tradeit ecommerce platform version 4.6

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Gift wrapping enhanced

Gift wrapping has been extended so that as well as being able to gift wrap a complete order, order items can also be gift wrapped separately with different options for each item. The new gift wrapping options are setup and controlled within the administration system allowing item specific gift wrapping options to be defined. The configurable options that a customer is presented with through the storefront have also been enhanced to enable them to browse and select the gift wrapping options for each product.

Improved price lists

Price lists now allow for multiple parent and child price lists, increasing the platform’s flexibility in handling highly complex pricing structures (differential pricing for example) and makes the task of administering prices for large and diverse product catalogues across an ecommerce site or sites (international, business to business, etc.) more efficient.

Promotion sort order

Prior to tradeit version 4.6 the order in which promotions were validated and applied to the basket was fixed. In version 4.6 the promotion sort order can be manipulated by merchants within the administration system.

There are two influences on the order in which offers are applied to the basket; the customer selection type, and the priority of the discount type. Each customer selection is represented by a group of offers. tradeit applies the most customer specific groups to a basket first; the following table shows the order in which offers will be applied based on the customer selection type:

  • 1. Session Specific Offer
  • 2. Coupon
  • 3. Specific Customer
  • 4. Customers in a User Group
  • 5. All Customers

There is a customer selection type hierarchy that is used within the platform by default. However, custom customer selection groups and discount type sub-groups can be added in addition to these and can be reordered to manipulate/customise the hierarchy to best effect.

tradeit then applies certain discount types before others to try and optimise the amount of discount given to the customer without compromising the merchants’ sale. Each discount type is represented by a sub-group under each customer selection group. The following shows the order in which we apply discount types by default:

  • 1. Fixed Price Product
  • 2. Percentage Amount off a Product
  • 3. Fixed Amount off a Product
  • 4. Percentage Amount off an Order
  • 5. Fixed Amount off an Order
  • 6. Free Product(s)
  • 7. Get Cheapest Free
  • 8. Free Shipping

Security enhancements

Tighter security measures give merchants even great control over user access to administration areas in both the storefront and administration system. The new security measures follow stringent PCI standards and many of the new features are under merchant control through the administration system.

User lockout policies:

Merchants are now able to enforce rules for users to temporarily lockout a user, prohibit a session and or prohibit an IP address out of an account when a number of failed authentication attempts occur within a specific time period.

User password policy:

Enforce rules for a minimum number of characters, case sensitivity, required numerical and special characters, limiting repetition of characters, restricting users from including their email address or login, maintain a list of prohibited words, set the number of times that a password can be reused and set a number of days before a password expires and whether to force a user to change or not when it does expire.

HTTPS enforcement:

By default all content pages marked private, all checkout stages and login pages are forced to use HTTPS protocol to ensure security of sensitive data.