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OrderWise provides a single, fully scalable ERP systems to manage all your operations. When combined with the tradeit ecommerce platform it can further extend your ecommerce capabilities by automating processes, saving time and reducing day-to-day costs through connecting data across all departments.

OrderWise and the tradeit ecommerce platform

OrderWise helps businesses save time and resources through it comprehensive ERP and warehouse management software supporting key business processes such as stock control, order management, purchasing, accounts, and warehousing. Through robust two-way integrations with tradeit those capabilities can be extended to include any online channels, delivering true self-service to customers through functions such as:

  • Ensure stock levels are completely in sync between the two systems and manage quantity breaks, quantity steps and any back order processes.
  • Manage orders across any channel but give customers a single view of all their order activity online, regardless of how they placed their order.
  • Buy products from your suppliers in any currency through OrderWise and then sell them in any other using tradeit's international ecommerce capabilities.
  • Simplify tasks, avoid manual re-keying and reduce errors by automating processes between the two systems such as sharing customer details, invoicing, product information or pricing.
  • Generate quotes online via tradeit and pass them back into OrderWise so sales people can pick them up, or push them back online so they can be converted into orders.
  • Use historical sales data from OrderWise to automatically drive promotional activity online via tradeit (i.e. automatically discount products that haven't sold for x days).
  • Set credit limits in OrderWise and ensure customers are notified if and when they hit them whilst ordering online.
  • Enable staff to access their accounts online via tradeit's call centre, even overriding customer pricing at the basket to close the sale. Then push that updated pricing back to OrderWise to keep accounts up to date.
  • Push invoices from OrderWise directly to customers' my accounts online, enabling them to log in and view previous statements, print them or even pay any outstanding balances online.
  • Share any updates to order statuses between both systems, keeping customers informed of any changes to the status if required.

The tradeit ecommerce platform has been widely integrated with OrderWise for a number of customers across many different industries and business models with robust 2-way communication between the systems. Our expertise covers integrations for both retail and trade businesses and the significantly different requirements of those. Are you looking to launch an ecommerce channel integrated with OrderWise? Is your current ecommerce platform struggling to deliver the capabilities that you want, or replicate the features of OrderWise online? If so, get in touch to talk about how we can help.

Through integration with OrderWise, Tropicana Wholesale have automated many of their online actions, significantly reducing time and resources, as well as eliminating the possibility of user error.

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