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HansaWorld is a multinational software developer specialising in Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management whose software automates business processes for companies all over the world, and provides the best business management solutions for a wide range of industries including retail, hospitality, production, logistics, rentals, services, and many others. With a robust and proven 2-way integration with tradeit, it delivers a fully integrated B2B ecommerce eco-system able to share functions and data far outside the scope of most B2B ecommerce solutions.

HansaWorld and the tradeit ecommerce platform

Using HansaWorld integrated into the tradeit ecommerce platform helps to streamline your business processes, ensuring day-to-day tasks require little or no manual intervention, improving operational efficiency, and maximising ROI. Using a choice of common file formats such as XML, CSV, TAB and/or Web Services, updates are scheduled between the two systems as necessary (based on the merchant's requirements), guaranteeing information is up-to-date and accurate across both, and eliminating the duplication of effort or re-entry of information on either system.

With HansaWorld offering a whole scope of functions aimed at the retail, hospitality, manufacturing, rental and services industries, being able to access those functions online requires both a feature-rich B2B ecommerce platform as well as robust and proven integrations from an experienced partner.

Having such comprehensive levels of integration with HansaWorld means HansaWorld and tradeit can effectively operate like one system, driving your ecommerce business and ensuring your future online growth. The capability of tradeit means key customer, product, pricing, stock, promotional and order information from HansaWorld can easily be shared with online customers providing them with a feature-rich, self-service portal capable of supporting them 24/7/365 and freeing up your staff to win new business.

The comprehensive features in HansaWorld can be replicated online through integration with tradeit including:

  • Support any sophisticated pricing structures from HansaWorld using tradeit's pricing manager.
  • Duplicate any warehousing, inventory and stock management rules online, so online orders are routed exactly as required.
  • Push outstanding invoices from HansaWorld to the website so they can be viewed and paid online.
  • Handle online quotations with details pushed back to HansaWorld where they can be attended to by one of your sales team, enabling your offline and online channels to work together.
  • Manage any agreed payment terms, credit limits, master/sub accounts (including ordering/approval permissions) as defined by HansaWorld.
  • Control discounts and promotions including zero value orders or negative line item values (often rejected by some ERP systems).
  • Support multiple currencies from HansaWorld across numerous international channels in tradeit.

Are you looking to launch an ecommerce channel integrated with your HansaWorld ERP? Is your current ecommerce platform struggling to deliver the capabilities that you want, or replicate the features of HansaWorld online? If so, get in touch to talk about how we can help.

One of the UK's leading wholesale giftware suppliers and importers use their HansaWorld ERP integrated with tradeit to deliver a class-leading B2B ecommerce solution.

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