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    Convert browsers into buyers.

    Attract, convert, and engage more customers.


Connect users with what they want quickly and easily.

On-site search is one of the areas where you can significantly improve conversions and revenue. With conversion rates up to 4-5 times higher for visitors who use site search, it’s vital that it performs properly. Powered by Elasticsearch, tradeit features a plethora of tools to help your search convert.


Recommended Products Component

  • Fuzzy Search

    Everybody makes mistakes. tradeit’s search tool caters for spelling errors or typos and still delivers the same results. For multiple search passes, fuzziness can be applied to some and not others thus promoting exact matches above fuzzy matches for example.

  • Intelligent ranking

    Every product is scored against up to six key metrics and ranked accordingly, meaning your most popular products, and thus those most likely to sell, are higher up the search results automatically.

  • Rankings boost

    Boost or moderate products within the rankings by weighting the importance or otherwise of each of the six metrics giving you scope to affect the order in which products appear based on what is most or least important to your business.

  • Pin products

    Pin items to the top of the search results based on certain definable criteria like NEW , IN STOCK, IN SEASON, BRAND, ON OFFER, PRODUCT SEGMENT or any other attribute you want. Even combine and order them.

  • Aggregated, weighted search passes

    Conduct multiple search passes in one and weight the importance of each to promote exact matches or those based on fields that you deem more important (i.e. product name), over those deemed less important.

  • Catch all variations

    People don’t think or speak the same. Our algorithmic stemmer caters for variations of words and language inflections automatically. For example a search for "mothers day", would also return results for "mother's day" and "mothering sunday".

  • Synonyms

    Cater for user differences, colloquialisms and brand names by building a list of synonyms (including one-way options) based on your product set. A search for “laptop” should also return “MacBook” and “netbook” for example, but a search for "MacBook" wouldn't return all laptops as it's more specific.

  • Intelligent search suggestions

    Show suggestions based on indexed products, rather than previous users' searches, meaning results are delivered immediately and with more logic - our search tool doesn't rely on a history of previous searches to build its intelligence.

  • Boost rank by product segment

    Alongside being able to boost products by metrics, merchants can boost or moderate an entire product segment’s ranking. Product segments can be defined by the merchant and contain any items they want. NEW

  • Search results explainer

    Upon administrator login, merchants can see why products are ranking where they do against any search term and display scoring against each criteria that is defining that ranking in each instance. NEW

  • Partial matches within keywords

    Match anywhere within a keyword rather than just the start, meaning more matches are returned. For example a search for "phone" would return "iPhone" and "smartphone" as well

  • Product & content search

    Display both product and non-product content in the search results, including blog articles, videos, information pages and much more.

  • Joint field look-up

    This enables merchants to combine multiple search fields against any search pass to ensure that they return the most accurate matches. For instance, 'Product Name' + 'Colour'. NEW

  • Recommended categories

    Display matching categories, alongside product and content matches, directly in the search results.

  • Split content results

    Output different results for content and blog articles so they are clearly shown separately in your search results. NEW

  • Priority search passes

    Configure multiple search passes to be ‘boosted’ and thus executed before other search passes. NEW

  • More consistent results

    Get more consistent results with the removal of stop words like "i", "to" and "the".

Elasticsearch logo


Fine tune how products are displayed on category and search results pages.

Enable your customers to determine and fine-tune how items are displayed using standard, customised or data-driven sort options.

  • Simple, Flexible & Customisable Sort Options Simple, flexible & customisable

    Show common options like A-Z, Price, Product Name etc… as well as completely customisable options based on merchant-specific attributes. All sort options can display in both ascending and descending order. Have sort options on category and/or search results pages and apply different options to both if you wish.

  • Real-time, Behavioural data Real-time, behavioural data

    Populate sort options with categories based on real-time, behavioural data driven by metrics such as best sellers, in-stock, product rating, rank, on sale, new etc...

  • Easy Comparison Easy comparison

    Help your users decide exactly which product is right using the product comparison tool meaning you can directly contrast items with the same/similar criteria.

  • Multiple Sort Options Two-Dimensional sorting

    Configure two-dimensional sorting so IN STOCK items will appear followed by items according to their rank (calculated automatically using tradeit's built-in metrics). NEW

  • Displaying results/categories Displaying results/categories

    Choose from:

    • Paging (decide the number of products that appear on each page)
    • Lazy Loading (Show all items on a single page that is populated as the user scrolls down. Define what percentage of on-screen items to scroll through before loading more)
    • Infinite Scrolling (Content on a single page but it’s populated when the scroll bar reaches bottom of the page).

  • Category Specific Category-specific

    Deliver sort options relevant to the category of products being displayed so users can sort products by attributes that are most important, (i.e. screen size for TV’s).

  • Drag & Drop Drag-and-drop merchandising

    Make any manual merchandising simple using the built-in drag-and-drop tools to populate your category pages at the click of a mouse.


Scribbler logo

Combining metrics to keep relevant items in front of users.
Using multiple metrics that can automatically be applied, Scribbler took their merchandising to the next level.

Scribbler ecommerce case study


Quickly segment products by common attributes.

Leverage metadata fields and values to provide users with visible options for clarifying, refining and expanding their search queries.

Multi-tick facets

Allow customers to sort, apply and remove filters on their search results, category or product listing pages using multi-tick facets for both product and content pages.

Multi and single-selections

Caters for both multi-selection facets like price (between x and y) as well as single selection facets like brand or colour.

Different display options

Highlight selected values using inline, breadbox or breadcrumb options.

Accuracy and relevance

Pre-select facets so results are already pre-filtered (i.e. pre-select and display only those items available using an ‘in stock’ facet).

Product Recommendations


Guide customers towards more of the products they want.

Use recommendations to help guide your customers towards more of the products that they want by displaying relevant cross-sells and up-sells across your ecommerce site(s), even automate the process using sophisticated pre-defined metrics combined with tradeit's dedicated recommendation component.


  • Driven by sort options Driven by sort options

    Automatically populate your cross-sell / up-sells based on the sort options (both those standard to the platform and unique ones based on attributes defined by you), including the pre-defined metrics.

  • Customisable display Customisable display

    Choose which sort options to use for your recommendations and select which categories to show the products from, how many to display, and the order they should display in. Use different options to populate different product recommendations on each individual product page, or use the same ones across categories and/or groups of products.

  • Recommendations based on metrics Recommendations based on metrics

    Provide recommendations based on product metrics. Each product is ranked by metric against every other product and includes; top rated, top reviewed, top selling, top selling by value, top viewed, best deals, top added to basket, bought together, customers’ past purchases, and inspired by wish list.

    There is also an intelligent 'more like this' metric that returns similar products based on how much they are like the supplied product. NEW

  • Maximise sales Maximise sales

    Maximise sales by displaying relevant product cross-sells & up-sells and take merchandising control over product relationships & ordering of cross-sell / up-sell products.

  • Real-time, Behavioural data Multiple types

    Use a combination of more than one recommendation type on product pages such as similar and complimentary products like 'You may also like...', ‘Customers also bought…’ ‘Recently viewed…’ and 'Complete the look...' on the same page.

  • Weighted recommendations Weighted recommendations

    Use weighted recommendations to give specific metrics additional importance. Every product is automatically ranked by up to six key metrics, so weighting the importance of any of them affects which products are returned within product recommendations meaning you have more control of what is displayed to your customers.

  • Image-based Recommendations Image-based Recommendations

    Display other products based on what they ‘look’ like. Ideal for sites where the design is a key element of what you sell (i.e. fashion, jewellery, homeware). NEW

Behavioural Merchandising

tradeit takes the power to generate relevant recommendations a step further with the use of pre-defined metrics in conjunction with conditional components, giving you a full set of behavioural merchandising functionality. By using the recommended products content component, you can automatically generate cross-sell and up-sell recommendations based on actual statistical data.

Recommended Products Component

SEO Tools


Outrank the competition with full control over on-page elements.

tradeit is designed for optimum SEO performance and flexibility, helping you out rank your competitors. The simple interface provides you with full control over all of your on-page elements, URL structures, rich snippets, and twitter cards, as well as complete management of all links and re-directs ensuring your site can be found by both search engines and users alike.

Designed for SEO

Full control over all on-page elements such as page title, meta page title, meta tag keywords, meta description, h1-h6 etc… with proper output of image tags and similar.

Always Consistent

Control the formatting of keyword rich URLs, create vanity URLs for marketing, and ensure they are always output consistently with a choice of separate domain names or sub folders for different territories.

Canonical tagging

Automatic canonical tags for product pages so they can be assigned to multiple categories.

Simple Redirects

Setup and manage all your redirects, whether permanent or temporary. Redirects can be handled individually or imported/exported en masse for bulk changes. Also supports wildcard redirects.

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