Web Content Management

Innovative ecommerce web content management tools

Web Content ManagementThe tradeit ecommerce platform's Web Content Management (WCM) makes the task of managing web content across ecommerce websites quicker and easier for non-technical staff. It’s the ideal way to ensure your ecommerce websites stay up-to-date and in-tune with your customers.

Internal and external web teams and administrators can edit sites in a faster, easier and more natural way thanks to the in-site editing feature. The in-site editing functionality means that your site's content can be administered directly through the storefront. Create new pages, edit content including images, flash and video easier than ever before.

Web Content Management Features

  • Create, edit, remove and restore content pages
    In-site editing enables administrators to edit sites in a faster, easier and more natural way directly through the storefront.

  • Flexible templates
    All pages within the tradeit ecommerce platform are built around templates – these control the structure and layout of your web page, ensuring conformity to corporate image and usability guidelines and making sure content is correctly placed and formatted.

  • Content lifecycle
    Full lifecycle management of content, from creation through to final deletion and even restoration.
  • Content in multiple languages
    Translation management for sites using multiple languages including Cyrillic and symbol-based text.

  • SEO friendly
    Manage 301 redirects, metadata, tags, descriptions, canonical tagging and auto-generated / updated HTML & Google sitemap.

  • Store locator
    Store locator integrating store lookups, maps, directions and store information.

  • Roles based permissions
    Roles based security and workflows gives admins control over who has the right to make changes, who has the right to approve changes and who has the right to publish content live.

In-site editing

The in-site editing works by using templates, content zones, elements and components. Within the site templates there are a number of editable zones defined for each page of your site. The editable zones are made visible to the administrator once they have logged in through the store front. Once logged in an admin menu bar will be displayed at the top of the site allowing quick and easy access to the editing options. Our roles/rules based permissions system gives total control and security allowing content changes to be made and stored for reviewing and publishing live later.


The system uses numerous templates that are custom built to meet client requirements. These templates can be used anywhere throughout the site.


Each in-site editing enabled content page template consists of a number of zones. Each zone is an area which can be administered using in-site editing. A webpage can be divided into a number of separate zones which in turn can then be individually edited.


A zone consists of one or more elements. Each element represents an area within a zone which can be edited. Zones can be divided into a number of separate elements which can then be individually edited.


These are pre-defined self-contained and reusable functional components that can be inserted into page zones to control the layout and type of content within that zone. Depending on the component it can contain either text, with or without an image, videos, flash components, image carousels, menus, a table and links to downloadable content or pages.

  • Displaying multiple images
  • Embedded videos
  • Animated menu systems
  • Flash components

SEO & links management

The WCM is incredibly search engine friendly and gives you full control over all of the on-page elements including meta data, page title tags and URLs. In addition to the on-page controls merchants can also maintain links, using broken link reporting to help avoid having broken user journeys. The WCM also provides management interfaces for handling 301 redirects, helping ensure that you maintain your positions within search engines for a smooth transition when moving your site and when making changes. Redirects can be imported and exported in bulk for easy updating en masse.

Roles based user control

Workflow and authorisation procedures are built-in, allowing publishers and administrators to perform tasks quickly, accurately and with consistent results. The roles based permissions system enables administrators to tailor privileges and access rights for all users. You control who has the right to make changes, who has the right to approve changes and who has the right to publish content live to the website.