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tradeit next generation ecommerce platform
In this highly competitive ecommerce environment, merchants may only get one chance to impress a customer with on-time delivery of their products, great customer service, and accurate billing.

Order Management System Features

The tradeit ecommerce platform provides order management tools that enable merchants to save time and reduce errors, increasing customer satisfaction. The order and customer management functionality built-in to Red’s tradeit ecommerce platform gives merchants ultimate control over their order processes, providing them with an up-to-date view of order activity across multiple channels and ecommerce sites.

Comprehensive search and filtering options to find the orders you want quickly and easily.

Display detailed order costs including sub totals (Inc ex Tax), shipping (Inc ex Tax), surcharges, tax and total.

Granular & detailed information down to individual order line items.

Provides an up-to-date view of order information on demand.

Print orders, invoices and packing slips.

View billing and shipping address and shipment data.

Integrates with multiple payment providers.

Configurable order workflows and status automation.

Filter to show orders by status, from and to dates and free text search across fields including Order Number, Billing First Name, Billing Last Name, Billing Postcode, and TransactionID.

An example of an order workflow could be pre-payment, pre-authorisation, awaiting settlement, amount settled, partial dispatch, fully dispatched, declined & amount failed to settle.

Tight integrations with other back office systems such as ERP and CRM packages including Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, SAP R/3, SAP Business By Design, SAP Business One, Sage Line 250, Sage Line 500, Sanderson Elucid, Pegasus Opera, Salesforce, Exchequer and others.

Each time a status is updated against an order and/or order line item either manually or automatically this then triggers an action. For example send an email, increment status, re-allocate product stock, capture authorisation & cancel authorisation.

Append notes to order statuses to record additional data for orders.

Integrates with rapid fulfilment services such as Shutl.

View abandoned orders and re-engage customers through promotions via e-marketing communications.

Configurable auto triggered emails to ensure that customers are kept well informed at each stage of their purchasing cycle, increasing satisfaction.

International merchants can generate sequential order numbers for each country (prefixed with a country code if required), as well as an overall order number across all sites.

Multichannel orders separated by domain / channel to track and segment orders by the originating channel.

Take control of your orders & deliver a seamless customer experience

Through the tradeit platform's administration system merchants can view and process customer orders by following their preferred workflow which can also be setup and customised within the platform, allowing steps such as manual fraud screening to form part of the process.

Multichannel Order Management

Give your customers the freedom to shop and interact with you through multiple channels whilst enjoying a seamless experience. tradeit 's order management is designed to effectively handle orders from multiple channels, providing merchants with high levels of control over ordering and fulfilment processes. Our goal is to make the ordering and fulfilment processes as fluid as possible across all channels to delight your customers and ensure the smooth running of your operations.

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