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  • International Ecommerce

    Global ecommerce solutions.

Grow your ecommerce business globally and engage customers worldwide. Enter new international markets or improve your current global presence using Red’s internationalised ecommerce platform, tradeit.

International Ecommerce Platform

The tradeit ecommerce platform underpins extensive ecommerce and international expansion plans with its rich feature set, flexibility and scalability.

  • Multi-lingual

    Local language sites with complete translation variants management through the back office, including both Cyrillic and symbol based text. Full support for translated web copy, including double-byte characters, for product data, templates, media, page titles, metadata and URL structures for local search engine optimisation and a rich user experience. Fully translated versions of the ecommerce platform back office enabling local website management teams to control content.

  • Multi-currency

    Meet the unique needs of different geographic markets by enabling them to transact in their own currency whether it is Sterling, Dollars, Euros or Yen. tradeit can also deploy a duty calculator such as Bundle Box meaning customers will know the exact landed cost of their goods when ordering. tradeit enables merchants to offer multiple price lists in multiple currencies which are displayed on a configurable set of rules.

  • Multiple payment methods

    Provide multiple, localised payment services to customers, with options relevant to their market (such as Klarna for Scandinavia, Germany and The Netherlands who offer 'bill me later' services), that they are familiar with and trust including multiple merchant-configurable order workflows for each payment method and/or domain.

  • Multi-site

    Launch multiple B2B and/or retail sites, each with a custom look and feel, product catalogue and navigational structure, and administer them from a single instance of the tradeit ecommerce platform. Developing and deploying multiple ecommerce sites is a quick and cost effective way of trialling or entering new markets, and growing your online business.

  • Multi-warehouse

    Different warehouses can be assigned to different countries or channels and orders pushed through the correct one.

  • Multiple taxation models

    Handle multiple and complex taxation systems across the globe including the US (Nexus).

Global Ecommerce

An ecommerce platform to support international expansion.

There are many challenges involved in successfully shaping and delivering cross-border ecommerce. Selling into global markets requires merchants to overhaul their customer proposition, tailoring it to address the needs of local markets. Buying habits vary dramatically from country to country and so considerations such as accepting payment in the local market currency, logistics around fulfilment and delivery, and local customer service & returns should be carefully planned. Merchants looking to improve their international ecommerce offering, or to start selling internationally for the first time, should select an ecommerce partner and platform that enables them to deliver a fully internationalised experience that engages local customers, increases exposure and ultimately drives revenues.

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"Red have great knowledge of implementing global ecommerce projects. We love working with an experienced partner that wants to grow our business."

Global Ecommerce Manager, Amoena

Amoena ecommerce case study

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