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International, Multi-channel, Retail & B2B Ecommerce Case Study

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The world's leading post-mastectomy brand deliver their global expansion with the tradeit ecommerce platform. Established in 1975, Amoena is the originator of the silicone breast form. Its mission is to improve women's quality of life after breast surgery, and to be a companion throughout their life's journey. Not just through innovative products and fashion, but through support, advice and the transfer of knowledge. Their new global ecommerce sites are a key tool on this mission.

"Red have great knowledge & experience of implementing global ecommerce projects and tradeit as a platform is not rigid and can adapt to the majority of situations. Why would you be thinking of using a different provider?"
Global Ecommerce Manager, Amoena

Project Highlights

16 localised international retail sites for UK, USA, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Canada and Australia including some in different langauges.

6 international B2B sites running from the same installation of tradeit as their retail sites.

Built-in stockist locator featuring both physical and online retailers, with click & reserve for some geographic locations.

Integration with three installations of Microsoft Navision ERP system including two-way feeds of customer, order and shipping information.

All sites managed from a single instance of tradeit with the capability to edit content locally with the required permissions.

Advanced promotions and offers capabilities to drive up conversions and average order value.

Fully responsive site with 4 breakpoints, optimised for all devices helping to reach all potential customers.

Sophisticated personalisation engine meaning users can be individually targeted with relevant content and offers.

Sites built using the tradeit ecommerce Accelerator meaning they were quick and easy to deploy.

Project Overview

Having undertaken an extensive search of prospective new platform providers, Red Technology and the tradeit ecommerce platform were chosen due to Red's knowledge and experience of implementing global ecommerce projects across both retail and B2B environments, and tradeit being a platform that was extremely flexible and able to adapt to the majority of situations.

Commerce & Content

The sites combine sophisticated international ecommerce stores - selling breast forms, lingerie, swimwear, clothing and accessories - alongside Amoena Life & Club Amoena, their online community which is full of content aimed at supporting and educating users through their monthly newsletter, blog and online magazine.

International & Multi-site ecommerce

Due to the international and multi-site capabilities of the platform, Amoena can deliver fully localised content across all of their global sites from a single installation of tradeit. This includes different languages (both across domains and on the same domain), different currencies, different warehouses for fulfilment, different taxation rules (e.g. some users in the UK who have had surgery are entitled to get certain products VAT free), different promotions, different adverts and much more. It also gives them the ability to disable the purchasing capability in one country whilst still offering it across all of the rest. Not only that,tradeit's built-in permissions system enables local administrators to update the content of their channel whilst being prevented from accessing or editing any of the other channels.

There are other features such as the ability to request a catalogue online, book a personal fitting at their showroom, and an international stockist locator to help drive users to one of their retail partners - avoiding some of the pitfalls of channel conflict at the same time.

Retail & B2B ecommerce

The multi-site capabilities of tradeit don't just extend to being able to manage numerous international channels from the same installation, but also provide the ability to manage separate retail and B2B sites too. This includes providing extended functionality to each (for instance, payment on account for B2B users).

With this in mind Amoena have also launched six international B2B sites using tradeit, giving them one platform for retail, B2B and international ecommerce. This will deliver significant cost and time savings by sharing resources between the sites, whilst still providing the flexibility to deliver unique content and functionality to each, if, when and where required.

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