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tradeit next generation ecommerce platform
  • Ecommerce development

Having successfully completed hundreds of highly complex and unique ecommerce implementations, you can be assured that our team has the experience and know how to satisfy your requirements. We have derived a proven and high quality website implementation methodology through many years’ experience as authors and implementers of our own leading ecommerce platform, tradeit.

Red's ecommerce implementation methodology

XHTML & CSS templates

From the approved design concepts Red will then transfer these design elements into cross-browser and device compliant XHTML & CSS templates. These templates are then used in the storefront to structure pages with web and product content controlled by merchants through the ecommerce CMS’ Product Information Management (PIM) & Web Content Management (WCM).

Developing and integrating custom functionality

One of Red’s key differences is that as we’re the authors of our own ecommerce platform we’re able to tailor custom features and functionality specific to your business needs. All customisations are future-proofed by being planned with future platform updates and upgrades in mind.

Ecommerce integrations

Red is a specialist systems integrator and over 10 years has amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills in developing and deploying all manner of business critical integrations for our customers.

The tradeit ecommerce platform has a built in integration hub which is the conduit between the platform and any 3rd party systems. The integration hub makes integrations rapid and robust, through flexible data formats (XML, CSV, TAB) and support for batch and real-time integration methods. The hub precisely manages and executes tasks as they have been setup to run, ensuring that tasks complete on time and accurately.

tradeit implementations have been integrated with many third party systems including:

  • Analytics (e.g. Google Analytics & Coremetrics).
  • ERP, Accounts, Warehouse, CRM (e.g. SAP & Microsoft Dynamics)
  • Search & merchandising (e.g. Fredhopper & SLI systems)
  • Address Verification (e.g. PCA Predict & QAS)
  • Mapping and GEO-IP solutions
  • Payment providers (e.g. CyberSource & Secure Trading)
  • Email tools (e.g. Lyris & MailChimp)
  • Many affiliate and comparison sites
  • Various fulfilment, fraud, messaging and other ecommerce eco-system solutions


Enabling storefront templates and components

Following the requirements discovered and defined in the Project Requirements Document (PRD) during the ecommerce consulting stage, Red will leverage the tradeit platform framework to enable the components required to meet your functional requirements.


We understand that quality is paramount. That’s why before going live your ecommerce solution will be rigorously tested by Red, with additional User Acceptance Testing and load testing of the site, ensuring that the launch and transition between sites goes as smoothly as possible.

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