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Powering the ecommerce channels of some of the leading names in the jewellery sector

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Omni-channel ready

Ensure your website is harmonised with your stores.

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Click & Collect/Reserve

Offer same day Click & Collect and/or Click & Reserve at any of your physical stores. You can also distribute products to stores from a central warehouse for a service with a longer time frame.

Fulfil from anywhere

Ship online orders from store stock or move items between stores for collection. Rapid fulfilment services such as Shutl or Lineten can also be integrated to deliver items locally from physical stores within 60 minutes of ordering!

Endless Aisle

Enable store staff to check stock and place online orders for customers of items that you don't currently have in stock, but which are available at other stores or held at a central location.

Try before you buy

Let customers reserve any product and have it sent to any store, meaning they can see and touch it before buying. They can also ensure they try the right size product, even if the exact item they want is not in stock.

Store stock checker

Show customers 'live' store stock levels online of every product at every store. Buffer levels for each can be controlled in the admin system to provide some allowance for sudden in-store purchases, more popular items, or busier stores.

Gift cards/vouchers

Enable customers to buy gift cards online, specify the value, manage their balances online and redeem them across multiple channels including both online and in-store. They can also be sent to other people physically or via email.

“We've a positive ROI on all of the work within six months so people are pretty happy around here at the moment.”
Ecommerce Manager, F.Hinds

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Bring your products to life online and increase conversions with a host of tools.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and replicating the in-store experience online isn’t easy. Being able to see jewellery up close with your own eyes, or touch it with your own hands is just impossible to reproduce through ecommerce, but there’s more and more tools to help bring your products to life and give users greater help to purchase online. Are you giving your customers the best look at your products and yourselves the best chance of making a sale?
  • AR/Virtual try-on

    Allow the user experience to become even more personal by implementing augmented reality to virtually try things on. Even take it a step further by allowing customers to upload an image of their own hand or wrist to see exactly how the item would look!

  • 360° images

    Give users a view of every single product, from every single angle, meaning they can see it properly before they buy. No unwanted surprises for them and a huge reduction in returns for you.

  • Product videos

    Use product videos, fashion shows, or user cases to showcase products and give viewers a dynamic look at the item in action with the least amount of effort. As an added benefit, videos are also prioritised in SERPs.

  • Product comparison

    Compare a number of products and their features/functions against each other, but also use contextual comparisons to compare the physical size of items with common objects to get an even better feel of what they are like in the flesh.

  • Image-based product recommendations icon Image-based product recommendations
    When a consumer visits a physical store, they can see everything with their own eyes, taking in every colour, style, option and feel of whatever it is they are looking at, but that's not possible online. People are often drawn to things they like the look of, particularly in the world of jewellery, so why not harness that power to show your customers other things they might like the look of and increase your chance of conversion? Or upsell them similar looking items that will increase your margins using image-based product recommendations?


image-based product recommendations

“Image-base product recommendations have to be the single biggest boost we have given to conversion rate in the 25 years we’ve been trading online.”

Ecommerce Manager, F.Hinds


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Reinventing Click & Reserve to deliver an intelligent omni-fulfilment solution

Fulfil from anywhere

Take advantage of your store estate by treating each store as it's own warehouse. This enables you to ship online orders from store stock, transfer items to other branches for collection, and fulfil in-store orders from each and every store. Website logic can push orders and allocate stock accordingly.

Stock movement

Send stock directly between stores for online delivery or in-store collection of orders, without going via your central warehouse saving time and money. By knowing exactly where every item is on a store by store basis you can use the quickest and cheapest method to fulfil orders.


Establish rules to determine whether items can be sold in the required market, the expected date of dispatch, whether items are fulfilled from warehouse or store stock, the value of the goods - i.e. is it economical to transfer the item(s), whether it can be resized, and much more.

Marketing & Merchandising Tools

tradeit features a comprehensive toolset enabling you to attract, engage, convert and re-engage your users, turning them from casual visitors to loyal customers, driving up average order values and delivering the best possible ROI for your website.

  • Promotions Engine

    Highly configurable, rules-based promotions engine is capable of handling even the most complex promotions empowering ecommerce teams to drive promotional & personalisation strategies forward.

  • Personalised Content

    Serve personalised content, offers, promotions, emails, adverts, and pricing throughout the customer journey, each and every time they visit your site.

  • Loyalty Scheme

    Build company affinity and automatically reward your best customers, incentivising them to keep coming back time after time, and turn them into advocates. tradeit offers both points-based & spend-and-save loyalty schemes.

  • Email Marketing

    Create email marketing campaigns, execute them and then analyse the results. Take it a stage further by with triggered email campaigns to individuals or groups of customers based on their action or inaction.

  • Search

    Save users time by ensuring products are easy to find, increasing the chance of conversion, with class-leading search tools, powered by Elasticsearch.

  • Merchandising Tools

    Fine tune how items are displayed on category and product listings pages with configurable merchandising tools giving you control over sort options, facets, product attributes and more.


Make every purchase special and increase your AOV.

woman opening box with necklace inside

Gift wrapping

Offer different wrapping and packaging types including bags, boxes, hampers, wrapping paper, bows, different patterns, styles etc...

Gift receipts

Allow customers to specify that their order/part of their order is a gift, and ensure any paperwork/ receipt sent does not contain pricing. However, it will still allow them to make a hassle-free return or exchange both online and in-store (if applicable).

Gift reminder service

Enable customers to receive an email from you at a set time before an event they want reminding about — i.e. 1 week before. This can be stored and administered in their account and even include who they sent gifts to last year, what they sent, and suggestions of what to send this year.

Gift lists

Allow users to create and distribute gift lists which can be purchased against.

Personalised messaging

Append personalised messages to every item, group of items or on a basket level.


We help merge your ERP, EPoS, CRM, or other business systems with ecommerce for operational efficiency.

We've integrated numerous business systems to provide merchants with a joined up view of their customers, the automation of business processes and to reduce operational resources. tradeit can be integrated with a wide variety of 3rd party and in-house software systems without compromising agility.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Sage 200

SAP Business One


Khaos Control






Microsoft Dynamics AX



Microsoft Dynamics GP




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