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    Proven and high quality ecommerce website implementation.

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tradeit is an enterprise-class ecommerce platform with sophisticated content management, merchandising, marketing and integration tools capable of handling any mixture of Brand, Retail, B2B, Multi-Site and International requirements and dealing with complex business requirements, workflows, and integrations. tradeit has seen many years of product development and is continually updated with new features released on a regular basis, keeping us and our customers at the forefront of ecommerce technology and best practice.

tradeit™ Ecommerce Platform

Computer showing the tradeit ecommerce platform's administration system

Using the tradeit ecommerce platform our customers process hundreds of thousands of transactions and reach millions of customers. These underpinnings provide numerous business options, and this mixture of functionality and flexibility makes tradeit an excellent strategic investment.

An increasing number of companies have decided to base their successful ecommerce operations on tradeit, creating a virtuous circle of investment that improves the platform and draws more customers. We're differentiated from our competitors by owning all aspects of our ecommerce solution, leading to significant client benefits as we are able to move swiftly and flexibly to address any requirement.

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Microsoft® technology stack

The tradeit ecommerce platform is a Microsoft .Net and SQL Server certified application and can be deployed across single or multiple load balanced and fault tolerant servers.

  • .NET Framework .NET Framework

    The basis for all our development, Microsoft .NET is a cross-platform, open source framework with a wide catalogue of features. It’s a great platform for building web, mobile, and desktop applications with multiple advanced libraries and editors that reduce the risks and costs associated with developing and enhancing mission-critical business applications. We also use Microsoft's Visual Studio to code in which marries perfectly with the .NET stack.

  • SQL Server SQL Server

    Microsoft's relational database management system is designed to support multiple concurrent users making it ideal for secure and robust, high-volume ecommerce sites.

Laptop showing coding of the tradeit ecommerce platform

The latest front-end technologies

Laptop showing html code with desktop screen showing website

We build responsive, mobile-first projects with the world’s most popular front-end framework, Bootstrap, adhering to industry best practice using the pillars of front-end development to design, specify and programme the behaviour of web pages. We use Axure RP to rapidly prototype, design and document everything that the project requires for a detailed reference.


    We deliver HTML5 as standard, developing semantic HTML code to ensure each page is indexed, presented and read as best as possible.

  • CSS3 CSS3

    CSS3 allows us to take full control of layouts, interactions and effects. We construct detailed user interfaces and experiences with a huge level of a support across multiple browsers for great consistency.

  • JQuery JavaScript & jQuery

    Where possible, we boost interaction and the user experience by applying JavaScript and jQuery to enhance web page manipulation and client-side page loading.

Robust Integrations

The tradeit ecommerce platform has a built in integration hub which is the conduit between the platform and any 3rd party systems. The integration hub makes integrations rapid and robust, through flexible data formats (XML, CSV, TAB) and support for batch and real-time integration methods. The hub precisely manages and executes tasks as they have been setup to run, ensuring they are completed accurately and on time. This ensures your customer facing ecommerce website can be seamlessly connected to all your internal systems such as:

  • CMS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • CRM Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Accountancy Packages Accountancy Packages
  • WMS Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Email Service Providers Email Service Providers (ESP)
  • PSP Payment Service Providers (PSP)
  • JQuery Online Chat
  • Address Verification software Address Verification Software
  • Analytics Analytics, Tracking & Testing
  • Analytics Marketplaces, Shopping Feeds & Affiliates

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