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tradeit next generation ecommerce platform

Games Workshop

Retail Ecommerce Case Study

Games Workshop
Black Library is a division of Games Workshop - the largest and most successful tabletop fantasy and futuristic battle games company in the world. They sell gaming products to a specialised sub-section of Games Workshop's customers selling limited edition and collectable items that are always in high demand.

"Red worked very closely with our internal teams to implement powerful, flexible and secure ecommerce solutions that deliver the services, features and capabilities that our customers expect."
Operations Manager, Black Library

Project Highlights

Tight integration with back office systems to automate purchase-to-delivery processes.

Digital product catalogue with ebook and mp3 download management.

Large community with built-in blog & reviews.

Highly scalable and manageable to meet future requirements.

Project Overview

Whilst Black Library's publications are also available via high street and online retail chains, direct sales via the division's website are a major part of its business. Historically, the website dates back to the early days of the business. "The website was completely unsuited to our business," explained Black Library's Direct Sales Manager. "Any orders that we received had to be re-keyed into our back office systems - a time consuming and expensive process that was open to errors."

Online community of cooks

When Games Workshop announced its intention to update its corporate website, Black Library realised that this would give them the opportunity to implement a completely new, flexible and powerful ecommerce solution that would deliver the levels of service that both divisions' customers wanted.

Their Direct Sales Manager approached a number of ecommerce solution specialists and asked for proposals. "We wanted a partner that would work with us to develop a solution that delivered the features and functionality that we needed, as well as helping us achieve economies of scale," he explained. "Red Technology hit all the right buttons; they understood our business and proposed a solution that would allow both divisions to implement fully functioning and independent ecommerce websites."

Tight back office integrations

Working closely together, teams from Red and Black Library designed, developed and implemented an ecommerce website based around tradeit - their proven and highly successful ecommerce platform. Core to the success of the projects was tight integration with Games Workshop's back office systems to streamline and automate the entire order process from purchase to delivery.

"The website has been extremely successful. Tight integration with our back office systems has taken the back breaking work out of fulfilling orders and allows our customer service teams to focus on the customers. The website has been very well received and make online ordering a smooth, intuitive and secure process."

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