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    High performance payment
    management solutions.

CyberSource are focused on solutions that optimise business results and boost revenue through active management of the entire payment process – from global payment acceptance and processing, through to order screening, fraud management and enterprise payment security.

CyberSource and the tradeit ecommerce platform

tradeit is directly integrated with CyberSource's Secure Acceptance offering. Secure Acceptance solutions let you accept ecommerce payments securely, without the risks involved in handling payment data, enabling you to deliver seamless payment experiences to consumers.

A whole range of additional payment types is also offered through their Alternative Payments Suite including online bank transfers, cash payments, e-wallet payments, and invoicing. tradeit's integration with CyberSource Secure Acceptance includes provision for PayPal Checkout and PCI-PAL.

Secure Acceptance Checkout is a secure hosted checkout experience that collects data directly from your customers and processes their payments. Integration options include a client-side web API (SOP) and a hosted option (Web/Mobile) that supports redirection and iframe.

Headquartered in the United States, CyberSource has operations across the world, including the United Kingdom, Singapore and Japan.

Maximuscle ecommerce case study

Maximuscle logo

Maximuscle use CyberSource's Secure Acceptance solution to process all their online payments whilst also taking advantage of their Alternative Payment Method support to offer PayPal to their customers.


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