ecommerce functionality helping retailers, manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers deliver class-leading ecommerce solutions. Developed over the last 15+ years to suit the separate requirements of both B2B and Retail ecommerce, tradeit contains all the tools you need to empower your ecommerce team.


    Fast track your project with our pre-built ecommerce storefronts, developed to deliver enterprise-level ecommerce solutions at a lower cost. Pre-integrated with a large subset of tradeit they enable you to launch proven retail and B2B ecommerce websites straight out of the box, packed full of the most common, useful and relevant features designed to make your ecommerce site stand out from the crowd.

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    Enabling non-technical users to have complete control of all product and non-product content, tradeit's CMS includes the flexibility to manage your product catalogue through the built-in PIM, whilst enabling you to create stunning, content pages through in-site editing.

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    tradeit features a comprehensive toolset that enables you to attract, engage, convert and re-engage your users, turning them from casual visitors to loyal customers, driving up average order values and delivering the best possible ROI for your website, across all channels.

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    Deliver flexible and smooth order processing, on-time fulfilment and perfect customer service through this innovative set of tools. Pre-integrated with a large subset of tradeit they enable you to launch proven retail and B2B ecommerce websites straight out of the box, packed full of the most common, useful and relevant features to make your ecommerce site stand out from the crowd.

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    tradeit is a .NET ecommerce platform and has been built using trusted Microsoft technologies including a Microsoft SQL Server database. Due to tradeit's intelligent design the platform is readily integrated with any systems which exist within your business as well as third party systems/services that extend the platform's capabilities.

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    Specifically engineered to deliver extremely robust integrations with supporting business systems and 3rd party applications, tradeit's integration hub helps provide online retailers with resilient, fully integrated ecommerce solutions without compromising agility, meaning admin is minimised and business workflows improved.

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See the key features of tradeit

tradeit Retail & B2B ecommerce features

Ecommerce Content Management System

Product Information Management (PIM)

  • Manage all product catalogue and product data (pricing, images, stock, descriptions, downloads, reviews, ratings etc..)
  • Unlimited products, SKUs, facets, categories and attributes (includes aliases, company-specific SKUs, custom attributes etc...)
  • Product variations management - colours, sizes, flavours etc... fully supported in bulk uploads.
  • Supports additional product types: subscriptions, digital products (mp3/ebook), event booking, warranties & samples
  • Share product data between multiple channels with different pricing, currencies, & languages
  • Setup and manage relationships between products and categories
  • Customisable & configurable cross-sells and up-sells
  • Manage search and sort options
  • Supports multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-warehouse and multi-taxation models

Web Content Management (WCM)

  • Customisable, responsive design
  • On-page editing using pre-defined components
  • Roles/rules-based administration system
  • Built-in image editing tool & automatic resizer
  • Integrated management of all media files
  • Supports content types including text, images (banners, galleries, carousels, sliders, zooms, 360 spins), Flash, videos, navigation, forms, surveys and downloads
  • Create events and collect attendee information during the checkout process
  • Internationalised for multiple languages including Cyrillic and symbol-based text
  • Google reCAPTHCA on forms
  • Content lifecycle management including rollback

Social & Community Tools

  • Integrated blogs and forums with tagging
  • Send-to-a-friend (can include reward for both referee and referrer in conjunction with the promotions engine)
  • Built-in on-site social network: allows users to create profiles (bio, images, social media, avatar), upload content: images, videos, photos etc... follow/unfollow others, like uploaded content, add comments and share info about upload
  • Site-wide/ individual activity feeds bring everything together and alert other users of activity such as new upload, content, visits, purchases
  • Three way Q&A including merchant moderation
  • Built-in ratings & reviews engine (ratings can be used as sort option)
  • Control over, twitter cards and rich snippets

Ecommerce Marketing & Merchandising

Promotions Engine

  • Choose from multiple offer types including discounts, bundles, coupons, and more
  • Target or restrict specific users/user groups/products/brands/channels from offers/promotions
  • Layer multiple promotions and define the order they are applied
  • Schedule time span of offers
  • Configurable rules-based system
  • Copy existing offers to set up similar new ones which can then be tweaked NEW
  • Limit offer usage across the site or per user
  • Full offer reporting for each campaign
  • Offer multiple free gifts with variations of each if required NEW
  • Create unique coupon codes for use in email campaigns (including exporting them for use with 3rd party ESP)
  • Discounts split across line items to avoid outputting negative values (some ERP systems don't support negative values)
  • Users can disable offers if they don't want to take advantage of them NEW

Advertising System

  • Choose from pop-up or on-page adverts
  • Personalise adverts based on user profile: demographics, location, previous footprint
  • Support multiple content types including products, images, videos, Flash, HTML
  • Display randomly within a zone if there are multiple adverts  NEW
  • Display across sessions and define time period
  • Support multiple content types including products, images, videos, Flash, HTML
  • Optionally responsive to display different content at different breakpoints
  • Display across different pages on your site
  • Carousels offer multiple adverts in a single zone - order of adverts is merchant definable NEW
  • Personalise content based on user actions: where they came from (PPC, Affiliates, email campaign etc..), what they searched for, what they looked at, what they added to basket, what offers they have fulfilled
  • Display adverts when offer 'almost' apply  NEW


  • Use for both cross-sells and up-sells
  • Take control over product relationships & ordering
  • Use pre-defined metrics to populate based on real time data calculated on a daily basis
  • Configurable naming conventions (e.g. 'Other people bought...')
  • Personalise based on user profile and/or actions
  • Choose from automated or manual population, or mixture of both


  • Unlimited number of categories and sub-categories
  • Multi-tick facetted navigation
  • Predictive search with type-ahead functionality
  • Sophisticated on-site search across both products and content
  • Choice of pagination, infinite scrolling or lazy loading (includes % of page scrolled through before loading more)
  • Maintainable dictionary for misspellings, synonyms, alternative and related items
  • Drag-and-drop tool for manual merchandising control of category pages
  • Pre-defined and customisable sort options

Email Marketing

  • Supports all transactional, bulk and triggered emails
  • Deliver targeted content based on definable user actions or inaction
  • Report on all campaigns

SEO & Link Management

  • Automatic Google sitemap generation
  • Control formatting of URLs
  • Management of all redirects
  • Full control of all on-page elements such as page titles, meta tags, h1-h6 etc...
  • Proper output of image tags
  • Facet-friendly URLs with legible syntax
  • Support for canonical tagging
  • Configurable marketing/vanity URLs
  • Enhanced redirects work across both secure and not secure protocols
  • Automatically updated link fields to avoid any dead links when URLs change NEW


  • Personalised physical or e-gift cards
  • Online or in-store redemption
  • Pay via multiple gift cards or as part payment
  • Fixed or customisable gift card values
  • Multiple gift wrap, boxes or hamper options on an item, group or basket level
  • Personalised messaging on an item, group or basket level
  • Anonymous sending (ideal for Valentine's Day)
  • Scheduled arrival dates
  • Multiple gift list support with email sending
  • Report against user gift lists for promotional purposes
  • Gift list item price recorded so campaigns can be triggered on price changes
  • Personal address book with reminder service
  • Include 'Do not open until...' messaging with user-specified date


  • Integrated points-based loyalty scheme
  • Configurable collection and redemption values
  • Full or part payment using points
  • Account balance in My Account
  • Manually credit or debit points using Call centre/MOTO
  • Points earned against each order
  • Define whether points are earned against orders paid for with points
  • Use to apply store credits to a user's account
  • Use in promotions (i.e. double points this weekend)
  • Configurable expiry dates on points stored against user accounts NEW
  • Set Spend & Save targets for customers and display their balance, target, previous performance in their my account NEW

Ecommerce Order Management & Fulfilment


  • Member and guest checkout options
  • Multiple saved baskets
  • Mini-basket
  • Single or multi-page checkout
  • Optional enclosed checkout
  • Saved card payment through tokenisation
  • Encrypted using SSL
  • Supports multiple payment methods: on account, invoice, debit/credit card, subscription, direct debit, buy now pay later
  • Integrated with PCA Predict address finder
  • Integrates with major PSPs including Secure Trading, CyberSource, PayPal, Worldpay and Sage Pay
  • Selectable basket aggregation meaning same SKUs can multiply when added to basket or remain as separate items in exceptional circumstances

Order Management & Fulfilment

  • Supports multiple warehouses for different domains/channels
  • Define tax and delivery options for each warehouse
  • Configurable cut-off times for order picking at each warehouse on each delivery option
  • Setup and configure different tax areas and rate for each channel
  • Calculate delivery based on basket items, basket price, or basket weight
  • Configurable product delivery surcharges for individual items or delivery types
  • Pricing rules for each delivery option
  • Search and filtering options for finding orders
  • Configure multiple delivery types for each channel/domain
  • Automatic or manual order status updates
  • Append notes to order status updates
  • Print orders, invoices and packing slips (including bin numbers for exact location of items) NEW
  • Configurable/customisable order workflows
  • Definable order rules for additional fraud protection

My Account

  • Change/forgotten passwords
  • Update/set preferences
  • Submit service requests/enquiries
  • View, administer and remove saved baskets
  • View all current, previous and back orders and order details
  • Manage calendar and reminders
  • Setup and manage multiple wish/gift lists and email them
  • View credit limits & outstanding balances (B2B users)
  • Export previous orders and print (B2B users)
  • View and pay invoices online (add to basket and pay on credit or debit card)
  • View offline orders (subject to integration)
  • Double opt-in registration and subscription functions, and the ability for users to close their own account will full event logging, in line with the GDPR NEW

Call Centre/MOTO/Order-in-store

  • Process online, telephone, mail and in-store orders
  • Handle customer queries and disputes
  • Create orders on customers' behalf
  • Process returns, refunds and replacements
  • View all customer orders and check their status
  • Update user details on their behalf
  • All sensitive information (password, payment details) are encrypted and protected from administrators
  • Use on tablet devices in stores for endless aisle functionality
  • Assign account managers to customers and enable only them to administer those specific accounts
  • Apply or remove promotions from particular users, and add any product as a free gift NEW
  • Use with services like PCI-PAL Agent Assist or via in-store PDQs for secure payments over the phone or on the shop floor
  • Administrator override for restricted products, meaning call centre staff can add them to a basket and order on a user's behalf NEW

Split Orders

  • Split a single order to multiple delivery addresses (includes in-store collection)
  • Split basket by items or group of items
  • Offer different fulfilment and gifting options on each item or group of items
  • Schedule arrival of items or groups of items at different times
  • Include gift wrapping, messaging on items or groups of items
  • optional auto-splitting on product availability (i.e. send in stock items now and others when available)

Integration Hub

  • Accepts XML, Tab and Web Services
  • Supports all commercial and in-house, bespoke packages
  • Control affiliate and comparison feeds
  • Communicate with any software package based on your own defined business rules and schedule
  • Integrate with online chat providers
  • Pre-integrated with Loqate (formerly PCA Predict)
  • Manage marketplace feeds 
  • Authenticate passwords imported from external systems
  • Multiple levels of Amazon integration NEW
  • Import/export of data via CSV
  • Robust, secure integrations with PSPs
  • Pre-built integrations with Google Analytics
  • Integrate with fraud screening and payment security solutions

Business to Business Ecommerce

  • Master and sub-accounts with permissions for each
  • Configurable, personalised pricing on a user/department/company level
  • Built-in quotation system
  • Offer both gross and net pricing
  • Manage pricing by price list or currency NEW
  • Manage cost centres, set and manage credit limits for accounts
  • Full control of back orders
  • Customer and order reporting
  • Minimum order quantities (MOQs)
  • Set approved payment methods (e.g. on account, invoice, credit/debit card)
  • Configurable payment options against each user (credit limit, pricing, MOQs)
  • Quantity steps on products (only purchase in 5, 10, 15)
  • Delivery to multiple addresses from a single order
  • Multiple, unlimited price lists
  • Supports batch numbers and expiry dates
  • Price list manager (set the % value of child price lists against parent price lists for products, product groups and customers) NEW
  • Option to toggle between RRP and trade pricing
  • Different shipping/fulfilment options based on user/company
  • Volume-based quantity breaks
  • Click & Collect/Reserve for collection points/trade counters
  • Handle highly complex pricing models
  • Trading prices, previous price and RRP
  • Account management via Call Centre/MOTO
  • Quick order tools: repeat orders, quick orders pads, quote-to-order, regularly ordered items including bulk upload of SKUs via CSV/Excel NEW

The best ecommerce platform for growth

Infinitely scalable, flexible and robust, the tradeit ecommerce platform enables businesses to extend their reach into new markets, channels and business models.

Leveraging the tradeit ecommerce platform’s innovative and agile technology framework, we can efficiently and effectively customise ecommerce solutions to meet individual and highly complex business requirements, delivering rich engaging ecommerce experiences that captivate and delight consumers. So whether you expand internationally, sell directly to the trade, launch new brands, grow your omnichannel footprint, or develop an online community, tradeit offers the functionality you need and can scale as your business does.

Our customers include forward-thinking multichannel retailers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers. Using the tradeit ecommerce platform they process hundreds of thousands of transactions and reach millions of customers throughout the world, shaping the evolution of the platform based on real world usage.

We provide innovative technology that places the customer at the heart of our development road map to ensure the platform's rich feature set delivers a superior experience for them. We frequently release new versions ensuring that our customers stay at the very forefront of ecommerce technology and their ecommerce operations never outgrow the platform.

Ecommerce growth
Looking to grow your ecommerce? Arrange a demo today.

The ecommerce platform for personalisation

One size DOESN'T fit all. Unlike most ecommerce platforms that serve up the same generic content to everybody, tradeit features a sophisticated toolset that enables you to deliver automated and targeted content, promotions, pricing and messaging to each and every one of your users.


Serve the right content, to the the right user, at the right time to entice, excite and convert them

Deliver a mixture of automated and manual personalisation with behavioural merchandising based on real time data

Deliver content based on information you already know about each user as well as based on their session-specific actions when they visit your site, such as what they search for, what they add to their basket, where they arrived from (PPC, affiliate, email camapign etc...) and much more

Powerful functionality means that recommendations, adverts, promotions & offers, triggered emails, search results, events, competitions, videos, products, and pricing can all be personalised to individual users or user groups for both retail and B2B sites

A reliable & secure ecommerce platform

Ecommerce Hosting

Platform security, compliance and peace of mind is provided by tradeit's premium, managed hosting services.

Choice of shared, dedicated or private, managed cloud hosting, fully supported by our specialist team of experts.

End-to-end solutions supported by the people who build, maintain, integrate, host and support your site.

Solutions fully managed and supported 24/7/365 to keep your sites running all the time.

Secure and PCI-DSS compliant with split system configuration for effective disaster recovery.

Ecommerce Platform Resources

Content Management datasheet

Content Management

Learn more about tradeit's built-in PIM and in-site editing capabilities, enabling you to deliver stunning product and content pages in no time.

Marketing & Merchandising datasheet

Marketing & Merchandising

Increase AOV, conversions and loyalty with the suite of powerful marketing, personalisation, promotions and merchandising tools.

Commerce & Orders datasheet

Commerce & Orders

Ensure all transactions & after sales service is handled smoothly, efficiently and professionally with a host of commerce & order management tools.

Integration Hub datasheet

Integration Hub

Deliver a seamless flow of data between your website and other business systems, providing the perfect eco-system upon which to grow.

Learn more about our ecommerce platform, tradeit

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