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  • Ecommerce Accelerators

    Deploy fully functional B2B, Retail or D2C ecommerce solutions quickly and easily.


Our pre-configured storefronts for retail, B2B and D2C ecommerce.

Drawing on experience gained creating hundreds of ecommerce websites over the last 15+ years, we have specified, designed and developed best practice Retail and B2B, responsive ecommerce websites - our pre-configured ecommerce storefronts. The Accelerator websites include tailored, enhanced ecommerce features which allow us to deploy complete enterprise-level ecommerce solutions at a lower cost. The Accelerators are pre-integrated with a large subset of tradeit to enable you to launch proven Retail and B2B ecommerce websites straight out of the box. Designed to grow with your business, the Accelerators come with all the tools you need to fast track your ecommerce business.

Retail & B2B Ecommerce Accelerators

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Ecommerce Accelerators' features

Ecommerce Accelerators feature list

Under the hood

The Accelerators are responsive websites geared towards the particular requirements of the Retail or B2B markets, with a layout which uses current best practice in content-led design and user experience (UX). They support the latest browsers & devices and have been developed using the latest front-end technologies. Having worked on a large number of B2B and Retail ecommerce builds, the Accelerators have been specified and developed with the most common, useful and relevant functions available out of the box.

  • Optimised front-end code written using the latest techniques for creating responsive websites.
  • Widget-based, constructed CSS resource files using SASS.
  • Designed to meet Google's Web Vitals standards. NEW
  • AJAX basket on product details and product listings pages. NEW
  • Responsive design using HTML, CSS3, JQuery & Javascript.
  • Dependency handler controlling CSS and Javascript code minification and minimising the number of http requests.
  • Latest solution for delivering responsive, optimised images.

Product Information Management (PIM)

A central repository of product data for use across any channel.

  • Multiple product images with image zoom functionality
    Display multiple product images and videos.

  • Was price/sale price
    Display previous pricing and sale pricing to highlight saving to users.

  • Product icons
    Add product flashes like NEW, SPECIAL OFFER, BEST SELLER, ON SALE etc....

  • Category images, descriptions & headings
    Fully editable category pages.

  • Multi-channel and multi-domain management
    Support for multiple sites, domains and channels across different countries, brands or businesses.

  • Feeds NEW
    Pre-configured Google shop feed upon installation.

  • Faceted navigation, search and sorting
    Sophisticated product search, multi-tick facets and flexible sort options.

  • Product variations
    Unlimited product variations such as colours, sizes, flavours etc.. or a combination.

  • Product comparison (B2B only)
    Compare up to five products and remove matching attributes to highlight key differences.

  • Moderated product reviews/ratings
    Built-in reviews/ratings engine with approval/rejection system.

  • Multi-lingual and multiple currencies
    Easy expansion into international channels.

Content Management System (CMS)

Simple and quick website management for non-technical users.

  • In-site editing
    Full on-page lifecycle management of content pages including headers and footers - create, edit, publish, remove and restore.

  • Pre-defined, tested and optimised page templates
    Content, catalogue, checkout, my account, offline and emails.

  • Built-in blog
    Blog functionality including blog categories, tags, user comments and latest news.

  • Pre-built cookie consent component
    Help site conform to GDPR and Cookie Law.

  • Selection of flexible, responsive in-site editing conditional components
    Library of pre-defined, self-contained and reusable functional components that can be inserted into page zones to control the layout and type of content within that zone.

  • Optimised images NEW
    Built-in solution for delivering optimised, responsive images supporting next generation formats such as WEBP, AVIF and JPEG XL .

  • Full control over headings, links, text and media (including video)
    Ability to manage permalinks, canonical tags and meta data.

  • Page flyouts to aid mobile UX NEW
    On-site search, call centre, product content, and filtering on blog & articles.

  • Moderated product reviews/ratings
    Built-in reviews/ratings engine with approval/rejection system.

  • Roles-based user control
    Workflow and authorisation procedures are built-in, allowing publishers and administrators to perform tasks quickly, accurately and with consistent results.

Marketing & Merchandising

Increase conversion rates and AOV with class-leading tools.

  • Rules-based promotions engine and session specific offers
    Class-leading promotions engine with numerous offer types.

  • Recommendations, product cross-sells and up-sells
    Automated recommendations based on real-time metrics, algorithms or merchant-controlled.

  • Email marketing and triggered emails
    Customisable, system-driven emails based on user action or inaction.

  • Targeted adverts/content per user or segment
    Display or remove content based on user.

  • On-site search with configurable search sweeps
    Sophisticated search tool, upgradable with more functionality using Elasticsearch.

  • Coupon codes, single- or multi-use for individual customers or site wide
    Set up coupons against different offers for redemption.

  • Product and order discounts
    Apply discounts, like percentage off, on a product or order level.

  • Newsletter subscription
    Newsletter opt-in and opt-out functionality.


Outrank the competition with full control over on-page elements.

  • Editable URLs and permalinks for products, categories and content pages
    Easily edited URLs

  • Redirects controlled via tradeit admin
    Setup and manage permanent or temporary redirects.

  • Editable meta tags
    Easily editable meta tags on pages.

  • Link management, keyword reach and vanity URLs
    Simple configuration of links for marketing purposes.

  • Automated and customisable meta tags for products and categories
    Auto-generated meta tags based on titles.

  • Automated Google site map generator
    Created automatically so Google can crawl your site more efficiently.

  •, twitter card rich snippets
    Enrich your content for SEO benefits.

  • Separate domain names or sub folders for different territories
    Flexible domain/sub domain management based on merchant requirements.


Keep customers engaged during the order process.

  • Persistent shopping basket on cookie
    Save customer's baskets across sessions.

  • Built-in Loqate address finder integration
    Address finder and auto-complete.

  • Selectable free gift NEW
    Customers select from a choice of different free gifts and add one to their basket.

  • Pay by existing card, new card, PayPal
    Multiple payment options with leading PSP.

  • Multiple warehouse, taxation and delivery options
    Caters for different taxation systems, warehouses or delivery options.

  • Marketing opt-in on registration
    Simple opt-in to conform with GDPR.

  • Promo codes and coupons
    Configurable promotions and coupon codes.

  • Multi-buy and order discounts
    Discounts split across line items for simpler accounting.

  • Pay by BACS, pay on account (B2B only)
    Additional payment methods for B2B sites.

  • Gift wrapping/Gift cards (retail only)
    Selectable gift wrapping and gift cards.

My Account

Empower users to take control of their accounts and orders.

  • Recommend a friend (retail only)
    Recommend friends via email with configurable discount redemption.

  • View/Pay invoices (B2B only)
    View all invoices and pay outstanding balance online with card or credit note.

  • Account balance (B2B only)
    Set and display account balance.

  • Saved baskets (B2B only)
    Save baskets with naming convention.

  • Re-ordering (B2B only) NEW
    Simple re-ordering from any previous order in order history.

  • Saved quick order forms (B2B only)
    Saved quick order forms for quick ordering of regularly ordered items.

  • Wish list/Favourites
    Wishlist generation with email to friend function.

  • Close account (retail only)
    Allows customers to close their account and adhere to their 'right to be forgotten' in line with GDPR.

  • Create return/replacement
    Generate returns, refunds and replacements online with customer requests via their account.

  • Financial statements (B2B only)
    Display financial statements including invoices, payments and credits.

  • Credit limits (B2B only)
    Set and display credit limits against accounts.

  • Quick order form (B2B only)
    Quick order with part codes or via CSV upload.

  • User management (B2B only)
    Determine user privileges such as viewing orders, purchasing power, paying orders etc....

  • Stock notification NEW
    Adds to list in account with email reminder when item is back in stock.

  • Account status (B2B only)
    Active, On Stop or customisable account statuses.

  • Password recovery
    Simple, secure password recovery.


Fast track your B2B, Retail or D2C ecommerce.

The Accelerators' functions include template wireframes and annotated components, and provide a great base from which to launch your B2B, Retail or D2C ecommerce site. Having worked on a large number of ecommerce builds, we have specified and developed the Accelerators with the most common, useful and relevant functions available out of the box. The closer you stick to the specification of the standard Accelerators, the quicker and lower the cost of deployment. An Accelerator website is made up of 30+ templates, numerous flexible components and includes several key features meaning it can be scaled and extended to match any business requirement.

Ecommerce Accelerators

Content Management System

Built-in CMS means that content pages can be created or edited with ease, giving non-technical users the ability to create stunning pages. The Accelerators contain multiple different conditional components each with elements that can be used to populate pages including sliders, carousels, videos, forms, blog posts and many more.


Templates/Conditional Components

Produce media-rich, personalised content with the Accelerator’s pre-built conditional components which can be displayed based on almost forty different rules & conditions (or combinations of conditions), related to users, location, time & date, search, basket and referrer.


Product Information Management

Product Information Management tool provides online and multi-channel retailers, distributors or wholesalers with a centralised system for managing your product catalogue. The PIM gives you the tools you need to ensure that your product data is up-to-date, accurate and consistent across all your online channels.


Marketing Tools

Incredibly search engine friendly giving you full control over all of the on page elements including meta data, page title tags and URLs. In addition to the on page controls merchants can also maintain links, using broken link reporting to help avoid having broken user journeys and handle any redirects.


Integration Capabilities

Extremely robust integrations with internal business systems, providing online merchants with resilient fully integrated ecommerce solutions without compromising agility across any sector and channel including customisable workflows with full monitoring of all systems & integrations.


B2B Tools

Designed from the ground up to support B2B ecommerce with functionality including quick order pads, saved baskets, online invoicing (viewing & payment), returns, product comparison, company user management, back orders, multiple price lists, quick re-ordering and much more.



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