Ecommerce Platform

Sophisticated ecommerce platform powering multi-channel success

The tradeit ecommerce platform offers ultimate scalability and flexibility, coupled with strong multichannel capabilities, rich functionality and a clear roadmap for platform innovation. tradeit is Red’s flagship ecommerce platform that powers multichannel retailing, global ecommerce and sophisticated online merchandising and marketing strategies.

The ecommerce platform for growth

Infinitely scalable, flexible and robust, Red’s tradeit ecommerce platform enables businesses to extend their reach into new markets, channels and business models. Leveraging the tradeit ecommerce platform’s innovative and agile technology framework, Red can efficiently and effectively customise ecommerce solutions to meet individual and highly complex business requirements, delivering rich engaging ecommerce experiences that captivate and delight consumers.

Red’s customers include forward-thinking multichannel retailers, specialist online retailers and large corporations from private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Using the tradeit ecommerce platform our customers process hundreds of thousands of transactions and reach millions of customers.

The tradeit ecommerce platform

  • Highly flexible, scalable and proven B2C & B2B ecommerce platform
  • Strong multichannel capabilities giving you one master platform connecting multiple channels
  • An international ecommerce platform which powers fully localised ecommerce sites
  • Highly customisable framework which enables Red to tailor ecommerce solutions to meet individual and highly complex requirements, providing our customers with highly tailored ecommerce solutions giving them the best of both a bespoke & platform based ecommerce solution
  • The administration system with the platform gives ecommerce teams total in-house control
  • Constantly evolving platform with frequent new releases and rich features future proofs your investment
  • Seamlessly integrated ecommerce CMS, merchandising and marketing management tools
  • Leading commerce platform powering world class, engaging & award winning ecommerce websites
  • Agile ecommerce platform architecture makes it easier and faster to evolve your solution, helping you stay ahead of your competition and meet constantly shifting consumer demands
  • Implement and benefit from the latest ecommerce features and best practices
  • Red's superior hosted ecommerce platform model avoids the limitations of SaaS and similar models, resulting in a superior ROI and a lower total cost of ownership
  • Fully integrated with all supporting systems spanning bespoke in-house or 3rd party solutions

Multichannel ecommerce platform

Ecommerce management toolset

The tradeit ecommerce platform’s administration system has an impressive set of management tools designed to put merchants in the driving seat, empowering them to adapt to changing market conditions and maximise sales.

Administrative functionality is at the heart of the tradeit ecommerce platform. Powerful tools allow your in-house team to manage and maintain your ecommerce operations, cutting out the time lag and expense associated with outsourcing. Ecommerce teams have total control over web and product content, updating products, descriptions and prices, developing new page layouts and managing product categories.

Ecommerce CMS

Tradeit’s ecommerce CMS provides merchants with innovative tools for managing web, product and user generated content effectively in-house.
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Marketing Platform

Be creative and execute your marketing strategies perfectly. Create and manage a rich set of offers, advertise offers and deliver personalised content.
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Order Management System

The tradeit ecommerce platform provides merchants with a powerful order management system, giving them total control over customer orders, order processes, tax, delivery & warehouses.
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Integration Hub

The tradeit ecommerce platform incorporates an integration hub that enables effective integrations between tradeit and other back office systems, including ERP, order management & warehouse management systems.
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Ecommerce platform architecture

As markets, the web, and your customers’ expectations change over time, the tradeit ecommerce platform can evolve and upgrade in step with your business. Utilising the latest SQL and .NET technologies, new functionality can be integrated into the core application as required, eliminating the need to invest in new ecommerce technologies and helping to future proof your initial investment.

  • Designed for high volume traffic and order levels, the system can be deployed across multiple servers; ensuring that your site can handle large customer volumes.

  • The ecommerce storefront and administration system can be deployed on a separate server – further reducing server load and helping to ensure very quick page download times.

  • The system is scalable enough to cope with an infinite number of product categories, sub categories, products, templates and site pages.

Integrated ecommerce platform

The tradeit ecommerce platform incorporates a rich data transfer module that allows quick and cost effective integration with backoffice systems, such as fulfilment & ERP, improving accuracy and productivity. The tradeit ecommerce platform has been integrated with many complementary vendors including payment service providers, fulfilment systems, accounting software, affiliate networks, price comparison engines, analytics, advanced searchandising and many more.

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Ecommerce platform development roadmap

We provide innovative technology that places the customer at the heart of our development road map to ensure the platform’s rich feature set delivers a superior experience for them. We frequently release new versions of our ecommerce platform ensuring that our customers stay at the very forefront of ecommerce technology.

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