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    B2B ecommerce integrated with Sage 500.

Established over 35 years ago and with an unrivalled knowledge of the marketplace, Papergraphics offer a wide range of large-format printer support services, equipment and supplies such as printers, ink, paper and toner to large print for pay customers. With four application centres in England, Scotland, Spain and The Netherlands, they are the essential destinations for forward-thinking and adventurous large-format print businesses.

Project Highlights

  • Feature-rich B2B

    Specifically designed to support the nuances of B2B ecommerce

  • Seamless integrations

    2-way integration with three installations of Sage 500 ERP and Infor CRM

  • Responsive design

    Responsive design across four breakpoints

  • International channels

    Localised, international sites for the UK, NL and ES

  • Multi-warehouse

    Multiple warehouses (one for each channel located in the UK, Netherlands and Spain) with orders routed accordingly

  • Customisable products

    Customisable products that can be cut to the users' requirements. Customer can select how many cuts are needed and the width of the cuts

  • Intelligent filtering

    Personalised my account means users can store printer details and then filter by products only valid for use with the printer(s) they have

  • Advanced delivery options

    Multiple delivery options calculated on what type of customer, type of products being bought, where they are shipping to and service required

  • Complete product offering

    Present complete product offering in a single place leading to more sales from cross-sells and up-sells

  • Single ordering point

    Now the primary internal order entry system using tradeit's call centre to process offline orders alongside online orders

  • My Account

    Offer customers complete visibility of their trading relationship to help retention and reduce churn rate

  • Communicate information

    Communicate company and product information far more effectively and quickly (new product launches, recalls, company news etc...)

Project Integrations

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Project Overview

Having had just a very primitive ecommerce site, aimed at a small proportion of their customers, Papergraphics were looking to drive more business online through the development of a new website, built on a platform they could use for a long time to come. The platform needed to be closely integrated with their Sage 500 ERP and Infor CRM system in order to free up human resources and make the business more proactive, rather than being commercially reactive. By automating more of their procedures and reducing the human involvement in processing orders and providing product, stock & pricing information they have seen significant productivity improvements as well as a reduction in errors.

Papergraphics ecommerce site on tablet
Papergraphics ecommerce case study
Papergraphics ecommerce site on mobile phone
Papergraphics printing works
Papergraphics ecommerce site on mobile phone

Alongside the productivity improvements Papergraphics also saw a number of other business benefits as a result of the move onto tradeit. These included increasing cross-selling and up-selling, increasing customer lifetime value (LTV) and retention, launching products to a wider audience more quickly and helping to turn slower moving stock. Some of the functionality they focused on to help included:

Ecommerce integrations

With three international sites for the UK, Spain and Netherlands, each with their own user base, integrations were key and one of the main reasons for selecting Red given their integration experience and expertise. Each country has their own installation of Sage 500 and Infor CRM (formerly SalesLogix) with both systems being heavily integrated with tradeit. Having received a prohibitively large estimate from their Sage partner to undertake the necessary integration, Red instead built controllers that connect to the relevant system/database and export the the data to an XML file which can then be imported into tradeit. We also export data to those systems and helped Papergraphics expose data from them via a set of web services.

Multiple Delivery Options

Due to the nature of the products they sell, delivery is an area that could bring a lot of complication, but the flexibility of tradeit means that all options can be catered for. This means users are able to choose from a number of fulfilment options including 2-3 working days, next working day, next working day before 10:30, next working day before 9, collection from Papergraphics' warehouse and arranging their own carriage. Not only that, the price will be affected by whether you are a reseller or end user, where you are shipping to and what you are buying (consumables, equipment, mega rolls) which all needs calculating.

Intelligent Filtering

With so many options for both printer hardware and commodities available, it can be quite complicated to ensure that the items a customer orders definitely work with the printer(s) they have. In order to combat this, Papergraphics encourage users to register their printer(s) and then filter any sundries such as ink, printheads, toner etc... so that when a customer selects one of their saved printers, only compatible products to the one they have selected, are displayed and user's get the right thing. This also helps cut down on any returns and the cost and administration that brings.

Custom Products

Certain media that Papergraphics sell is sold by the roll and can be cut to the user's requirements so they can have things at the exact size they want. They offer a cutting service where the user can specify the number of cuts and their width. Each individual roll can have a different number of cuts with any different widths specified, if required. Resellers can also have products personalised with their own labels, product codes and descriptions before they are shipped to their customers.

Papergraphics are delighted with the site and are already working on further enhancements and improvements "Red are fun, collaborative and adaptable. It's great to find a partner you feel has delivered on what they've promised and you can work with for the foreseeable future."