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    Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Using its tradeit ecommerce platform, Red delivers ecommerce solutions that are fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software. GP is fast to implement and has a host of standard add-ons making it a very popular choice for smaller companies across all verticals.

Microsoft Dynamics GP and the tradeit ecommerce platform

Through tight integration between the tradeit ecommerce platform and your MS Dynamics GP ERP system an array of data can be shared. Although GP is more limited than NAV or AX in terms of it's ability to be customised to your exact business requirements, it still features a comprehensive set of tools for managing your business. This includes sales forecasting, manufacturing functions, inventory management, procurement, payroll, sales order processing, financial management, and reporting. The flexibility of tradeit means that any features or functions of GP (formerly Great Plains) can be replicated online using data that is shared between the two systems. On a basic level this may include pushing customer, product, and pricing information from GP to tradeit and sending order information and statuses back from tradeit to GP. However, we have delivered integrations between the two systems with far more complex data being shared including, currency information, product and brand level discounting structures, customer types, packing slips, wishlists, back orders, product categories & relationships, financial statements, invoices, credit limits & terms, ordering permissions, returns, tax rates, shipping, loyalty points and much more.

  • Process orders and returns from any online channel (B2B, Retail, International) and push them back to Dynamics GP with distinct channel and/or customer types for separate processing and reporting.
  • Send currency-specific pricing with up to date exchange rates from GP to tradeit, to be displayed on the relevant international channel(s) online.
  • Make invoices from Microsoft Dynamics GP available via their ecommerce site allowing customers to settle them online.
  • Pass online account requests from the tradiet website straight to GP to set up new customer accounts (these can be channel/country and customer specific). Data can then be used to populate customer groups for specific pricing, discounts and on-site marketing and personalisation.
  • Support multiple brands (both in-house and third party) between the two systems.
  • Use web services to display a real-time view of data held in Dynamics GP to populate user's order histories for example.
  • Export order information from the tradeit ecommerce platform to provide a single customer view in GP. Offline orders can either be processed by tradeit using the inbuilt call centre/MOTO capabilities, or imported from Dynamics GP, to provide users with a complete order history from any channel, in their online account.
  • Share details of any loyalty scheme between the two systems ensuring points are correct across any touchpoint.
  • Send order status updates from GP to the tradeit ecommerce platform which than update customers through both email communications and within their account.

The tradeit ecommerce platform has been widely integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP for a number of customers across many different industries and business models with robust 2-way communication between the systems. Our expertise covers integrations for both international retail and trade businesses and the significantly different requirements of those. Are you looking to launch an ecommerce channel integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP? Is your current ecommerce platform struggling to deliver the capabilities that you want, or replicate the features of Microsoft Dynamics GP online? If so, get in touch to talk about how we can help.

Learn more about how PME Cake have integrated tradeit with Microsoft Dynamics GP to drive their online retail and wholesale businesses across the globe.
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