Splendid Trading launch new B2B website with tradeit

Monday, 22 January 2024

Despite several years of growth online, their customers now expect immediate pricing, stock visibility, a frictionless checkout, and simple account administration. Their old website couldn’t satisfy these requirements, leaving them with an outdated, semi-functional ecommerce offering.

To continue their growth, they knew they needed to replatform. They sought a highly customisable, feature-rich platform (a normal cookie-cutter, B2C system wasn’t going to cut it) from an experienced ecommerce solution provider so selected Red Technology who have a strong track record of providing similar solutions to other customers.

The primary aim was to present products in an ergonomic way in order to drive sales and keep customers happy. As Director Jack McCarthy said “If you make the buying experience as convenient as possible, and couple that with competitive prices and a solid service, you’ll end up with happy customers. Happy customers are repeat customers.”

The site now features:

  • Specifically built for B2B ecommerce with features to match
  • Customers can administer multiple venues and companies from a single account
  • Delegate all sorts of permissions to different members of staff
  • Create product whitelists and blacklists to keep purchasing focused
  • Manage credit limits (even down to a user level)
  • Cater for international customers (site is translated into five different languages)
  • Integration with their accountancy system for order automation and customer management

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