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  • Content and Commerce

    Bring your brand and
    products to life online.

Companies today want to build brand and product stories online to enhance and sit alongside their ecommerce presence. The tradeit ecommerce platform enables them to showcase their provenance, R&D and craftsmanship, through the contextualisation of content and the interactive digital experience.

Content and Commerce Features

The tradeit ecommerce platform provides the perfect content toolset to help companies bring their products and stories to life.

  • Built-in CMS

    Integrated CMS with in-page editing providing creative control over layout, message, style and navigation.

  • Rich Content

    Use of rich media and content types such as image galleries, video, jQuery and Flash to help enrich user experience.

  • Community Tools

    Built-in community tools such as blogs, forums, Q&As and Tell-a-friend to help the growth of user generated content.

  • Social Media Ready

    Integration to off-site social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc… and earned content from sites like Olapic, to grow brand reach.

  • SEO Friendly

    Comprehensive functionality designed for optimum SEO performance with full control over all on-page elements including metadata, page title tags and URLs.

  • On-site Social Commerce

    Class-leading on-site social commerce tools enabling brands to create their own social network keeping all user interaction, data and content on their OWN site (see below).

On-site Social Commerce

Powering your very own social network, all within your own website.

Lots of retailers already recognise the value of social tools in trying to entice and engage users on their sites, and these tools have been proven to help improve customer engagement, conversion and branding, but tradeit now gives you the ability to take your social presence to the next level. Manage and create your own online community, and integrated ecommerce, with tradeit acting as your very own social media network and online store. You can create a community full of user-generated content and keep all of that information and data on your own website, encouraging users to 'tag' your products in their uploads. These peer recommendations provide great social validation of your brand whilst also driving product sales.


Upload a public profile/biography for users to see.

Content Uploads

Upload and share content like images, photos or videos.

Online Gallery

Create your own online gallery of previous work.

Follow/Be Followed

Follow other users and allow them to follow you.

Activity Feeds

Bring everything together with site-wide and individual activity feeds, that can alert you when 'followed' users buy something, search for something, watch something etc...

Find Like-Minded Users

Find other like-minded users or pieces of work with similar materials, colours, subjects etc...

Share The Love

'Like' or comment on products, content, users, uploads etc...


Winsor & Newton logo

"This was a tough project, and an ambitious website to launch, and I am glad we had a partner like Red to deliver it. The work they put in was very much appreciated, I know we caused a few late nights! I would definitely recommend Red as a partner."

Head of Ecommerce, Winsor & Newton

Winsor & Newton pigment marker

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