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  • Ecommerce for the Health & Nutrition Industry

    Leading B2B, D2C and B2C ecommerce platform and solutions for the health & nutrition industry.


Powering the ecommerce channels of some of the leading names in the health & nutrition sector

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Sell effectively online to your customers with an ecommerce solution from Red Technology. With proven results in the health and nutrition industry, our highly evolved tradeit ecommerce platform can help you take the next step on your ecommerce journey. We work with some of the leading brands in the industry and have implemented flexible, robust and scalable ecommerce solutions to help them succeed. We're uniquely placed to tailor a solution that complements your business processes and integrates with your systems infrastructure.

“Selecting Red Technology and tradeit is the best business decision I have ever made.”
Managing Director, Maxinutrition

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tradeit Ecommerce Platform

Capable of handling an unlimited number of products, variations, dimensions, weights, prices and customers, the tradeit ecommerce platform has been built from the ground up to natively support B2B, D2C and B2C ecommerce making it ideal for health & nutrition suppliers looking to service their customers online.

  • Customised design

    Stand out from your competitors and avoid a cookie cutter look and feel with a completely unique design in line with your business and brand.

  • Rich Marketing Tools

    Increase conversions, loyalty and customer satisfaction through offers, promotions and merchandising tailored uniquely for each customer.

  • Personalised Content

    Serve personalised content, offers, promotions, emails, adverts, and pricing throughout the customer journey, each and every time they visit your site.

  • Content Management

    Take control of your sites with simple content management through tradeit's rich in-site editing tools.

  • Invoicing

    Give customers full details of invoices online, including shipping & billing addresses, order date, payment due date, PO number, details of every item ordered, balance of each individual item and the total order. Outstanding invoices can be added to the basket and paid for with a credit note or a credit or debit card.

  • Call Centre/MOTO

    Allow admin users to setup/view customer accounts and process orders on their behalf. You can also define an account manager for each customer's account meaning only they will be able to access it through the MOTO tools. You can even override prices in the basket whilst on the phone to your customers in order to close the sale!

  • Price List Manager

    Merchants can set the % value (₊/-) against parent price lists for products, product groups and customers. The engine auto calculates the child pricing and assigns. Can also apply delivery costs, discounts, offer bands, gift options and advert basket price conditions across price lists or on a currency level.

  • Back Orders

    Access full details of any back orders by searching through them based on customer, company, order or product. Enable various actions to be executed based on any changes to the status of that back order, including sending an email to the customer when the status changes or there's an increment/decrement of the items they are waiting for.

  • MOQs

    It's not always viable for businesses to sell some items in low volume. Set a minimum order quantity for any product as well as adding rules and workflows around alerting customers to this, and managing stock based on these restrictions.

  • Quantity Breaks

    Incentivise your trade customers to spend more by offering quantity based discounts per product. This enables you to lower the unit cost based on the amount they buy (e.g. 1-9 for £12 each, >10 for £10 each).

  • Quotation System

    Online quote request and convert to order operating either independently or in conjunction with an ecommerce basket. Merchants can drive quotes from call centre, set specific pricing and then push to customers via my account and email that they can convert to an order.

  • Individual Credit Limits

    Set individual credit limits for customer accounts and allow them to buy online through an ecommerce enabled website.

  • Re-ordering

    Enable quick and easy re-ordering with saved baskets, quick order pad and regularly ordered items lists.

  • My Account

    Provide customers with a dedicated 24/7/365 self-service portal containing all information including billing, order history, credit limits, payment terms and much more.

  • Quantity Steps

    Each product can be sold in fixed quantities (e.g. 5, 10, 15) with workflows and rules to alert customers and manage stock.

  • Master & Sub Accounts

    Control ordering and spending capabilities of all regional sites from a central location, including approvals system and credit limits.

  • End of life products

    Set up automated online promotions and price drops based on proximity to expiry date, or end of life, to avoid costly stock write-offs.

  • Remote Order Capture

    Give your sales team remote access to the call centre tools (via tablet or laptop) so they can build quotes and create orders for customers on site.

  • Integrations

    Real-time integrations with ERP, CRM, OMS, accounting and warehouse management software from leading vendors, as well as bespoke, in-house systems alongside other third party tools or plug-ins.

  • Collection Points

    Expand your reach, improve your service and enhance your fulfilment capabilities using Click and Collect or Click and Reserve via collection points, trade counters or warehouses.

  • Loyalty Scheme

    Build brand affinity and automatically reward your best customers, incentivising them to keep coming back time after time, and turn them into advocates.

  • Online Stock checker

    Let customers check live stock levels of any product at any warehouse or collection point, online.

  • Multi-address Delivery

    Let customers place a single order for fulfilment to multiple locations, ideal for shipping to multiple sites.

  • VAT Checker

    Integration with services such as enable you to validate the authenticity of VAT numbers during checkout.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Offer customers the choice of buying on credit or debit card, on account, or via invoice.

  • Full Reporting

    Reporting lets you check and control customer's account statuses and produce invoices.

  • Batch ID

    Track batch IDs to monitor product expiry dates or manage product recalls.


Reduce your cost of acquisition, build strong customer relationships and create loyal followers with reliable sources of recurring revenue through subscriptions. tradeit enables you to offer replenishment, curation or access subscription services to your customers with a complete set of self-service tools.
  • Customers have complete control over their account allowing them to update details such as delivery address, frequency (weekly, monthly etc...), products included in subscription, payment method, and required delivery day. It also allows them to cancel their subscription at any time.
  • If payment fails the customer will be notified and they then have 24 hours to amend it in order to receive their goods as scheduled.
  • Fully PCI-DSS compliant.

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We help merge your ERP, EPoS, CRM, or other business systems with ecommerce for operational efficiency.

We've integrated numerous business systems to provide merchants with a joined up view of their customers, the automation of business processes and to reduce operational resources. tradeit can be integrated with a wide variety of 3rd party and in-house software systems without compromising agility.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Sage 200

SAP Business One

Microsoft Dynamics NAV





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Microsoft Dynamics AX


Microsoft Dynamics GP


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Discover how the tradeit ecommerce platform can help your health & nutrition business.

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  • Knowledge & experience of the health & nutrition industry's unique ecommerce complexities

  • Find out how we can smooth any pain points you are currently experiencing online

  • Discover tradeit’s inherent features & flexibility, that don’t rely on apps, extensions or plug-ins for functionality

  • Discuss the integration with your back-end systems to help improve your business’s efficiency & reduce costs

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“Everybody here is impressed with the speed of delivery and quality of the work.”
Head of Projects, Healthspan Elite

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