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  • Content Management

    Create, update and control product & web content.


Simple and quick website management
for non-technical users.

The tradeit ecommerce platform's Web Content Management (WCM) makes the task of managing web content across ecommerce websites quicker and easier for non-technical staff. It’s the ideal way to ensure your ecommerce websites stay up-to-date and in-tune with your customers. tradeit's web content management system has been designed to enable effective website management for businesses of all sizes. Based on the latest Microsoft .NET & SQL Server technology, tradeit's ecommerce CMS is designed for ease of deployment and ease of use, enabling increased productivity for users at all levels.

  • Create, remove, edit and restore pages

    In-site editing enables administrators to edit sites in a faster, easier and more natural way, directly through the storefront.

  • Image & media library

    Manage the use of rich media across your site using the media library enabling you to store, share and re-use content. There’s also a built-in image editor and resizer helping to optimise images.

  • Multi-lingual content

    Translation management for sites using multiple languages including Cyrillic and symbol-based text, both on page and via bulk import.

  • SEO friendly

    Access and edit all of the on-page elements such as page title, meta tag keywords, meta tag descriptions, meta titles to ensure your pages rank well in search engine results pages.

  • Content lifecycle management

    Full lifecycle management of content, from creation through to deletion and even restoration. Administrators can also determine whether a page is live or not, and whether to display it in the menu structure, search results and sitemap.

  • Roles-based permissions

    Roles-based security and workflows give administrator control over who has the right to make changes, who has the right to approve changes and who has the right to publish content live.

  • Duplicate channels

    Duplicate entire channels meaning international or alternative brand sites become simple to launch (requiring only CSS & design changes) saving customers both time and money.

  • 2-Factor Authentication

    Supports 2-Factor Authentication when logging in to either the storefront or the administration system.


See changes on the storefront end as you make them.

tradeit features simple to use in-site editing meaning non-technical staff can easily create, edit and delete content pages. As work is carried out directly through the storefront it’s easy to preview your additions or changes to see how they appear before publishing them.

  • Templates Templates

    Each page is built on a template which is populated with a number of editable zones.

  • Zones; Zones

    Each zone can be populated with one or more conditional component. Zones can be easily moved up and down the page to change their order.

  • Within zones, pre-defined components enable you to display different content in different ways using text, images, buttons, links, social feeds, carousels, banners, videos or a WYSIWYG to create styled layouts within each zone. Those components can have conditions applied to display when they meet certain criteria such as who the user is, what they do, what's in their basket and much more providing extremely powerful personalisation capabilities and multivariate testing scope.

    There is also a recommended products component specifically designed to populate carousels of up-sells and cross-sells wherever required.

  • Elements Elements

    Each component contains elements which represent something that can be edited to populate the component. This might be an image, text, video, or a link for example.

  • Scope Scope NEW

    Scope can be applied to content meaning you can display it; globally (on every page of your site(s)), by channel (just a specific channel), by template (on every occurrence of that template across your site), or by page (applies to only that page). This allows you to edit any page and replicate content across your site, or only apply to a specific scope for more targeted content delivery.

The tradeit ecommerce platform's In-site editing functionality


A central repository of product data for use across any channel.

tradeit's Product Information Management tool provides online and multi-channel retailers, distributors or wholesalers with a centralised system for managing your product catalogue. tradeit’s PIM gives you the tools you need to ensure that your product data is up-to-date, accurate and consistent across all your online channels.

  • Product catalogue management Product catalogue management

    Multiple product descriptions, images and attributes for effective customer targeting with unlimited variations such as size and colour.

  • Flexible taxonomies architecture Flexible taxonomies architecture

    Enable multiple associations of products across categories, related products and product groupings.

  • Simple attribute management Simple attribute management

    Manageable groups for product types and unlimited user-defined product attributes including product code aliases.

  • Facetted navigation management Facetted navigation management

    Manage facets, search and sort options.

  • Multi-channel & multi-domain Multi-channel & multi-domain

    Aggregate all of your product data creating a central repository of accurate, enriched content for use in online and offline channels including marketplace and affiliate feeds.

  • Multiple price list management Multiple price list management

    Manage multiple price lists with differential pricing, in multiple currencies and across multiple channels.

  • Multi-lingual Multi-lingual

    Manage product content in multiple languages including those using Cyrillic and symbol-based text.

  • Multi-currency & taxation models Multi-currency & taxation models

    Manage sites with multiple currencies and taxation models such as Nexus (US).


Leverage community and social tools to engage with your customers.

Extend your online strategy and leverage the power of community and social tools to more effectively engage with your customers and engender loyalty.

Reviews & Ratings

Peer reviews and ratings offer tremendous value to prospective consumers and tradeit provides opportunities for users to rate and review products on your site. Administrators have the option to approve, edit or delete any submission before publishing, whilst ratings can also be leveraged to drive faceted navigation, sort options and rankings.

tradeit can also be integrated with third party services such as Feefo or Trustpilot, if your preference is to use an independent review service.

Enhanced SERP performance and social media output

tradeit features control over, twitter cards and rich snippets meaning you can enhance your output for search engines and influence what is displayed via the various social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google, when somebody shares a link from your site. Link to all of the common social media sites from your product, content or blog pages.

Integrated blog

Manage and host your own integrated blogs within tradeit, with templates and components specifically designed to help. Delivering regular content is a great way to boost your SEO presence and attract visitors. tradeit enables you to tag and reference your articles across other site pages to help ensure reader relevance.

Questions & Answers

Using dynamic Q&A functionality you can invite users to post questions they have about a particular product or piece of content, and allow other users to respond. All questions and answers can be approved by your administrators before publishing.


Encourage sharing and word of mouth with tell-a-friend functionality on products. You can even reward the referrer and/or referee when using the functionality in conjunction with tradeit’s promotions engine.


Power your own social network, within your own site.

The tradeit ecommerce platform's on-site social commerce capability

The ultimate in peer validation and social proof is delivered through tradeit’s built-in social network. It provides rich, user-generated content with image uploads, comments, and likes, alongside user follow/unfollow options, and site-wide or individual activity feeds, all managed via a user's My Account. These real-time alerts notify users of the on-site actions of their peers (what they’ve uploaded, bought, watched, commented on, followed etc…) providing the social validation they need in the place where they can shop – a combination that’s proven to increase online revenue.


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