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    Ecommerce for Elucid

Sanderson's multi-channel retail software solution, Elucid, creates a seamless and consistent shopping experience for your customers, whatever sales channel they choose. With robust and proven integrations to tradeit this functionality is available online with enhanced ecommerce capabilities provided by the platform in addition. Providing a complete omni-channel retail solution to all your customers irrespective of touchpoint.

Sanderson Elucid and the tradeit ecommerce platform

Using Elucid integrated into the tradeit ecommerce platform helps to improve efficiency, boost productivity and achieve growth. Elucid is one of the most complete ERP offerings on the market and supplies software to some of the UK's leading multi-channel retailers. By using common file formats such as XML, TAB and/or Web Services, data is easily shared between the two systems, eliminating the duplication of effort or re-entry of information on either system that can often occur when using disparate or poorly integrated systems.

Elucid allows merchants to cater for all types of buying behaviour, providing all the functionality you need to run your multi-channle retail business successfully and features intelligent stock management, flexible warehouse management & order fulfilment, and comprehensive product management which when integrated with tradeit ensures merchants can manage multiple online and offline sales channels through a seamlessly integrated retail eco-system.

The plethora of features in Elucid can be replicated and shared online through integration with tradeit including:
  • Gain a single view of all customer activity across all channels including stores, marketplaces, call centre, catalogues and mail order, consolidating all orders from them.
  • Control the allocation and movement of stock between warehouses and/or stores, routing orders to the relevant location for fulfilment, including prioritising channels.
  • Deliver omni-channel services that merge your online and offline channels such as Click & Collect/Reserve from stores, Online Store Stock Checker, fulfilment from stores, Endless Aisle and much more.
  • Store orders, customer data, price lists, promotions, and stock and push that information to and from tradeit where necessary.
  • Populate product pages with data pulled from Elucid ensuring consistency across all channels and ensure any updates or changes are swiftly uploaded too.
  • Cater for international channels via multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-warehouse support via both systems.
  • Target promotions and offers to reach your most profitable customers and report on the success of each campaign.
  • Allow customers to manage their account online: update details, view order history, track orders, check deliver dates, and much more.

Are you looking to launch an ecommerce channel integrated with Elucid? Is your current ecommerce platform struggling to deliver the capabilities that you want, or replicate the features of Elucid online? If so, get in touch to talk about how we can help.