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  • Ecommerce Services

    Leading ecommerce service provider.

We offer a complete portfolio of professional ecommerce services encompassing ecommerce consulting, design, implementation, systems integration, hosting, training, and support services to aid the delivery of world-class ecommerce solutions based on our flagship ecommerce platform, tradeit. It's this combined offering of comprehensive services, a class-leading platform, and a proven implementation methodology that allows us to deliver exceptional ecommerce solutions.

Comprehensive Ecommerce Services

Ecommerce Accelerators

Deploy fully functional retail or B2B ecommerce sites quickly and easily.

Drawing on the experience gained creating hundreds of ecommerce websites over the last 15+ years, we have specified, designed and developed best practice retail & B2B, pre-configured ecommerce storefronts to help deploy enterprise-level ecommerce solutions at a lower cost.

Pre-integrated with a large set of traedit’s features our Ecommerce Accelerators provide the starting block of any new ecommerce site build we undertake. Using our Accelerators, we've developed a proven implementation methodology backed by our expert ecommerce services.

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Ecommerce Accelerators

Stage One: Pre-Discovery & Specification

  • Accelerator Prototypes
    The first stage of the implementation is to provide online access to one of our Accelerator prototypes in order to familiarise yourself with the standard layout, options, functions and user journeys. These prototypes are a set of wireframes, viewable in a browser, that act like a website and provide a visualisation and feel of how the website will function once live.
  • Questionnaire
    Before meeting we also forward a short questionnaire so that some additional project requirements detail is established and can be considered by our consultants in advance of the project discovery.

Ecommerce Consulting

Understanding your business requirements and ecommerce needs.

Our expert ecommerce consultants have years of experience having worked on hundreds of ecommerce site builds and will guide you throughout the specification process. During the initial consultations, we look to define all of the unknowns, assumptions, expectations, variables, business processes and areas of risk to ensure a smooth implementation.

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Stage Two: Discovery & Specification

  • Discovery - Business Requirements
    On any project it's important to understand and discuss your business requirements and how your ecommerce strategy compliments this. We will collaboratively explore the appropriate Accelerator ecommerce website and platform features to aid the discovery - discussing design, marketing, functions, workflows and integrations. This allows us to produce a scope of works document that sets out the high level requirements of the project.
  • Specification - Project Requirements
    Following agreement of the project's scope of works, our consultants will probe, advise and progressively add more detail to form a full set of technical specifications to capture details such as storefront function changes/additions, configuration options for delivery, tax & warehouse, validation requirements, business process workflow diagrams, details of required integrations, required items and data migration. Once finalised this will form the basis of the tasks that must be formally completed and against which user acceptance testing (UAT) will take place.

Responsive Web Design

Sites optimised for every device and breakpoint.

We follow a flexible design process when creating sites having developed a front-end framework, based upon bootstrap, as a base for faster and higher quality delivery of responsive front end code. We work alongside you to bring your ideas to life and specialise in designs that turn casual browsers into regular buyers meaning that user experience is at the forefront of everything we do, so our sites not only look great but they function great too.

Depending on the preferred approach, these designs can be produced entirely by our design team, in collaboration with your in-house designers, or delivered by a third party design agency.

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Stage Three: Prototype & Design

  • Wireframing
    One of our designers will leverage the wireframes and create a high fidelity (designed) prototype of the specified core templates, a low fidelity prototype of the remaining templates across the desired number of breakpoints, and a style guide. Once the designed prototypes are ready, they are available online in an interactive format - within a browser - for customer feedback, revision and acceptance.
  • Responsive Web Design
    Once the designs have been revised and accepted, one of our designers will create the html, CSS and javascript and integrate it into an Accelerator so that it can be viewed in a web browser. We build all sites using a responsive design, based upon bootstrap, across multiple breakpoints (usually mobile, tablet portrait, tablet landscape and desktop) and following a content-led approach ensuring usability best practice is followed.

Ecommerce Development & Systems Integration

A seamless ecommerce eco-system.

A developer will install the tradeit ecommerce platform and Accelerator website and configure settings as per the specification.

tradeit is an enterprise-class ecommerce platform with sophisticated content management, merchandising, marketing and integration tools. tradeit handles any mixture of Brand, Retail, B2B, Multi-Site and International requirements and is capable of dealing with complex business requirements, workflows, and integrations. These underpinnings provide numerous business options, and this mixture of functionality and flexibility makes tradeit an excellent strategic investment.

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Stage Four: Development & Integration

  • Front-end Development
    Following sign off of the high fidelity prototypes, one of our experienced front-end developers will create the HTML, CSS and Javascript, along with any last minute updates or changes, and integrate it into the relevant Accelerator so that it can be viewed in a web browser - this is sometimes known as skinning. We will start with the core templates and once these have been approved, the remaining templates (content, catalogue, checkout, my account, article and emails) will be skinned.
  • Development
    A systems developer will configure workflows, develop new and changed storefront functions, create additional templates, write custom code, and undertake all necessary integrations and data migrations. During the project, we will work to gather any required items for the project, providing necessary guidance along the way.
  • Systems Integration
    tradeit has a built-in integration hub which is the conduit between the platform and any 3rd party systems. The integration hub makes integrations rapid and robust, through flexible data formats (XML, CSV, TAB) and support for batch and real-time integration methods. The hub precisely manages and executes tasks as they have been setup to run, ensuring that tasks complete on time, and accurately. Learn more about the Integration Hub
  • Project Tracking
    At the start of the implementation we set up an online project tracking system using Redmine that allows customers deep visibility of the project workstreams, issues and change conversations.
  • Distributed Revision Control
    We also use the source code management system, Git which is a distributed revision control system which allows multiple developers to contribute to a project whilst retaining history and tracking.

Training, Testing & Support

Ensuring you are ready for launch and supported thereafter.

Having built the site, and completed any integrations, we rigorously test the site before handing it over to you for your own testing and checking. Following handover, we work collaboratively with our customers using the online project tracking system to manage issues and enhancements.

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Training, Testing & Support

Stage Five: Training & Testing

  • Training
    User training is provided in order that merchants can effectively manage content, merchandise and manage the ecommerce website. Training can take place at our dedicated training centre and/or via online web conferencing for short modules and refreshers.
  • Testing
    We will test the website and integrations, and additionally perform a vulnerability scan and remediate any vulnerabilities discovered. Following which a website handover session will pass the website to you for the User Acceptance Test (UAT) phase.
  • 24/7/365 Support
    All of our support personnel are in-house and collaborate on changes made to both hosting and software, ensuring high uptime even during times of change. Learn more about our support services.

Ecommerce Launch

Just the start of our journey together.

Following training, testing and merchandising, the final stage is the website launch, but this is just the beginning.

We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers. Once the ecommerce solution is live we offer various commercial options around maintenance, hosting and support services. We also offer commerce optimisation services and additional training for new starters, or on functional developments to tradeit when they are released.

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Stage Six: Ongoing Services

  • Hosting
    We deliver fully managed, premium, multi-instance hosting from our PCI-compliant, UK data centres as part of any project - fully supported 24/7/365 by our in-house experts. Learn more about our ecommerce hosting services
  • Maintenance
    Once your site is live, we provide various commercial options around maintenance and support services all managed through our online support portal giving a comprehensive view of all activity for review. Learn more about our maintenance & support services.
  • Software Updates
    tradeit software updates (hotfixes, patches and upgrades) are released regularly and our skilled staff will ensure they are installed and correctly applied to your site keeping you at the forefront of ecommerce functionality.

Additional commercial services

  • Commerce Optimisation
    We offer a host of commerce optimisation services to help you to use the sophisticated functionality within tradeit to better effect through both education, ideas, and the analysis of real data and trends that will start to build once the site has been live for a certain amount of time. Learn more about our Commerce Optimisation services
  • Information Security Advisory
    We will act as Information Security Adviser for your Website. Each quarter we conduct a quarterly risk assessment, customer server syslog review, website vulnerability scan.
  • Further/Advanced Training
    We offer a number of additional training modules both online or on-site to help you either learn or expand your knowledge of tradeit including the PIM, Content Management, Promotions Engine, Advertising System and others. Learn more about the training we provide
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