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  • Commerce & Orders

    Complete control of your online orders, fulfilment and customer service.


Keep customers engaged during the order process.

Designed and engineered to keep customers engaged during the order process, tradeit’s customisable ecommerce basket and checkout helps reduce abandonment whilst simultaneously providing merchants with opportunities to increase basket size, order value and conversions with relevant cross-sells, up-sells and promotions.


  • Merchandising & personalisation

    The basket is customisable and flexible enough to automatically offer personalised customer content. By linking it to customer accounts you can tailor not just the information shown to individual account holders, but also personalise offers, prices, vouchers, promotions and layout to ensure maximum conversion rates and automatically incorporate upgrade, accessory and up-sell features.

  • Split orders/deliveries

    A single basket can be split between multiple international delivery addresses including those items that require collection from stores/collection points/trade counters or those items on back order and scheduled delivery dates. tradeit allows each item or group of items to use a different fulfilment method, different taxation rules, different promotions, different messaging, different gifting options and much more but output as a single order to an ERP system.

  • Gifting

    tradeit delivers class-leading gifting capability at the basket including numerous gift wrapping types, boxes, baskets, hampers etc… as well as gift messages and scheduled arrival dates. Users can even add external messaging such as ‘Do not open until…’ or send items anonymously as a surprise. In conjunction with split orders, all gifting options are available on an item or group level as well as basket wide.

  • Omni-channel basket

    tradeit delivers Click & Collect/Click & Reserve services directly through the platform or via integration to a third party ERP or similar system, enabling you to offer customers the ability to send their goods to stores, or trade counters, for collection. tradeit can also manage any complex movement of items between stores, or from a central warehouse, to aid fulfilment of these services as well as providing customers with the ability to check store stock levels online.

  • Multiple shipping options

    Ensure your site offers a good fit between your fulfilment capabilities and your customers’ shipping needs with accurate and flexible delivery options. Delivery costs and type can be based on products, destination, weight, size, and fulfilment type with the ability to cater for awkward products such as bulky, heavy items or those requiring two-man delivery. There is also the ability to integrate with third party shipping and duty calculators and special fulfilment services like Shutl.

  • Multiple payment types

    Cater for multiple payment types including credit/debit cards, invoice, subscription, on account, pre-paid credit, gift cards/vouchers, as well as ‘bill me later’ services like Klarna. The flexibility of the checkout also allows for payment to be split between credit/debit cards and multiple gift cards. tradeit has been integrated with many leading payment providers including CyberSource, TRUST Payments, Worldpay, PayPal, Datacash and Klarna to ensure secure online payments.

  • Fast & intuitive

    tradeit features both registered member and guest checkout designed to restrict the barriers to conversion and ensure the process is quick and hassle-free. Numerous tools such as address auto-complete, single page checkout, multiple payment options, enclosed basket, saved details from previous login (including addresses, tokenisation of card details, baskets, account details, preferences etc..), and much more, all help increase speed, avoid abandonment and significantly increase conversions.

  • Global ecommerce

    tradeit’s checkout is designed to cater for international ecommerce and is capable of handling multiple currencies (with variable or floating options), multiple tax regions, international payment methods and multiple, international fulfilment types all delivered to your customers using their local language(s).

    Find out more about our International Ecommerce solutions.

  • Pricing Manager

    Merchants can set the % value (₊/-) against parent price lists for products, product groups and customers. The engine auto calculates the child pricing and assigns. Can also apply delivery costs, discounts, offer bands, gift options and advert basket price conditions across price lists or on a currency level.

Order Rules

Set up additional rules at the basket to help improve fraud protection and check for suspicious orders before they are processed. tradeit allows you to define and flag unusual activity and ordering anomalies before they are processed including:

  • If the order value exceeds £x, $x or €x.
  • The number of a single SKU ordered exceeds x.
  • The billing postcode and shipping address/postcode are different.
  • Customer is a member of user group x.
  • Number of orders placed by a customer during a certain period of time exceeds x.
  • Order contains product x
  • The delivery address is different to the default delivery address.
  • The delivery postcode is x.
  • The billing postcode is x.
  • Customer places their first order.
  • Order contains overridden price, unauthorised product.


Don't make customers checkout twice.

tradeit's checkout is enhanced to cater for the demands of the omni-channel consumer and provides the ability for orders to be split on a line-item, or group level, within the basket.

  • Delivery Addresses Delivery Addresses

    Send a single order to multiple delivery addresses throughout the world, including any physical stores or trade counters/collection points.

  • Fulfilment Fulfilment

    Each of the line items or groups of items within a basket can use a different fulfilment method (including from physical stores if that particular service is offered), or taxation system.

    Delivery of items can also be scheduled to arrive on specified dates, anonymously (ideal for Valentine’s) or on back order for when they become available.

  • Gifting Gifting

    Separate gift wrapping, bags and cards can also be assigned to any line item or group, each with a unique message.

  • B2B B2B

    Its not just for retailers, splitting the basket allows central purchasing offices to place one order and have different items shipped to satellite locations but still invoice one cost centre.


Save time, reduce errors and increase customer satisfaction.

Delivering class-leading order management and fulfilment is crucial to saving time, reducing errors and increasing customer satisfaction. Ensure your customers receive exactly what they expect, when and where they expect it, by controlling all aspects of your order and fulfilment processes.

  • Warehouses & taxation Warehouses & taxation

    Set up and route orders through the relevant channel and warehouse, defining picking days and cut-offs times. tradeit supports single or multiple warehouses with each channel having a primary warehouse assigned and an optional secondary warehouse if stock is unavailable at the primary location. Certain products can be excluded if it's not practical or financial viable to route them from another location. Physical stores can also act as warehouses in their own right when orders for collection are fulfilled directly from store stock, or stock is moved between the stores for fulfilment. Warehouses can even be assigned on a customer level rather than by channel if required.

    tradeit also handles complex tax calculations across different tax jurisdictions including Nexus (US).

  • Flexible fulfilment types Flexible fulfilment types

    Control and manage multiple delivery and fulfilment types (such as same day, next day, scheduled, timed, store collection etc..) alongside any location information like UK mainland, Europe and RoW for example. You can determine which products are eligible for which delivery types (including which stores for any collections), their delivery cost, tax class, which days they are available on, expected delivery dates, which channels they are eligible on, as well as any special requirements or surcharges that are applicable.

  • Orders, invoices & packing slips Orders, invoices & packing slips

    Easily filter orders by date, channel, payment method etc… and view full order information including product details, billing and shipping addresses, status, receipts, packing slips, credit notes, payment method and returns. You can also print orders, invoices and packing slips from the same screen.

  • Order statuses Order statuses

    Ensure visitors are kept informed throughout every stage of their order with triggered email updates whenever the status of their order changes, from their initial order confirmation, picking and packing through to any partial or full-despatch notes, and even after sales satisfaction emails or feedback requests.

  • Order Management System Order Management System

    tradeit’s order management is designed to effectively handle orders from multiple channels, providing merchants with high levels of control over their ordering and fulfilment processes, delighting your customers and ensuring the smooth running of your operations.


Empower users to take control of
their accounts and orders.

Reduce the load on your business and empower your customers with tradeit’s advanced set of retail and B2B self-service tools, helping your customers manage their own account and orders online. The enhanced ‘My Account’ provided to customers is a powerful and flexible feature for Retail, B2B and D2C ecommerce sites.

Browser showing example of the tradeit ecommerce platform's my account tools

  • Customer details

    Customers have full control of their personal details including order history, statuses and tracking, billing and shipping addresses, communication preferences, passwords, saved baskets, wish, gift or wedding lists, product reviews and ratings (plus review history), loyalty points balance or spend & save target, subscriptions and a personal calendar with reminder functionality for important dates (birthdays, anniversaries etc…).

    tradeit’s built in community functionality also enables them to manage their connections and uploads from their my account.

  • Business to Business

    tradeit contains a rich set of tools specifically designed for B2B users and, as such, the My Account has options to reflect these functions including quick order pads, quote requests, viewing and paying invoices online, building, editing and maintaining wish lists, and exporting previous orders. tradeit also features master and sub account management enabling one central location to control multiple regional sites and set credit limits, purchasing capability, payment of orders etc…

    Find out more about our Business to Business Ecommerce capabilities.

  • Wish lists / Gift lists

    Customers can build and manage multiple wish lists, gift lists or wedding lists, and define each, enabling them to add, remove or edit products and share them via email. You can report against all customer wish lists for targeted marketing and merchandising purposes.

  • Loyalty / Spend & Save

    Customers can check their points balance, see how much it's worth and when the points expire or if they are using a spend and save scheme, they can see their target and progress for the current time period, last time periods result and how long left they have to hit their target. They can also see any valid coupon codes they have and their expiry date.

    Learn more about tradeit's loyalty scheme.

Browser showing example of B2B ecommerce My Account

B2B My Account

tradeit's My Account is extremely flexible and malleable, with enhanced features specifically aimed at B2B/trade users such as:

  • Master and sub account functionality to manage regional sites/offices and control their accounts including: approving/rejecting orders, managing credit limits, paying invoices and more.
  • View previous or outstanding invoices, and pay for them online using a credit/debit card, and see any credit limits applied to the account.
  • Quick order pad, saved baskets and easy re-ordering of previous products.
  • Submit quote requests which can then be returned with pricing. These can then be added straight to the basket for ordering online.
  • Export previous orders in .CSV, or print for use in other capacities.
  • Provide reporting and graphs with time scope and filtering by product/product group.


Process quotes & orders across all channels, and improve customer relations.

tradeit's call centre functionality gives you a single view of all customer activity allowing you to process mail, telephone and in-store orders, raise quotes and handle customer enquiries from a central system, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.


  • Promotions Promotions

    Administrators can apply, or remove, any offers on qualifying orders created via any channel (online, mail, telephone, or in-store) including selecting multiple free products and their variations (size, colour, flavour of products for example). Administrators can also debit or credit loyalty points on a user's account.

  • Returns, refunds & replacements Returns, refunds & replacements

    In conjunction with an integrated ERP or warehouse management system, tradeit can process any returns, refunds or replacements. Once an item is returned and the system is notified, administrators can login to approve or reject the return, as well as actioning any refund or replacement.

  • Quotation Management Quotation Management

    Build quotes on a customer's behalf, adjust pricing (seeing exact margin as price is adjusted if required), set expiry date and then email to customer and display in their my account. Quote can then be converted to an order online. NEW

  • Single customer view Single customer view

    Process orders via mail, email, phone, fax or in-store (on a tablet device or kiosk) alongside all orders via your ecommerce channels, giving you a single view of all customer activity and streamlining your order management. Customers can then access all of their order information via their My Account.

  • Secure payments Secure payments

    Integrate with secure telephone services, or via PDQs in-store, meaning payment is completely secure and your sales staff never have access to sensitive customer information such as payment details or passwords, but you can still process orders from any channel. Payment options available to call centre users are configurable in the admin system,

Ecommerce Customer Service

Intelligent customer service

The call centre system uses the same storefront as your site meaning authorised sales staff can login as customers and see exactly what they see, or proceed anonymously if they don’t have an account. There are also options to search for existing customers using any details they have or restrict administrators to view and amend only their customers.

This enables them to carry out actions on their behalf (create accounts, raise or review quotes, change details, view order history or statuses, wish lists and even place orders for them) as well as resolving any problems they have, helping you to deliver a first class service across all channels. It also enables them to send quotes out from specific account managers, override product prices or add restricted products at the basket and order on the customer's behalf. They can also add shipping costs or delete line items after the order has been placed and send a new payment request or refund to the user.

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