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  • Ecommerce for the
    Pet Care Industry

    Leading solutions driving online growth and handling the complexity of any routes to market.


Powering the ecommerce channels of some of the leading names in the pet care industry

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D2C – sell direct to the end user

  • Subscriptions

  • Loyalty

  • Triggered Emails

  • Personalisation

  • Breeder Club

  • Build a Bowl

Mcadams ecommerce site

B2B – sell into your trade customers

  • Trade Accounts and order functionality

  • Bulk order discounts and promotions

  • Multiple Payment Options – On Account, Credit/Debit Card

  • Rich My Account – Online Management, Invoices, Credit Limits & Back Orders

  • Powerful Marketing Tools – Up & Cross Sell with tailored offers and promotions

Canagan ecommerce site


Suitable for any business model now, or in the future.


  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-site
  • Multi-warehouse
  • Tax & Duties
  • Payment options


  • Single Administration System
  • Shared Assets
  • Launch Additional Channels
  • Deliver country-specific channels
  • Deliver new brand sites upon acquisition


  • Click & Collect
  • Click & Reserve
  • Allow staff to use other store stock to fulfil orders
  • Use other store stock to fulfil online orders
  • Multi-address Delivery

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Retail Ecommerce Case Study

McAdams subscriptions web page

Direct to Consumer

Servicing end users directly and encouraging repeat orders


Self-service tools to manage their subscriptions in their my account.

Customer Service

Allows staff to place orders on customer's behalf.

Store Locator

Display the retailers who sell McAdams products.


Launched additional sites for Germany, France & Holland fast and cost effectively.

Canagan logo

B2B Ecommerce Case Study

Canagan trade my account page


Sell to trade customers with required functionality.

Business Portal

Customers can view invoices, credit limits, back orders and returns.

Tools for trade customers

Saved baskets, quick order pad and regularly ordered items.


Display customer's relevant promotions and offers based on actions on the site.

Multiple Store Procurement

Control ordering and spending capabilities of all stores

Pet Family logo

Powering Pet Family's ecommerce channels


  • Developed or acquired numerous pet care businesses over the years
  • Number of D2C, Retail and B2B ecommerce sites running on different platforms
  • Time consuming to manage multiple platforms putting drain on resource
  • Costly to keep adding new functionality to each website and platform
  • Multiple integrations required for each platform with ERP / Warehouse
Pet Family sites on different devices

Why Red & tradeit

  • tradeit can natively support their B2C, B2B, D2C and international sites
  • Enabled Pet Family to launch sites for new brands and regions quickly at low cost
  • Manage all via the same platform driving operational efficiency and reducing unnecessary administration
  • Sites built to serve the specific nuances of both B2B and D2C from the same installation with specific functions aimed at both different markets
“Red Technology have been nothing short of exceptional with their knowledge and guidance with this project. They have been a pleasure to work with from start to finish.”
Director of Ecommerce, Pet Family

Pet Family logo


Stand out from your competitors with custom designs and personalised content

Don't have a cookie-cutter site like everybody else. tradeit features a comprehensive toolset enabling you to attract, engage, convert and re-engage your users, turning them from casual visitors to loyal customers, driving up average order values and delivering the best possible ROI for your website.

  • Pet food is a commodity and subscriptions allows merchants to build long term automated relationships with their customers

  • Allows customers to change frequency

  • Set a delivery address for the subscription (which can be updated at any time)

  • Choose a delivery day to suit them

  • Update payment card at any time

Replenishment Emails
  • Triggered emails produce the best response by targeting the right users, with the right messages, at the right time

  • Know when customer should need replenishment and triggered at that point

  • GetResponse, triggered email campaigns have an open rate of 45.70%, a click-through rate of 10.75% and click-to-open rate of 23.53%, which is way above the norm.

Promotions Engine
  • Highly configurable, rules-based promotions engine is capable of handling even the most complex promotions

  • Coupons

  • Product bundles

  • Session specific offers - Trigger session specific offers for customers arriving on site from a referral point

  • Automate time & date of offers

Personalised Marketing
  • Serve personalised content, offers, promotions, emails, adverts, and pricing throughout the customer journey

  • Each and every time they visit your site. Get customers to tell you about their pets and tailor offers, promotions and product alerts

  • Drives greater relevant engagement, conversion and retention

Loyalty Scheme
  • Allowing customers to accumulate money off future orders is powerful for reengagement

  • Ideal for those who don’t want to commit to a subscription

  • Enhanced customer experience as they can see points accumulated through journey

  • Re-engagement with associated promotions resulting in greater points

  • Points earned through purchases so not just discounts like with other offers

Automated Offers
  • Perfect as pet products have a short shelf life, or if you’re having trouble selling slow moving stock

  • tradeit can fully automate processes to enhance your merchandising and promotions and tackle this

  • Automating the adding of products to a ‘clearance’ category based on the expiry date, or setting up products to automatically be moved to a ‘flash sale’ category if sales have not reached a defined level


Drive greater engagement, conversion and retention using the data you extract from the site to tailor the way you communicate with your customers

  • Get your customers to tell you what pets they have and the necessary information so you can market to them effectively
  • Get their breed and age so you can target them with appropriate dietary requirements
  • Breeders Club – Target Breeders and owners for the full lifecycle of the pets
  • Build a Bowl – Allow people to tailor their pet dietary requirements to create custom solutions for reordering that you can use for marketing
  • Feeding Guides – educate your customers to encourage them to make informed purchases establishing brand loyalty

Yora Breeder's Club web page


We help merge your ERP, EPoS, CRM, or other business systems with ecommerce for operational efficiency.

We've integrated numerous business systems to provide merchants with a joined up view of their customers, the automation of business processes and to reduce operational resources. tradeit can be integrated with a wide variety of 3rd party and in-house software systems without compromising agility.

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Discover how the tradeit ecommerce platform can help your pet care business.

  • Proven success in the pet care sector, helping power market leading names across trade, retail, multi-channel & international ecommerce

  • Vast experience of the industry's challenges and what proves effective in shaping a long-term strategy online

  • Find out how we can smooth any pain points you are currently experiencing online

  • Utilise tradeit’s wide library of powerful tools to drive engagement, conversion and retention, without the need for apps, extensions or plug-ins

  • Understand the benefits of working with an ecommerce agency that delivers the full service, drastically reducing the number of parties you engage with for your solution

  • Discuss the integration with your back-end systems to help improve your business’s efficiency & reduce costs

  • Explore how you can use customer data from the website to help automate your marketing activities, replacing guesswork with intelligent engagement to increase sales

tradeit is a slick and easy to use B2B ordering portal and the build process is very thorough. I would definitely recommend Red as a partner.”
Managing Director, Canagan

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