Maximuscle re-launch MaxiRewards with tradeit

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Maximuscle have re-launched their new MaxiRewards loyalty scheme using tradeit’s flexible, built-in points-based system enabling customers to make payment or part payment using the points they’ve earned. Rather than pay for an expensive and inferior, third-party tool tradeit allows them to power their scheme directly from their ecommerce platform whilst still giving them the scope to offer different configuration options in order to ensure it works for their business.

Instead of users going through the rigmarole of some convoluted sign-up or membership process, every customer automatically earns rewards on the money they spend whilst still allowing Maximuscle to determine the value of points for both collection and redemption, as well as whether points are earned against orders or part orders paid for with existing points. They also have the scope to determine exactly which products users can earn points against whilst also using reward points in conjunction with their promotional activities (i.e. earn double points or credit customers with bonus points on their birthday).

Using tradeit’s Call Centre/MOTO tools, staff can also manually add or remove points from a user’s account, enabling you to offer credits for service issues, or debit points for items that are returned.

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