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    The World's Finest Art Materials combine Content, Commerce & Community in a single site.

"The World's Finest Art Materials" choose tradeit to power their new content-rich, international ecommerce websites. Founded in 1832, Winsor & Newton is the world's leading brand of fine art materials and has developed an unrivalled reputation for quality, reliability and product innovation. One of a number of leading art brands owned by ColArt, their products are sold in over 120 countries worldwide.

Project Highlights

  • Content, commerce & community

    Site encompassing; brand, resources, ecommerce, retailer finder and events calendar, all on a single platform.

  • Seamless integrations

    Seamless integration with internal business systems and multiple international warehouses.

  • Content-rich

    Huge resource centre and community delivering greater depth of content for users, improving brand stickiness and leveraging SEO benefits

  • On-site social commerce

    On-site social commerce functionality including a community where artists can connect & share their work, full of user-generated content

  • Personalisation

    Personalisation based on learnings - over time the platform serves content the user is more likely to buy or interact with

  • Enhanced functions

    Provision of added functionality such as advanced store locator and events calendar to link site with existing retailers, events and exhibitions

  • International reach

    Global sites designed to be 'the destination' for professional artists, teachers, students, conservators and hobbyists alike

Project Integrations

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Project Overview

Traditionally a B2B manufacturing company, ColArt were seeking to move into the world of multichannel retail, using a new website as their main driver. They required a scalable ecommerce solution for all of their brands that could be rolled out internationally, beginning with Winsor & Newton. After an exhaustive appraisal process, Red Technology was chosen to deliver the site due to the capabilities of the tradeit ecommerce platform, the experience of its technical team in delivering international, multi-site ecommerce projects and its successful customer portfolio.

Winsor & Newton ecommerce site on tablet
Winsor & Newton ecommerce site on laptop
Winsor & Newton ecommerce site on mobile phone
Winsor & Newton Ecommerce Case Study
Winsor & Newton ecommerce site on mobile phone

Ecommerce, Content and Community

Winsor & Newton has several objectives for the new site, fundamental to which was creating a space that supported all aspects of artistic practice whilst connecting users to fellow artists throughout the world. In order to meet the objectives, the site was built around three key areas; an ecommerce store (SHOP), a resource centre (DISCOVER) and onsite social commerce (CONNECT) which is reflected in the new layout.

Designed to revolutionise the way artists engage with materials and one another, the site provides a wealth of visual and practical resources, from colour charts and technical advice to video and artistic inspiration, a one-of-a-kind shopping experience and an opportunity for artists to showcase their work in the online galleries, as well as connect with peers around the world via onsite social commerce. Users can quickly find information related to their chosen medium, such as oils, watercolours, inks, gauches etc..., or desired technique, and get expert advice from leading artists , as well as other users. This content also provides huge SEO benefits.

On-site Social Commerce

The unique element of the project was developing onsite social commerce including an online community of artists, rich in user-generated content. For Winsor & Newton, the social aspect of the Internet represents an exciting opportunity to get closer to the world's finest artists, and as a result, increase awareness, engagement and purchase intent. The site now acts as an online hub to connect professional artists, teachers, students, conservators and amateurs from across the world, enabling them to share their works, bio, tips, ideas, Q&A, comments and inspiration with each other through both community-wide and individual activity feeds. It also allows users to follow other artists, be alerted when they watch videos, comment or like artwork, review products or submit new work, and see which products and techniques they used to create their pieces.



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