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    B2B ecommerce integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

As the market leader for over 30 years, Electrix International Ltd is proud to be referred to as the World’s leading manufacturer & stockist of stainless steel cable management systems including trunking, conduit, cable tray, basket tray & electrical enclosures.

Project Highlights

  • Feature-rich B2B

    Specifically designed to support the nuances of B2B ecommerce

  • Seamless integrations

    2-way integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • Responsive design

    Responsive design across four breakpoints

  • International channels

    Localised for UK, US, French and German markets with translated content and multiple currencies

  • Quotation management

    Quotes presented to users in their my account where they can convert them to orders and pay

  • Rich product details

    Rich product details with 360° images, product videos, CAD file downloads, and large specification tables

  • Online invoicing

    Users can view and print invoices and credit notes in their financial statement page. Invoices can also be paid online

  • Advanced delivery options

    Users can specify exact delivery dates on checkout

Project Integrations

Microsoft Dynamics AX Worldpay Loqate Google Analytics 4 LiveAgent

Project Overview

When Electrix's previous website build failed, they began to wonder if they were asking for too much. They hoped to find a solution that would help them create a 'customer self-help portal' whilst promoting their products and assisting SEO and SERP visibility. They were struggling to find a provider capable of meeting their specific quote request requirements and complex basket rules, and one with proven experience of integrating into Microsoft Dynamics AX. That's when they turned to Red Technology.

Electrix Ecommerce Case Study
Electrix Ecommerce Case Study
Electrix Ecommerce Case Study
Electrix Ecommerce Case Study
Electrix Ecommerce Case Study

Microsoft Dynamics AX integration

tradeit's B2B capabilities and our proven Microsoft Dynamics AX integration experience means that Electrix can now offer their customers all the functionality they desire. As many B2B purchases begin life as quotes, it was important to be able to deliver the ability to request quotes online. They can now be submitted by the user, checked and priced by Electrix and pushed back to the users' my account and email with their pricing and delivery costs added, ready to be converted to an order.

The users' my account is also key to providing many of the other services Electrix's customers expect. Depending on how they pay this can include showing balance and available credit, previous orders, invoices, quotes, and all other financial information.

International ecommerce

With four separate international channels, GEOIP has been introduced to ensure users are directed to the relevant channel, whilst tradeit's international and multichannel capabilities ensures local content, language and currency requirements are easily catered for.

Bringing their product to life was another key requirement for Electrix so product pages now feature multiple images with 360° rotation, product videos, CAD file downloads, large specification tables and much more.

From the SEO side of things, UK and US Google results have already shown promise whilst there has been a significant increase in enquiries from Spain, Portugal and Canada amongst others.



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