tradeit ecommerce platform version 5.1

Monday, 19 October 2015

The release of update 5.1 brings further enhanced functionality to the platform including:

Basket NEW

tradeit now supports the implementation of a persistent shopping basket across user sessions by maintaining a cookie on the customer browser and detecting it on the next new session. If the user specifically logs out, tradeit will automatically delete the persistent cookie, although this can be overridden via a selection in the administration system.*


*It is not always recommended to retain a persistent cookie, as if a device is shared between users (in a public space -Internet Cafe - for instance), then the previous user would expect their personal information to be removed on log out.


Receipts NEW

Following on from the ability to split the payment of orders which was introduced in release 5.0, the administration system now includes the ability to view multiple receipts for each payment solution configuration.

User Workflow NEW

New functionality now exists to enable B2B merchants in particular to assign user workflows and related actions. for instance, business customers may request to set up a trade account via the website, or suppliers may want to sell via a merchant's marketplace, and the merchant can now process those requests in the administration system with relevant actions to follows such as sending a confirmation email.

Call Centre UPDATED

tradeit has featured Call Centre/MOTO functionality as part of the product for several years now. Call centre staff have always been able to spoof users and carry out actions to their accounts on their behalf, including placing an order, changing address details etc... This functionality has now been extended to carrying out these tasks on behalf of guest users, as well as those who are already registered users on the site.


Third party tax calculation can now be configured in the administration system rather than relying on development resource to do this.

Custom Payment Methods NEW

tradeit now caters for custom payment methods outside of the traditional ones usually employed by merchants, such as new credit/debit card, stored credit/debit card, gift card, on account etc.... An example of this may be for internal use when items are allocated against an internal department/cost centre (marketing/PR) who are using company products for promotional purposes. These may also include zero value orders.

Zero Value Orders NEW

tradeit now supports merchants who wish to take zero value orders. This could be required for competition prizes or such like.

Attributes UPDATED

Attributes Codes

Each attribute is now given a unique reference meaning it can be identified during an import, this helps attributes with the same name across different object types be easily identified.

Attributes Groups

To further help merchants sort their items, attributes can now be grouped together for product types. This improves their use in the administration system for the merchant, particularly those who have hundreds of attributes.

Product Types

Attribute groups can be assigned to product types making management of them even easier for the merchant. For example: A Product Type 'Toasters' may have an attribute of 'Number of slices' with the options 2, 3, 4, 6 etc assigned to it. this attribute would not be relevant to other products that the merchant may sell so could be assigned to that product type. Other attributes such as colour, may be relevant to a number of products and can be assigned to multiple attribute groups, shared between product types. Each type can be administered in any group and will be updated across all products.


Products can also now have attributes flagged as mandatory for them. The merchant can also report against attributes, including those that are set as mandatory, meaning any that are missing can be highlighted and corrected within the administration system.

The ability to import and export both attributes and facets in bulk has also been extended meaning they can be updated, added or deleted both more quickly and more easily.

Saved Card Management UPDATED

Further enhancements to the customer's 'My Account' enabling the smoother handling and management of multiple saved cards within a single user's account.

Gift Cards/Vouchers UPDATED

There are now increased restrictions and validations on gift cards/vouchers including the addition of PIN numbers which can be merchant definable.

Dashboard UPDATED

Further improvements to the user dashboard within tradeit's administration system.

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