tradeit ecommerce platform version 4.7

Friday, 20 July 2012

Improvements to URL structures NEW

Improvements have been made to the way in which the platform handles and generates URL’s / URL structures. The enhancements made in this area give merchants new controls within the administration system which help to ensure consistency of URL’s throughout their site (normalising character case and handling of invalid characters as examples). The platform also supports the use of URL’s without the .html extension and gives options to use or loose the trailing slash at the end of URL strings. The result is cleaner and friendlier URL’s that are consistent, more professional and predictable.

Canonical tags NEW

To help with natural search engine optimisation and avoid penalties for duplicate content canonical tags are now intelligently designed into the platform. This means that when viewing a product detail page where the product resides in multiple categories and the product has been assigned a main category and you are currently viewing the product in a non-main category, the headers of the page will contain a canonical tag to the URL of the product within the main category automatically.

Caching NEW

Improving website performance is a key aspect of all development and so in this version, alongside the URL and navigational improvements, we’ve also introduced caching of URLs and the navigation structure to give a further boost to performance. Merchant controls over caching have also been added to the administration system to allow manual rebuilding of the caching.

Advert Display Conditions NEW

Advert display conditions have been added so that an advert can be displayed on “All content pages”, “When any product is added to the basket”, “All category pages” and “All product pages”.