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    Deliver enhanced performance based on data & insights.

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At Red Technology we work with our customers to help them make incremental gains by aiming to improve key areas of their websites’ performance, and usability. There are hundreds of variables that affect that performance so, in tandem with our clients, we examine the key areas where we can help improve usability and customer experience, and grow revenue, particularly when using the rich marketing and merchandising tools available in the tradeit ecommerce platform.

Ecommerce Testing & Optimisation

Develop and evolve your ecommerce site based on real data.

By their very nature ecommerce sites are dynamic, with constantly evolving products, offers and content as well as functional updates, meaning they don’t stay the same for very long. Our Commerce Optimisation services are aimed at ensuring they evolve based on informed decisions and best practice, through constant analysis and improvement.

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

Statistical analysis to improve site performance.

Browser showing Google enhanced ecommerce

We help undertake optimisation and testing based on real life data from your Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce account. This enables us to track Product Impressions, Product Clicks, Product Detail Impressions, Add / Remove from Cart, Promotion Impressions, Promotion Clicks, Checkout, Purchases and Refunds to see which areas are potentially underperforming and try to ascertain why. Then we use some of the techniques and tools below to help improve the performance.


Google Analytics logo

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Increase the percentage of users who take a desired action.

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce contains a wealth of information, so with that set up we work with you on constantly analysing and improving your conversions. No matter what you class as a conversion (whether it's a purchase, newsletter sign-up, or a download etc..), we look at different ways to increase the percentage of users who carry out those desired actions on your website. We help you get more from your existing customer base, giving you an increase in revenue, a lower cost per acquisition and increased customer loyalty without the expensive overhead of acquiring new customers.


UX Testing

Understanding your customers and competitors.

A positive user experience will help convert casual visitors into brand-loyal advocates placing regular orders and recommending you to their network of friends and associates. As part of our UX testing we delve into your existing site and website analytics, as well as conducting competitor analysis, surveys, focus groups and more, to provide you with a deeper understanding of where you sit in the market compared to your competitors and how your website is viewed by users compared to them. This often proceeds a new site build, or the start of a full Conversion Rate Optimisation programme.


A/B Testing

UX tweaks to enhance results.

Group A (Original)
A/B Testing image 1

Group B (Variant)
A/B Testing image 2

We conduct A/B testing throughout certain pages of your site(s) in order to try and improve their performance with particular focus on areas that are most likely to affect the key performance indicators, such as the checkout. Metrics used to determine whether the control (existing) or variant (new) is more effective and successful include things such as conversion rate, bounce rate, CTA (Call to Action), CTR (Click-Through Rate) and ultimately revenue generation, but we take a much more in depth approach by analysing your entire ecommerce business via your Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce account. Constantly testing and optimising pages is essential to your ecommerce success.


Ecommerce Marketing & Merchandising

Unleash the power of tradeit.

tradeit contains a class-leading marketing platform that enables you to deliver personalised content such as promotions, banners and triggered emails to the right users, at the right time. The advanced merchandising tools also help ensure customers can quickly find exactly what they are looking for each and every time. We work with our customers to help them exploit these powerful tools to the fullest, enhance their ecommerce offering and increase their KPIs.

Promotions Engine

Drive online promotional strategies forward.

Example of ecommerce promotional banners

tradeit contains a high-powered promotions engine meaning you can deliver highly targeted offers and discounts to individual users. We help you set up and deliver campaigns that are proven to deliver results.


Conditional Components

The best ecommerce
personalisation software.

Example of conditional components

tradeit's conditional components enable you to deliver targeted content throughout a user's journey. We advise on how, where and when to best use conditional components on your website.


On-site Search

Connect users with what they want quickly and easily.

Browser showing example of ecommerce search results

On-site search is one of the areas where you can significantly improve conversions and revenue. With conversion rates up to 4-5 times higher for visitors who use site search, it’s vital that it performs properly. Powered by Elasticsearch, tradeit features a number of configurable options. We help you understand what users are looking for and in what context, and help set up your search tools accordingly.


Elasticsearch logo

Image-based Product Recommendations

Let users find other things they like the look of with little effort.

Website showing example of image-based product recommendations

Bring your products to life and give users greater help to purchase online through image-based product recommendations. Harness that power to show your customers other things they might like the look of and increase your chance of conversion, or upsell them similar looking items that will increase your margins.



Guide customers towards more of the products they want.

Example of ecommerce product recommendations

tradeit enables you to deliver both manual and automatic cross- and up-sells based on merchandising techniques or using pre-defined metrics powered by live data. We'll go through how best to exploit tradeit's recommendations component to the fullest.


Triggered Emails

Automatically send on user action or inaction.

Examples of different triggered email campaigns

tradeit contains triggered email functionality meaning you can automatically create re-engagement programmes driven by user's actions. We help you define, create and set-up these powerful email campaigns.