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    B2B & Retail Ecommerce for this supplier of calibrated stones & jewellery components

Founded in 1968 Burhouse Limited initially started bulk breaking semi-precious gemstones and supplying the then-popular lapidary hobby market. In 1974, the market demanded a development into calibrated stones and jewellery components.

Project Highlights

  • My Account

    Enhanced user accounts aimed at trade customer requirements including quick order forms, credit limit, saved baskets, wishlist, discount level, saved quick order forms, recently ordered products, unlimited basket size, and much more

  • Advanced search

    Advanced search tools including predictive, fuzzy search, support for inflections, weighted & boosted search passes, and much more

  • Call centre

    Built-in call centre allows admin users to setup/view customer accounts and process orders on their behalf as well as aiding customer service to provide support

  • Pricing

    Number of pricing options for both retail and B2B customers including quantity-based pricing per product and tiered pricing based on customer spend

  • Integration

    Two-way integration between tradeit and SAP Business One ERP to suit business requirements

  • Product comparison

    Simple product comparison enabling customers to look at prices, sizes, specs and more, side-by-side

Project Integrations

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Project Overview

After "4-5 years of hell with a Magneto site", Burhouse had reached a point where they felt their site was losing customers and money. They knew they needed to replatform but were only being offered Shopify or WooCommerce based options and, having gone through five years of problems on Magento, didn't want to try and make their needs work on another inflexible, retail ecommerce platform.

Burhouse website on laptop
Burhouse website on iMac
Burhouse ecommerce website on phone
Inside of Burhouse store
Burhouse website on phone

Wholesale trade platform

They understood that they needed a platform that was primarily designed to cater for the majority of their customer base who are wholesalers, but also provide the same level of service to their smaller retail customers. Having discounted the usual suspects like Shopify, Magneto, BigCommerce etc... they followed a recommendation from their ERP partner, Inter-Concept, and opted for tradeit.

B2B Ecommerce

Catering for their B2B customers was key and the new site features a number of tools designed to assist them including a comprehensive My Account area. This features quick order forms, visible credit limits imported from their ERP, saved baskets, wishlists (that can be sent to other people), current discount level, saved quick order forms, recently ordered products, and much more.

No limitations

Another key consideration in replatforming was choosing a system that could meet their current and future needs, making it essential to select a platform without limitations. Their previous Magento site had an unusual and inconvenient issue that restricted customers from adding more than a certain number of items to their basket and completing their checkout, seriously hindering conversions. Now, there is no limit to the number of products customers can add to their basket. This allows them to shop at their own pace without encountering basket drops, enabling them to complete their purchase in one go instead of having to check out multiple times (if they were that patient).

On-site Search

With over 9,000 products, on-site search was key. The new search implemented in tradeit means results are far more accurate and returned in far less time. they now have a site set up for growth without issues or limitations.



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