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    Increase conversion rates and AOV with class-leading tools.

    Convert, enage and re-engage more customers.


Drive online promotional strategies forward.

tradeit’s flexible rules-based ecommerce promotions engine provides you with an advanced out-of-the-box tool set to help you convert and re-engage more customers, driving more revenue. The highly configurable, rules-based offers engine is capable of handling even the most complex promotions empowering ecommerce teams to drive promotional & personalisation strategies forward.


  • Coupons

    Generate single- or multi-use coupon codes for individual customers, or site wide, and link them to specific discounts and offers. Insert them into an email template or export them for use with a third party ESP or printed marketing material.

  • Restrictions

    Discounts can be applied to all customers or be restricted to specific customers, customer segments or customers with a particular coupon code. You can also define whether the offer is for certain products, product segments, product categories, brand(s) or all products, and include or exclude them accordingly.

  • Product bundles

    Pre-configure product bundles by grouping items together at a discounted rate. Even allow users to select different product variations within the same bundle such as size, colour, flavour or use tradet's bundle builder for completely bespoke options.

  • Automate time & date of offers

    Create and schedule promotions to auto trigger by selecting specific start and end dates making them ideal for seasonal offers or flash sales. Expiry countdowns can also be displayed on offers to create urgency and drive sales.

  • Campaign reporting

    Understand the effectiveness of your promotional strategy and identify those offers which perform well using tradeit’s dedicated reporting capabilities. Report on ecommerce promotions and offers breaking down the total revenue generated from orders against each promotional campaign.

  • Auto-triggered promotions

    Automatically trigger offers based on specific user actions such as completing a product review, recommending a friend, or visiting a specific URL.

  • Session specific offers

    Trigger session specific offers for customers arriving on site from a referral point. This could be PPC, affiliate, social media, or another online channel.

Example ecommerce promotional banners

Available discounts & promotions

  • % off an order
  • % off a product
  • % off delivery
  • £, $ or euro off an order
  • £, $ or euro off a product(s)
  • £, $ or euro off delivery
  • Fixed price product
  • Fixed price delivery
  • Fixed reward point credit
  • Free shipping
  • Free product(s)
  • Get cheapest free
  • Promotional bundles (e.g. buy 2 get 1 free, 3 for £10, buy 1 get 1 half price)
  • Product bundles (pre-configured kits at a discounted price)
  • Coupons
  • Buy X get Y free
  • Free gift/sample
  • Tiered spend and save discounts

Tropicana Wholesale ecommerce case study

Tropicana Wholesale logo

Using automated promotions to move end-of-life products.
By automating many of their online promotions Tropicana Wholesale are able to significantly reduce resources, eliminate user error, increase conversions and avoid stock write offs.



The best ecommerce personalisation software.

Personalisation is the holy grail for ecommerce sites and the brands who are thriving and growing insert relevance and context into every single customer visit. Using conditional components, tradeit gives you the ability to treat each of your customers like a somebody you know intimately, each and every time they visit. You can personalise whatever content you display to them based on almost forty different rules & conditions, helping you to make the most of your conversion opportunities, attract & retain customers, and increase sales.


Recommended Products Component

  • Basket

    Define what is displayed around the basket (value, value range, contents, offers, nearly applied offers, delivery costs).

  • User

    Display content dependent on the user (logged in, not logged in, is x, is a member of segment x, uses price list x, has not seen content before).

  • Location

    Alternate what's shown around the user’s location (channel, language, invoice country, delivery country).

  • Search

    Match content around search term (matches, contains, starts with, ends with).

  • Referrer

    Personalise what is displayed around the referral point/where the user hit the site from (affiliate, email campaign, social media, other query string).

  • Date

    Show what is displayed around the date (start, end, time).

* From tradeit version 7.0.1. onwards the advertising system is now part of in-site editing within the CMS, and controlled using conditional components. The same great functionality remains, but it’s now even more user friendly.


Communicate with users before,
during and after their journey.

tradeit incorporates email marketing functionality that helps merchants to effectively communicate with their customers. tradeit's high volume bulk emailing tool enables marketers to create email marketing campaigns, execute them and then analyse the results in-house. It also allows you to take your email marketing and personalisation a stage further by introducing triggered email campaigns to individuals or customer segments.

  • Bulk emails

    Simple email builder gives you full control over imagery, layout, content and links. Manage email lists and customer segments to help target your audience, as well as monitoring bounce backs and unsubscribe requests automatically.

  • Workflow emails

    Manage automated responses, such as registration, order confirmation, or delivery notification. Edit content via layouts using in-site editing with built-in HTML inliner and minifier.

  • Automated, triggered email

    Automatically trigger email communications to your customers based on their action, or inaction, with definable conditions ensuring only those customers you want to target are reached.

  • Reporting

    Measure and report on response, conversion and click-through rates allowing you to continually hone and improve your email communications.


Automatically send on user
action or inaction.

Re-engage with customers using tradeit's triggered email tools with merchant-definable events such as customer registration, ordering, login, creating a basket and many more.

Determine if you want to apply any conditions to whether, when and who to send them to, and which products and channels those conditions apply for. Include how many hours/days to wait before sending, whether to send it if the user has subsequently carried out further actions on your site, whether to send it to all customers or just a segment, and whether the event is only relevant for certain products, brands, channels and more.

Great for ensuring relevant and targeted communications with your users meaning it's perfect for welcome emails, order replenishment reminders, or abandoned basket campaigns.


Abandoned basket emails


Retain and reward your best customers.

The value of loyal customers cannot be overstated so customer retention should be a key factor to the success of your online store. tradeit features a completely integrated loyalty points scheme meaning you can automatically reward your best customers, keep them coming back time after time and turn them into advocates. By offering loyalty points against all items you can drive users to add more to their basket each time they shop, driving up AOV and revenue.


Flexible setup

Merchant definable and flexible options enable you to determine value of points for collection and their redemption value, as well as whether points are earned against orders/part orders paid for with existing points. The merchant can also define how long points are valid for.

NOTE: Orders are still output with actual value rather than discounted rate (making accountancy much easier).

Reward your customers

Increase customer engagement and engender loyalty with no effort on their part. No convoluted membership, sign up or complex terms and conditions.

Easy management

Using tradeit’s Call Centre/MOTO tools you can manually add or remove points from a user’s account enabling you to offer credits for service issues, or debit points if items are returned. Points can be redeemed against any future orders.

Simple payment

Points can be used as part-payment on orders. Users can define how many of their saved points to use on any subsequent order.

Spend & save

Set spend & save targets for customers to incentivise them to spend more than in a previous time period by defining a percentage increase to reach. Rewards for reaching the target are merchant definable including discount off their next order, free loyalty points, or an upgrade to the next tier of any membership giving them better pricing, or a better service. Balances, targets, discounts etc... are all displayed in their my account.

Simple interface

Points value is displayed against each product, and the basket value during checkout. Users can then redeem any saved points on purchases. Account balance is displayed in the user’s My Account and on the payment page where it can be fully or partially redeemed.

User-friendly points system

Points are automatically applied to a user’s account every time they spend and can be debited during checkout for full or part payment of an order.

Promotional opportunity

Run special promotions such as double loyalty points for a certain amount of time or to a certain group of customers, or credit customers with bonus points on their birthday.


Deliver class-leading gifting services.

Deliver a class-leading gifting and fulfilment experience with tradeit's built-in gifting capabilities. Enhance your online or omni-channel gifting capabilities with the services customers now want and expect.

For merchants whose products are often gifted we've a whole set of dedicated functionality, straight out of the box to help you convert and enhance your customers' experience.


Gift receipts

Allow customers to specify that their order/part of their order is a gift, and ensure any paperwork/ receipt sent does not contain pricing. However, it will still allow them to make a hassle-free return or exchange both online and in-store (if applicable).

Personalised messaging

Append personalised messages to every item, group of items or on a basket level.

Gift cards

Offer e-gift cards with the ability to check balances, top-up online and send as gifts.

Gift wrapping

Offer different wrapping and packaging types including bags, boxes, hampers, wrapping paper, bows, different patterns, styles etc....

Gift lists

Allow users to create and distribute gift lists which can be purchased against.


Use gift/e-gift cards as part or full payment method for online orders.

Reminder service

Enable customers to set up gift buying reminders and trigger an email before event.

Scheduled delivery

Allow customers to specify delivery dates for gift arrivals, send items anonymously (ideal for Valentine's) and mark items to only be opened on a certain date.


Customer retention and a recurring revenue online.

Reduce your cost of acquisition, build strong customer relationships and create loyal followers with reliable sources of recurring revenue through subscriptions. tradeit enables you to offer replenishment, curation or access subscription services to your customers with a complete set of self-service tools.


  • Safe & Secure

    Fully PCI-DSS compliant meaning payments are taken safely and securely at the requested frequency.

  • Set delivery address

    Customers can configure a delivery address for their subscriptions and all products will be sent there. Delivery addresses can be updated at any time in their account.

  • Preferred billing day

    Customers can choose a billing day to suit them (Mon-Sun) which they can change at any time in their account.

  • Payment method

    Customers can select a card payment for subscriptions from existing cards on their account or via a new card. They can change payment card at any point from within their account. Customers are emailed before taking payment for each subscription, outlining what's included each time, and are also notified of expiring & expired cards

  • Set frequency

    Allow customers to choose from different frequencies; weekly, every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, every month, every 2 months, or every 3 months. The list can be customised to remove frequencies that are not valid to particularly products or expanded to include other frequencies required.

  • Failed payments

    If payment fails the customer will be notified and they then have 24 hours to amend it, in order to receive their goods as scheduled. They will also be notified if their preferred payment method will expire in the next 2 months. Merchants can report on failed payments of subscriptions in tradeit’s administration system.

  • Cancellations/Holidays

    Customers can log in to their account and manage their subscriptions, including cancelling any they no longer require, or moving the delivery date whilst they are on holiday.

  • Delivery options

    The relevant delivery option will automatically be assigned to any subscriptions to ensure that it arrives as requested by the customer.

  • Subscription types

    Cater for replenishment, curation or access subscription types for both physical and non-physical products inherently within the platform. No clunky plug-ins, bolt-ons or apps. No additional costs.


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"The subscription module has been great to work with, our customers are very happy with everything, and everyone understands how it works very well."
E-commerce & Marketing Director, McAdams

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