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tradeit next generation ecommerce platform
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With your product catalogue and content in great shape, you can focus on the process of merchandising and marketing your site to drive those all important conversions. tradeit features a comprehensive toolset that enables you to attract, engage, convert and re-engage your users, turning them from casual visitors to loyal customers, driving up average order values and delivering the best possible ROI for your website across all channels.

Promotions Engine

tradeit’s flexible rules-based ecommerce promotions engine provides you with an advanced out-of-the-box tool set to help you convert and re-engage more customers, driving more revenue. The highly configurable rules based offers engine is capable of handling even the most complex promotions empowering ecommerce teams to drive promotional, personalisation & behavioural merchandising strategies forward.


Generate single- or multi-use coupon codes for individual customers, or site wide. and link them to specific discounts and offers, as well as being able to insert them into an email template or export them for use with a third party email tool or for use in printed marketing.

Product bundles

Pre-configured product bundles by grouping items together at a discounted rate. Still includes the ability for users to select different product variations within the same bundle such as size, colour, flavour etc...


Discounts can be applied to all customers or be restricted to specific customers, groups of customers or customers with a particular coupon code. You can also define whether the offer is for certain products, product categories, brand(s) or all products, and include or exclude them accordingly.

Campaign reporting

Understand the effectiveness of promotions and offers and identify those which perform well using tradeit’s dedicated promotion reporting capabilities. Report on ecommerce promotions and offers breaking down the total revenue generated from orders against each promotion or offer.

Automating time/date of promotions

Plan out your promotional strategy ahead of time by creating and scheduling promotions to auto trigger by selecting specific start and end dates. Merchants can even schedule offers to run during hour by hour time frames, giving you the ability to run true limited time offers such as flash sales.

Personalised promotions

Target specific customers or customer groups and session specific promotions based on the users originating URL, session specific promotions are designed to help merchants maximise their promotions' effectiveness by tailoring their offers to customers arriving on the site via affiliates or Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.

Auto-triggered promotions

Offers can be auto-triggered based on specific user actions such as completing a product review, recommending a friend or by visiting a specific URL.

Session-specific offers

Trigger session specific offers for customers arriving on site from a specific URL. This could be a PPC, affiliate, social media or another online channel.

Available discounts and promotions

  • % off a product
  • % off an order
  • £, $ or euro off an order
  • £, $ or euro off a product(s)
  • Fixed price product
  • Free products
  • Free shipping
  • Get cheapest free
  • Promotional bundles (e.g. buy 2 get 1 free, 3 for £10, buy 1 get 1 half price)
  • Product bundles (pre-configured kits at a discounted price)
  • Coupons
  • Buy X get Y free
  • Free gift/sample
  • Tiered spend and save discounts
Discounts and promotions

Advertising System

By using tradeit’s built-in advertising system in combination with the platform's promotion engine, you can effectively communicate and merchandise your offers across your online store(s). tradeit’s advertising system gives your marketing team the control and freedom to communicate new and/or relevant products and promotions to your customers throughout their shopping experience. Create engaging product displays, add relevant up-sells and cross-sells and combine them with compelling personalised promotions, offers and discounts.

Display conditions

Configure adverts to appear based on certain conditions such as only when specific items are added to the basket, when the value of a basket is between two amounts, or when conditions of an offer are met. You can also control which adverts appear within which advertising zones, within which pages, and at which breakpoints.


Match customers to adverts based on their geographic location (billing address, shipping address, country, or longitude & latitude of browser) displaying ads with the right content (language, currency, events) to the right visitors.

Responsive content

Populate advertising zones with responsive content across your ecommerce store, exposing customers to promotional messaging, up-sells & cross-sells throughout their onsite journey across different device types.

Multiple content types

Leverage your content assets, filling your adverts with product data, images, flash and video as well as HTML content, redirect to URL, product list and recommended products.

Channel specific

Track customers arriving on site from specific URLs. These could be PPC, affiliate, social media or online channels.

Across sessions

Display adverts across user sessions, even when customers are not logged in. Configure how long to remember users for (in days) between sessions.


Click through reporting for adverts and results can be used to profile customers and create new customer groups.

Creating and configuring adverts

Leverage content assets from across your business and populate advert zones with any type of content including products, images, videos, flash objects and HTML. Configure which adverts appear in which advertising zones within which templates. The advertising system can also be used to manage paid advertising placements across your website(s).

On-site Search Terms

Displaying the right content to the right customers based on their shopping intent.

Create and configure adverts to display based on what a customer searches for using the on-site search feature. Use the analytical tools to find out what the most popular searches are and start creating adverts to display against those.

Basket Contents

Create and configure adverts to customers based on the products that are in their basket. This can be a very effective way of upselling by communicating particular promotions that a customer will be eligible for if they add additional products to their basket. Alternatively you can take the opportunity to promote related products and promotions based on their basket contents.

Specific Customer Groups

Displaying the right content to 'logged in' customers based on what you know and what you think you know about them. Create and configure adverts to display to specific customer groups. A customer group can be created on the fly, you can have as many groups as you like and an individual customer can exist within multiple groups. Users can also be remembered between sessions, so even if they are not logged in, personalised content can be displayed to them when they return to the site.

Basket Value

Displaying specific content to customers based on the value of what they're buying. Create and configure adverts to customers based on the value of the products that are in their basket. Set a minimum and maximum basket value to trigger the display or removal of adverts. This can be a very effective way of upselling by encouraging users to increase their spend by displaying messages such as 'Spend another £x to qualify for FREE delivery'. This text can be dynamically generated to display on your adverts, but change to a different advert once they have reached the threshold.

Time & Date

Display specific content to customers based on the date or time of day. Create and configure adverts to display to customers based on the date or even the time of day. Ideal if you sell seasonal products or items for specific holidays such as Easter or Valentine's day, maybe you even sell items based on the time of day like food such as breakfast, lunch or dinner. Using seasons or holidays is another way of targeting your adverts and offers to specific customers.

Geographic Targeting

Displaying specific content to customers based in different countries or regions. Create and configure adverts to display to customers based on the country they are browsing your site from. For instance, a retailer may offer promotions specific to the location the user is visiting from or offers that are specific to events/holidays unique to that specific country, which aren't relevant for their geographic markets (e.g. Bastille day in France or Thanksgiving in the US).

Channels, Domains & Devices

Displaying specific content to customers based on the channel or device type they are using. Create and configure adverts to display to customers based on the channel, device or domain the user is visiting your site from. Create different adverts and offers for your various brands' sites or tailor promotions towards mobile, tablet or desktop users. Ideal for driving mobile users to stores or pushing overstocked items online. For responsive designed sites you can create different adverts based on the various breakpoints your website is displayed at, so you could have a different advert for mobile and desktop devices.

Gift/Wish Lists

Displaying specific content to customers based on the contents of their Gift/Wish List(s). Create and configure adverts to display to customers based on the contents of their Gift or Wish List(s). If you already know that a user is interested in a certain product or products, then tailor adverts and promotions towards them by using their Gift or Wish List information once they have logged in. You can also deliver adverts based on the items that are on their Gift or Wish List down to an individual product level.

Basket Offers

Displaying specific content to customers based on whether an offer is applied to their basket. Create and configure adverts to display or be hidden from customers based on whether an offer is applied to their basket. For example, if an advert displays 'Free delivery if you spend over £50', once a user has added more than the threshold to their basket to qualify for the offer, the merchant may then remove the advert completely or change it to display a different advert.


Displaying specific content to customers based on the route they took to reach your site. Create and configure adverts to display to customers based on how they reached your site. For instance, a retailer may offer promotions specific to those users responding to an email campaign or offers that are only valid to those people visiting from an affiliate site during a certain period.

Search & Navigation

Ensure a great UX and increase conversions by understanding your visitor's intent and connnecting them to what they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible. tradeit contains a suite of searchandising tools designed to give your users the widest number of options to navigate, browse, search, segment, and filter your product catalogue and content, aiding customer journeys and removing any barriers to purchase.

Facets & Filters

Leverage metadata fields and values to provide users with visible options for clarifying, refining and expanding their search queries.

Multi-tick facets

Allow customers to sort, apply and remove filters on their search results, category or product listing pages using multi-tick facets for both product and content pages.

Multi and single-selections

Caters for both multi-selection facets like price (between x and y) as well as single selection facets like brand or colour.

Different display options

Highlight selected values using inline, breadbox or breadcrumb options.

Improve accuracy and relevance

Pre-select facets so results are already pre-filtered (i.e. pre-select and display only those items available using an ‘in stock’ facet).


Enable your customers to determine and fine-tune how items are displayed using standard, customised or data-driven sort options.

Simple, flexible and customisable sort options

Show common sort options like A-Z, Price, Product Name etc… as well as completely customisable options based on merchant-specific attributes.

All sort options can display in both ascending and descending order. Have sort options on category and/or search results pages and apply different options to both if you wish.

Displaying results/categories

Choose from:
- Paging (decide the number of products that appear on each page).
- Lazy Loading (Show all items on a single page that is populated as the users scrolls down. You can define what percentage of on-screen items to scroll through before loading more).
- Infinite Scrolling (Content on a single page but it’s populated when scroll bar reaches bottom of the page).

Real-time, behavioural data

Populate sort options with categories based on real-time, behavioural data driven by metrics such as best sellers, product rating, rank, on sale, new etc...

Category-specific options

Deliver sort options relevant to the category of products being displayed so users can sort products by attributes that are most important, (i.e. screen size for TV’s).

Drag-and-drop merchandising

Make merchandising simple using the built-in drag-and-drop tools to populate your category pages at the click of a mouse.

Easy comparison

Help your users decide exactly which product is right using the product comparison tool meaning you can directly contrast items with the same/similar criteria.

Drag & Drop Merchandising

Drag-and-drop merchandising

To help with the easy merchandising of your product category pages, tradeit features a simple and easy to use, drag-and-drop interface enabling your merchandising teams to display your products exactly how you want, with just the click of a mouse. There's even a holding area to store products whilst you decide where to place them on the page.

Try and shift overstocked or sale items by positioning them at the top of the page, colour coordinate items to match, or get your best sellers straight in front of your customer's eyes, it couldn't be simpler. It's a merchandiser's dream!

Site Search

With the right platform, site search is one of the areas where merchants can significantly improve conversions and revenue. With conversion rates up to 4-5 times higher for visitors who use site search, it’s vital that it performs properly.

Predictive Search

Dynamically refined searches with auto-suggest and product previews (thumbnails) help intuitively guide your users to what they want avoiding typos and fuzzy searches. Also builds a list of previous successful searches from other users to match against.

Search errors & mis-spellings

Handle any mis-spellings, synonyms, acronyms or alternative items using the vendor maintained dictionary which allows you to set up automatic redirects when somebody uses those incorrect, inaccurate or alternative search terms.

Intelligent search passes

Multiple, configurable search sweeps let you decide which elements to match search queries against, in which order, and which match type (e.g. partial or full match), helping you deliver the fastest and most accurate results to your users across whatever data or content you have available including both product and content pages.

No results or exact matches

Customisable ‘no results’ page with optional suggested alternatives or promotional adverts to help minimise bounce rates, whilst exact matches can take customers straight to the precise page. You can also use redirects to take visitors directly to brand or landing pages.

Intelligent adverts & promotions

Deliver personalised adverts and promotions based on a user’s search queries, tailoring your content to increase relevance and drive up conversions.

Hero products

Merchandise your search results using hero products which are triggered by specific search terms. These can be positioned above or to the side of the product set.

Category search

Allow customers to search within a category, whilst still retaining the category, sort order, and optionally, the selected facet values.


Use recommendations to help guide your customers towards more of the products that they want by displaying relevant cross-sells and up-sells across your ecommerce site(s), even automate the process using sophisticated pre-defined metrics combined with our advertising system.

Maximise sales

Maximise sales by displaying relevant product cross-sells & up-sells and take merchandising control over product relationships & ordering of cross-sell / up-sell products.

Driven by sort options

Automatically populate your cross-sell / up-sells based on the sort options (both those standard to the platform and unique ones based on attributes defined by you), including the pre-defined metrics.

Customisable display

Choose which of the sort options to use for your recommendations and then select which categories to select the products from, how many products to display and the order they should display in. Use different sort options to populate different product recommendations on each individual product page, or use the same ones across categories and/or groups of products.

Cross-sell and Up-sell

Use a combination of more than one recommendation type on product pages such as similar and complimentary products giving you the ability to include recommendations like 'You may also like...', ‘Customers also bought…’ ‘Recently viewed…’ and 'Complete the look...' on the same page.

Behavioural Merchandising

tradeit takes the power to generate relevant recommendations a step further with the use of pre-defined metrics in conjunction with its advertising system, giving you a full set of behavioural merchandising functionality. By using the recommended products content type for your adverts, you can automatically generate cross-sell and up-sell recommendations based on actual statistical data.

Email Marketing

The tradeit ecommerce platform incorporates email marketing functionality that helps merchants to effectively communicate with their customers. tradeit's high volume bulk emailing tool enables marketers to create email marketing campaigns, execute them and then analyse the results in-house. It also allows you to take your email marketing and personalisation a stage further by introducing triggered email campaigns to individuals or groups of customers.

Bulk email

Design and build emails in-house with the simple email builder giving you full control over imagery, layout, content and links. Manage email lists and customer groups to help segment your audience, as well as monitoring bounce backs and unsubscribe requests automatically.

Transactional email

Manage automated responses, such as registration, order confirmation, or delivery notification. You decide when your customers are emailed and what the email content is.

Automated, triggered email

Automatically trigger email communications to your customers based on their action, or inaction, with definable conditions ensuring only those customers you want to target are reached.


Measure and report on response, conversion and click-through rates allowing you to continually hone and improve your email communications.

Triggered Emails

tradeit’s re-engagement tools extend to the functionality of emails that are automatically triggered by merchant-definable user events. These might be things like customer registration, ordering, login, creating a basket and many more. 

Once you have decided to trigger emails based on a chosen event you can then also determine whether you want to apply any conditions to whether, when and who to send them to and which products and channels those conditions apply for. These can include things like how many days to wait before sending it, whether to send it if the user has subsequently carried out further actions on your site, whether to send it to all customers or just a subset, and whether the event is only relevant for certain products, brands, channels and much more. 

This sophisticated functionality is great for ensuring relevant and targeted communications with your users making it perfect for welcome emails, ordering reminders or abandoned basket campaigns.

Triggered Emails

SEO Tools

tradeit is designed for optimum SEO performance and flexibility, helping you out rank your competitors. The simple interface provides you with full control over all of your on-page elements, URL structures, rich snippets, and twitter cards, as well as complete management of all links and re-directs ensuring your site can be found by both search engines and users alike.

Designed for SEO

Full control over all on-page elements such as page title, meta page title, meta tag keywords, meta description, h1-h6 etc… with proper output of image tags and similar.


Control the formatting of keyword rich URLs, create vanity URLs for marketing, and ensure they are always output consistently with a choice of separate domain names or sub folders for different territories.

Canonical Tagging

Automatic canonical tags for product pages so they can be assigned to multiple categories.


Setup and manage all your redirects, whether permanent or temporary. Redirects can be handled individually or imported/exported en masse for bulk changes.

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