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Co-operation in product development

We are committed to the continuous technological development of the tradeit ecommerce platform.

Our objective is to co-operate with companies whose product range we can improve or complement, such as:

  • Solutions that help Red's clients to acquire, convert and retain customers
  • Order management, ERP, Accounting and CRM vendors
  • Warehousing and fulfilment organisations

Reselling Red products

As a Red resale partner, you can provide your customers with a more comprehensive solution. We will be delighted to discuss various resale models such as referral or accredited partner.

  • Ecommerce agencies
  • OMS & ERP specialists
  • Systems integrators

Alongside our partners, tradeit has been integrated with hundreds of other 3rd party and bespoke pieces of software including various ERPs, PSPs, CRMs, ESPs, WMSs, Accounts packages and many more. See more.

Find out more about becoming a Red Technology partner
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