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tradeit next generation ecommerce platform
tradeit's Product Information Management tool provides online and multi-channel retailers with a centralised system for managing rich product data. tradeit’s PIM gives merchants the tools that they need to ensure that their product data is up-to-date, accurate and consistent across their online channels.

Ecommerce Product Information Management

Infinitely scalable, the catalogue can handle an unlimited number of products, categories, sub-categories and product attributes.

Product catalogue management.

Manage multiple price lists.

Image resizer.

Sophisticated on-site search.

Unlimited user defined product attributes.

Unlimited products, categories and subcategories.

Manage faceted navigation, search and sort options.

Differential pricing & multiple currencies.

Manage content in multiple languages including Cyrillic and symbol-based text.

Simple attribute management with manageable groups for product types.

Unlimited product variations such as size and colour.

Multiple product descriptions, images and attributes for effective customer targeting.

Multi-channel & multi-domain management. Aggregate all of your product data creating a central repository of accurate, enriched content for use in online and offline channels.

Flexible taxonomies architecture enables multiple association of products across categories, related products and product groupings.


Benefits of Product Information Management

  • Reduce your administrative costs by using one central platform for managing all product data.
  • Shorten your time to market when launching new products & channels by re-deploying content from the PIM.
  • Centralise content for re-use, re-deployment and distribution across multiple channels, including international.
  • Dramatically increase conversion rate with high quality product content.
  • Become truly multi-channel by delivering consistent product information across all channels.
  • Ensure product data quality using strict rules to govern how data data is organised and handled.
  • Increase conversion rates and revenues by having complete, accurate & rich product data.

Product Catalogue Management

The tradeit ecommerce platform utilises a single, centralised product catalogue, integrating product data feeds from your suppliers, product data created in-house and from external contributors and systems. There are three main ways that product data can be managed through the platform.

  • The first option is to manage products - enriching them with translations into other languages, with multiple images, links to downloadable content etc... - through the administration system. 
  • The second option is through integration with an ERP system, feeding structured product data into the system. The product data can then be enriched through the administration system and then delivered through any channel. All feeds can be managed via Red's Data Transfer Scheduler using Web Services, TAB or XML.
  • The third option is to use the bulk import/export facility to download the product file, make changes and then re-upload it.
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