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tradeit™ vs Shopify Plus

A world of ecommerce possibilities beyond Shopify Plus.


From Shopify Plus to tradeit

Why now is the time to make the switch

Thinking of replatforming from Shopify or Shopify Plus to a new platform? Have you examined the functionality available? The total cost of ownership? The scalability, security, flexibility and more? Have you explored the alternatives to Shopify Plus?


Ecommerce Platform Comparison

Developed from the ground up to natively support both retail and B2B ecommerce, with most functionality inherent to the platform, tradeit offers greater flexibility, stability and security. No apps. No plug-ins. No extensions. No bolt-ons. No compromises. See the comparison below.

Ecommerce Platform tradeit logo Magento 2 logo
Head Office UK Canada
Programming Language ASP.NET Liquid (PHP)
Dedicated Support
Content Management
PIM via 3rd party app(s)
Personalised Content Engine
Built-in Blog
Reviews & Ratings via app
Marketplace Integration
(available via Channable integration)
via 3rd party app(s)
Order Management
Configurable Order Rules
Advanced Stock Management
Pre-orders/Back Orders via 3rd party app(s)
Call Centre/MOTO
Administrators can process offline orders through the website for a single view of customer activity. Can also be used for customer service including account changes, placing orders on customer's behalf, accessing hidden products, pricing or promotions. Learn more.
Marketing & Merchandising
Basic Promotional Tools
Advanced Promotional Tools via 3rd party app(s)
Product Bundles via 3rd party app(s)
Subscriptions via 3rd party app(s)
Gifting Basic options only
Loyalty Scheme: Reward Points via 3rd party app(s)
Loyalty Scheme: Spend & Save via 3rd party app(s)
Triggered Emails
Emails automatically triggered by user action or inaction with rules defined as to their application. Learn more.
Abandoned basket only
Basic Search Tools
Advanced Search Tools
(powered by Elasticsearch)
Some options available via 3rd party app(s) but not fully advanced
International Ecommerce
Multi-channel Limited to 50 channels
(same brand)
Multi-lingual Limited to 20 languages
Multi-warehouse/fulfilment centres/stores
Route orders or part-orders to multiple locations (including stores) for fulfilment, as well as the movement of stock between locations.
Limited to 200 locations
Tax Calculation
B2B Ecommerce
Minimum Order Quantities
Volume-based Discounts
Master & Sub Accounts
Control ordering and spending capabilities of all sub-accounts sites from a master account, including approvals system for ordering, and credit limits.
Quantity Steps via 3rd party app(s)
Personalised Pricing
Online Invoices
View, print and pay invoices online via credit card or credits.
Quotations via 3rd party app(s)
Advanced Pricing Manager
Different pricing calculated from a single GROSS or NET price list across multiple channels, customers, product groups or products or any combination of.
Simple Re-ordering
Dropshipping via 3rd party app(s)
Click & Collect/Reserve
Endless Aisle Via Call Centre via 3rd party app(s)
Store Stock Checker via 3rd party app(s)
Store Locator via 3rd party app(s)


Why businesses choose tradeit™ over Shopify Plus

  • Greater Functionality

    Shopify is a basic ecommerce platform which is reflected in its feature set and capabilities. Whilst Shopify Plus is obviously better than the basic Shopify, it still falls well short of offering the comprehensive ecommerce capabilities for companies serious about growth.

  • Growth without limitations

    tradeit is built to scale, and scale without limits. Shopify isn’t. For example, Shopify Plus limits merchants to an arbitrary number of channels, languages, and fulfilment locations (including stores, warehouses, fulfilment centres, & trade counters). tradeit has none of these limits. Shopify Plus also has severe limits with the functionality you need to grow.

  • Inherent Features

    The huge number of features in tradeit are all inherent to the platform so are available out of the box for greater stability and ease of customisation. There is no reliance on third-party apps, widgets, or plug-ins created by developers who are not experts on the software.

  • Advanced B2B Ecommerce

    Shopify was built for retailers, small retailers. It’s a great platform for small start-up retail companies but it’s completely lacking in B2B functionality. Shopify Plus tries to address this by giving you some basic B2B tools but again, it’s still well short of being able to cater for the requirements of heavyweight B2B ecommerce. Think about it like this, tradeit was built from the ground up to support both B2B & Retail ecommerce almost 20 years ago, Shopify added some really basic B2B ecommerce features a few months ago!

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