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The value of triggered emails


It’s well known that the cost of acquiring a new customer is more than the cost of keeping an existing one, so any tools that can help re-engage with your existing customer base and get them to spend more will provide great value to your ecommerce business. If this re-engagement can be automated saving you time, money and precious resources then even better. A key tool for delivering successful, personalised re-engagement strategies is triggered emails which enable you to send automated emails based on user actions and events.

For instance, these events may include:

  • Customer registration
  • Customer places an order
  • Customer creates basket
  • Customer logs in
  • Customer abandons basket
  • Customer spends specified amount (can differ between price lists and/or currencies)

Once you have decided which user event or events/actions you would like to trigger an email, you can add any additional conditions which may determine when an email is sent. These conditions could include:

  • Send X days after the event
  • Send X days before subscription runs out
  • Send X days before birthday (if you know it)

and whether an email is sent

  • Don’t send if customer has since placed an order
  • Only when customer orders
  • Only when customer creates basket
  • When customer logs in
  • Only if customer spends specified amount (can differ between price lists and/or currencies)

You can also determine who your triggered emails should be sent to, for example;

  • All customers
  • All people who registered on the site but not bought
  • Those customers in a specific group (Database segment, Merchant defined group, Tagged to merchant’s facebook page etc..)
  • Existing subscribers
  • Only new customers

You can also define which product/product groups the event is valid for, for instance:

  • All products
  • Specific products
  • Specific brands
  • New products
  • Sale products only

Also, If you are running multiple sites/brands you can determine which channels to run your triggered email campaigns on, which email templates to use, when to send the emails (down to the specific time of the day) and how to personalise them.

The power of triggered emails is huge and should be a key part of any ecommerce re-engagement strategy. Emails are automatically sent each time the conditions you set are met which makes them perfect for welcome emails, ordering reminders or abandoned basket campaigns amongst others. When used effectively triggered emails can mean:

  • Higher engagement and re-engagement
  • Increased customer retention and satisfaction
  • Higher click-through rates
  • Increased conversions and AOV

To find out more about tradeit’s triggered email capabilities and suite of marketing & merchandising tools, contact us.