tradeit ecommerce platform version 4.10

Friday, 16 October 2015

The release of update 4.10 brings a host of new features to the platform including:

Metrics and behavioural merchandising NEW

The most significant improvements to the platform come in the form of the metric crunch methodology and its linking with the advertising system as the basis for tradeit's behavioural merchandising function set.

The metrics that are created include:

  • Number of orders
  • Number of baskets
  • Number of page views
  • Number of reviews
  • Average review rating

These metrics can be selected to automatically populate the items within cross-sell and up-sell product recommendations, based on actual data. You can also choose to populate these recommendations based on the standard platform sort options such as A-Z, Price, Product Name/Code, Date Created, 'On Sale', New Products etc... or even based on ones created from your own product attributes.

These recommendations can be populated down to an individual product page level, if required, and the merchant also has the capability to define where to select the recommended products from, how many products to display and the order they should be displayed in (high-low, low-high etc...).

Sort options NEW

Merchants regularly request the ability to sort products on a product listing page by average rating, product sales etc... and now these can be automatically calculated using the aforementioned metrics per product/channel. They can also be sorted using attributes assigned by the merchant or via the standard sort options, including:

  • A-Z
  • Price
  • Product Name/Code
  • New Product
  • 'On Sale' (an item is classified as 'on sale' if the product/price list has a 'was' price value)
  • Date created
  • Rank (how relevant the result is compared to the search term)

Once the sort options are selected they can then be assigned to either a category and/or search results page and you can also define which option is the default for each.

Facetted content pages NEW

Whilst the concept of facetted search for products has existed in the platform for several years, 4.10 introduces optional facetted search for content pages, questions and users. This functionality is ideal for creating (fast) blog listing pages, job search pages, news listing pages etc...

Lazy Loading NEW

Should you not wish to use paging to display a large group of products, the option now exists to display them all using lazy loading instead. This option means as the user scrolls down a list of results, the next page of results are automatically loaded and it would seem to the user that there is only one page of results. It will also not affect your site's speed. The functionality exists to enable the merchant to define what percentage of products on the page the user has to scroll through before beginning to load some more.

Feedback NEW

When a feedback form is now submitted, additional information can be stored against the corresponding feedback item (review, comment, question or user submitted image) as feedback attribute values. You can then view this feedback by attribute value in the administration system. You can also filter the feedback by channel and language.

When feedback is submitted by the user, a confirmation email is now sent to the user and administrator. A further email is also sent to the user when that feedback is subsequently approved/rejected.

Product delivery surcharges NEW

Merchants can now add product delivery surcharges for individual items or delivery types, ideal for bulky, awkward or expensive items that require additional expense to deliver.

Import products into product groups NEW

Functionality now exists so that products can be bulk imported into product groups and exported from product groups.

Separate registration and delivery countries NEW

This allows customers from countries you may not ship to, to still register on your site and place orders for delivery to countries you can deliver to, or to register for company newsletters etc...

In-site editing UPDATED

A number of usability improvements have been made to in-site editing e.g.

  • A website editor is now able to manually re-order a list of values and groups of values.
  • Improvements to user interface for easier text input field editing.
  • Improvement to user interface using alternating background colours for each row added, to aid website editor navigation and input progress.
  • The image, flash and flash video asset managers have an improved pop-up style user interface.

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