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tradeit next generation ecommerce platform
Ecommerce basket and checkout functionality can make or break an ecommerce store. It must accurately present order information in a way that actively encourages customers to complete a purchase and not act as a barrier to sales. The tradeit ecommerce platform shopping basket and checkout components are fully customisable highly effective sales tools, meeting the needs of your customers and target markets.

Ecommerce Basket and Checkout Features

tradeit ’s ecommerce basket and checkout has been designed and engineered to keep customers engaged in the checkout process, reducing abandonment whilst simultaneously providing merchants with opportunities to increase basket size and order value with relevant cross-sells, up-sells and promotions.

Designed to increase average basket size and value.

Handles Retail & complex B2B pricing and invoicing.

Click & Collect/Reserve services, integrated with your physical stores.

Integrates with rapid fulfilment services such as Shutl.

Caters for zero value orders.

Set merchant-definable order rules.

Member and guest checkout options enhance flexibility.

Enable customers to check stock levels in physical stores.

Handles multiple and complex tax and shipping requirements.

Capable of handling multiple currencies (with variable or floating options), multiple tax zones and multiple payment options.

Support split payments at checkout between credit/debit card and multiple gift cards.

Multiple payment types plus additional types accepted including subscription, direct debit and on account.

Split deliveries to multiple destinations worldwide, add gift wrapping & messaging on a line, group or basket level, all from a single order. Even send gifts anonymously.

Schedule delivery arrival dates on an item, group or basket level, all from a single order (takes into consideration weekends, bank holidays and stock availability).

Supports custom payment methods... such as for internal use when items are allocated to a cost centre/department within an organisation.

Add product delivery surcharges for individual items or delivery types, ideal for bulky or expensive items that require additional expense to deliver.

Pre-built integrations with leading payment providers such as CyberSource, Secure Trading, Klarna, Worldpay, PayPal, and major banks ensure safe, secure online payments for both customers and merchants.

Reducing basket abandonment

Unwieldy ecommerce baskets and poorly designed checkout processes have a detrimental effect on sales. Red’s tradeit ecommerce platform incorporates a dynamic basket and flexible checkout designed to communicate effectively with the customer and enhance the shopping experience.

  • Ability to save the basket allows customers to return and complete a purchase at a later date. This also provides the opportunity to email reminders and analyse abandoned baskets with a view to improving conversion rates.
  • Tokenisation of previous card details speeds up customer re-ordering without compromising security.
  • Dynamically update products, quantities and subtotals without having to refresh and reload the page – making sure the customer is always aware of what’s in their basket.
  • Split single orders to multiple addresses around the world, with scheduled delivery dates on an item, group or basket level, meaning customers don't have to go through the entire order process each time when placing several orders.
  • Integrate with 'bill me later' services such as Klarna, quickening the buying process dramatically.
  • Include product images, size information and comprehensive details to re-assure the customer that they have added the correct item into their shopping basket.
  • Automatically incorporate upgrade, accessory and up-sell features to increase spend levels.
  • Utilise advanced promotion tools and special offers such as vouchers, discounts and offers to encourage basket and sale completion – improving conversion rates.
  • Configure unique URLs for each step of the checkout so you can determine exactly where people drop off the site, helping improve the customer journey and reduce abandonment.

Deliver a seamless ecommerce checkout process

Making the order and payment process as quick and simple as possible will dramatically improve conversion rates and boost sales. Capable of handling both registered member and guest checkout scenarios, tradeit ’s seamless checkout delivers an exceptional buying experience for customers by making the process intuitive and hassle-free.

  • Dynamically linking to customer accounts speeds up the checkout process, reduces the need for the customer to re-enter data and allows quick selection from multiple delivery addresses.
  • Address auto complete and form data checking can be done quickly and without page refreshes to speed up the process – instantly informing customers about problems with the information they are providing.
  • Repeat purchases can be completed very rapidly, often with just one click – while retaining the ability to change delivery and payment details or through the use of 'bill me later' services such as Klarna.
  • Fewer page refreshes reduces the chance of data – and customers – being lost in transit.
  • Support multiple payment methods on the same order, such as a combination of a credit/debit card and a gift card(s).
  • Unnecessary form fields can be hidden until required, removing confusion about what details the customer is required to complete and ensuring they are not put off by lengthy, irrelevant forms.

Split deliveries

The tradeit ecommerce platform enables customers to split single orders to as many different addresses as they have items and deliver them to anywhere in the world. They can also group items together within the basket and send them as one, as well as being able to schedule the arrival of each item or group on specified dates. Allowing orders to be sent to multiple locations poses complex ecommerce platform challenges. For instance, how to spread offer or promotional pricing across product groups, international tax rates/duties and handling returned items. The tradeit platform includes the ability to handle the varying tax rates between different regions and any relevant promotions on an order line level, as well as handling the vagaries of any international or promotional item returns.

Click & Collect/Click & Reserve

As part of an omni-channel retail solution, the option to pick up purchases in-store removes the hassle of having to wait for a delivery and allows the customer to pick up an item whenever is convenient for them. It also gives them access to nationwide products and stock levels at their local store, whilst also removing the cost of delivery which can put some customers off purchasing online. Orders can be fulfilled from each individual stores' stock and/or despatched from a central warehouse for collection at the chosen store at a later date or time. Integrate tradeit with your ERP or stock management system to show users which items are in stock where, and when they can be collected.

Merchandising & Personalisation

The tradeit shopping basket is customisable and flexible enough to automatically offer personalised customer content. By linking it to customer accounts you can tailor not just the information shown to individual account holders, but also personalise offers, prices, vouchers, promotions and layout to ensure maximum conversion rates. Contact us via our ecommerce enquiry form to find out how we can help you optimise & grow your online business.

Basket promotions, offers and discounts

tradeit has a sophisticated set of options to ensure that your shoppers are hooked and are enticed back for more. As well as handling differential pricing, the sophisticated set of promotions, offers and discounts are out of the box features of tradeit .

Configurable order rules

Merchants can define rules to help improve fraud protection and check for suspicious orders. These could include things such as:

  • Customer places their first order.
  • Number of orders placed by a customer during a certain timeframe exceeds x (merchant specified).
  • Customer billing and shipping address different.
  • Customer delivery postcode is x.
  • Customer billing postcode is x.
  • Order value exceeds £x.
  • Quantity of a single SKU exceeds x.

Once the rule conditions have been defined by the merchant, any suspicious orders will be flagged and highlighted in tradeit 's administration system ready for manual review before being processed.

Accurate and flexible shipping calculator

tradeit 's ecommerce basket is capable of handling multiple customer addresses and delivery options – ensuring your site is a good fit between your fulfilment capabilities and customers' shipping needs.

  • Integrate with 3rd party shipper's software systems including Shutl rapid fulfilment service.
  • Calculate shipping charges based on products purchased and the customer delivery zone.
  • Handle complex tax calculations across different tax jurisdictions.
  • Display complete landed costs to international customers through integration with duty calculation software.

Configurable order workflows

tradeit is flexible and adaptable enough to fit many different business models and existing processes workflows. Existing integrations with ERP and stock / warehouse management systems from SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sanderson & bespoke solutions punch out and feed in data via Red’s Data Transfer Scheduler in TAB, XML or Web Services.

  • Capable of handling routing orders to multiple warehouses for fulfilment.
  • Order management for online retailers who are using drop shippers for fulfilment.

Ecommerce basket API

Via a new set of SOAP Web Services it is now possible to add products to the basket, update the quantity of the products in the basket, delete products in the basket and retrieve the contents of the basket. This new basket API functionality means that tradeit ’s flexible basket, seamless checkout & market leading promotions engine (optional) can now be integrated into an existing site.

Are you looking for a dynamic and flexible basket & checkout to integrate into an existing ecommerce site?

Class leading gifting capabilities

In conjunction with split deliveries tradeit allows you to add gift wrapping, bagging and personalised messages on an item, group or basket level. You can even add messages like 'Do not open until...' with a specified date, or send the items anonymously as a surprise.

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