Pets Corner replatform to the tradeit ecommerce platform

Monday, 24 June 2024

The UK's largest independent pet care retailer, Pets Corner have replatormed to tradeit. Faced with mounting problems and dwindling confidence in both their previous platform and ecommerce agency, Pets Corner have transitioned across to Red Technology and the tradeit ecommerce platform.

As an integral part of Pet Family, Pets Corner was among the numerous websites housed on various different platforms within their previous ecommerce structure. Due to their vulnerability to security risks, performance issues, and costly developer time & upgrades, their aim was to streamline operations and undertake a significant replatforming project to transition each site in their extensive portfolio to tradeit.

As their largest site, Pets Corner was strategically earmarked for migration towards the latter stages of the replatforming endeavour and with over 30 sites successfully migrated, Pets Corner has now successfully been moved to its new home.

As Justin Hemming, Senior Ecommerce Consultant and managing the project for Red Technology said,

The Pets Corner site is the latest addition to Pet Family’s growing stable of storefronts managed by tradeit and brings with it a step forward in integration and front-end design, building on the experience of managing the other retail sites with tradeit. Pet Family are a driven team striving constantly to move all their sites forward and keep their brands at the forefront of their sector."

Following the launch of the new website, pet owners are encouraged to visit to explore the latest products and offers.

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