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    Class-leading B2B ecommerce for the UK's Leading Sports Nutrition Distributor.

Founded in 1980, Tropicana Wholesale is the UK's leading sports supplement distributor, supplying thousands of gyms, websites, personal trainers, and sports supplements shops throughout Europe. With over 2000 sports nutrition products in stock, they are the authorised distributor of over 100 well known brands such as CNP, Grenade, High5, Optimum Nutrition, PhD Nutrition, USN and many more.

Project Highlights

  • Business to Business

    Heavyweight ecommerce functionality from a platform designed from the ground up to service complex B2B requirements

  • Price list manager

    Sophisticated price list manager calculates customer and product discounts from main pricelist meaning only two price lists (£/€) are needed across entire site and customer base

  • Seamless integrations

    Two-way integration with OrderWise ERP system for prices, stock, accounts, invoices/credits/payments, and orders

  • Call centre

    Built-in call centre capabilities including pricing override at the basket, adding/removing promotions, adding free gifts, and much more

  • Sophisticated promotions

    Automated promotions driven by expiry date and whether products have reached defined sales level within a certain period. Also includes advanced features such as selectable free gifts, cloning offers, alerts when close to qualifying for a discount, and countdown timers on each offer

  • Spend & save

    Spend & save loyalty scheme designed to encourage users to spend x% more than during a previous time period to acquire a reward

  • Simple re-ordering

    Host of quick ordering tools such as saved baskets, saved quick order forms (with optional CSV upload), and back in stock notifications with direct add to basket links

  • Mobile friendly

    Responsive design across four breakpoints - previous site was not optimised for mobile devices

  • Email integration

    Integration with Mailchimp ESP

Project Integrations

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Project Overview

Whilst a small portion of their business is through retail channels, they primarily trade B2B and could no longer grow their online business sufficiently using their old ecommerce platform. Like most platforms, its B2B ecommerce offering was basically just a tweaked retail site, rather than one built from the ground up to service the unique requirements of B2B ecommerce, so lacked a lot of the functionality they required to stay ahead of their competitors.

Tropicana Wholesale ecommerce site on a laptop
Tropicana Wholesale ecommerce site on a computer
Tropicana Wholesale ecommerce site on a mobile phone
Tropicana Wholesale ecommerce case study
Tropicana Wholesale ecommerce site on a mobile phone


For example, their previous site had 13 different pricing levels for different customers all managed within their OrderWise system. Now, the new price list manager within tradeit allows them to have just two pricelists (one in £ and one in €) that are site wide, with discount levels (+/-) which can be applied to both customers, products and brands, meaning that only 2, rather than 13, different pricelists have to be maintained. Customers can also toggle between NET and GROSS pricing.

Ease of Ordering

As most customers order daily and are short of time, a quick and hassle-free experience was paramount. With this in mind, a host of great tools were made available in the users' my account such as saved baskets, saved quick order forms (with optional CSV upload), and back in stock notifications with direct add to basket links. Previously, when customers ordered via telephone it was normally due to bespoke pricing being offered (price drop, free product etc...). Staff would then place these orders online but any price changes had to be applied to their order once it reached OrderWise, and then charged manually, which was far from ideal. Using tradeit's MOTO tools, this issue no longer exists as administrators are able to login as customers and override their pricing directly at the basket as well as adding/removing any offers and free gifts when processing orders on their behalf.

Automating Promotions

Despite selling to the trade, the site is very heavy on promotions so having a class-leading promotions engine was another key reason for selecting the tradeit ecommerce platform. As well as being able to select from a plethora of offer types, there are several other great tools available for them to use including countdown timers on each specific offer, the ability to clone offers, 'almost there' flags when near to meeting the conditions of an offer, and selectable & multiple free gift options. Facets have also been added so that users can filter by items that are on offer, and by the offer type (i.e. display all 3 for 2). They have three product categories dedicated to promotions and run hundreds of different offers at the same time which often overlap.

Due to the nature of the products that they sell, many of them carry expiry dates so ensuring a regular turnover of stock is important to make sure they are not left holding huge amounts of out of date stock. In order to address this they have created automatic processes, promotions and merchandising in tradeit, such as adding products to the clearance category based on their expiry date with a discount applied, set up products to move to the flash sale category if sales don't meet their specified level for a certain time period, and removing any free gifts from offers when they are not in stock.

The site now also features a spend & save loyalty scheme which means Tropicana Wholesale can incentivise their customers to spend more over a defined time period (i.e. a month) than previously, in return for a reward. Customers can track their progress, and their target, in their my account as well as seeing any unused rewards.

Award Winning

A project recognised across the industry

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