tradeit ecommerce platform version 4.4

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Red is pleased to announce the release of tradeit version 4.4. This latest release the brand new intelligent adverts engine as well as a complete redesign and rebuild of the facets framework and user interfaces, the introduction of new reporting for promotions and more.

Offers and coupons reporting

Focus your promotional efforts and maximise your sales opportunities by reporting the success of your offers and coupons. The new offers and coupons reporting functionality gives merchants at a glance insight as to the performance of their promotions through the new reporting area. In addition to the new reporting area information on promotions is now linked through to the Order Management System (OMS), giving merchants visibility and complete audit trails for discounts applied to orders.

Reports on offer:

  • View Products Ordered
  • View Orders By Order Status
  • View Orders By Payment Method
  • View Orders By Customer
  • View Revenue By Categories

The offers and coupons report information can also be filtered in the following ways:

  • Date Range
  • Channel / Domain
  • Currency
  • Order Status
  • Group By (Offers / Coupons)

Intelligent ecommerce advertising engine

The new advertising engine enables merchants to merchandise content, products and promotions within advert zones across their stores based on the configurable rules based engine.

  • Manage the content for advertising zones across your site targeting specific users with adverts.
  • Use product adverts to drive personalised cross-sells and up-sells e.g. recommendations etc.
  • Populate advert zones with HTML, images, videos, flash objects or products.
  • Configure your adverts to either display within a page or as a pop-up.
  • Select specific users to target based on their grouping, location and search terms.
  • Schedule adverts to come on and off the website setting specific start and end times and dates.
  • Control which adverts appears in which advert zones in which templates and pages.
  • Ecommerce enabled sites can link adverts in with the promotions engine, presenting personalised discounts and offers.
  • Triggering adverts based on user’s onsite search terms.

Faceted navigation, search results and product listings

Re-engineered and redesigned for far greater control, power and flexibility, tradeit version 4.4 gives merchants the opportunity to configure and apply facets to enhance their site navigation, search results and product listing templates.

  • Manage facets using tradeit’s administration system.
  • Create facets based on product attributes such as size, colour and brand as examples.
  • A product can have one or more values set against each attribute e.g red, green blue etc.
  • Layered filtering on and off of facets.
  • AJAX results displaying without the need to reload the page.
  • Set the minimum number of values that the facet must contain before the facet is displayed or before it’s not displayed.
  • Configure how many values should be displayed when the facet is displayed. If there are a lot of values then the list can be contracted and made to expand by clicking on a more link.
  • Facets using a numerical attribute such as prices can have bands configured to group values together e.g. £10-£25, £25-£50, etc.
  • Vendors can configure when a facet is displayed, whether that is across all categories, specific categories or when a search has been triggered and a category has not been selected.
  • Merchants can also configure the priority of each facet to determine the order in which facets are displayed.
  • Facets can be configured to be displayed as a value is selected.
  • Flexible display controls for users including, links, checkboxes, dropdowns and sliders as examples.
  • Wide reaching, including simple products, main products and variants.
  • Search engine friendly URLs created from using facets.