Order Management System

Order Management SystemIn this highly competitive ecommerce environment, merchants may only get one chance to impress a customer with on-time delivery of their products, great customer service, and accurate billing. tradeit’s Order Management System helps merchants to ensure the smoothest operations, increase sales, customer retention, encourage repeat purchases and deliver great customer service through the innovative suite of tools.

The tradeit ecommerce platform's Order Management System (OMS) allows merchants to take control of their order processes from beginning to end, encompassing checkout, order fulfilment, my account and call centre.

Order Management System Features

  • Centralised management of orders & order rules.
  • Multiple integration methods for seamless communication with WMS, ERP, RMS & CRM Systems.
  • Robust and scalable order processing, providing the perfect foundation to support growth.
  • Assign different warehouses to different regions and route orders accordingly.
  • A unified view of order activity/statuses across multiple channels.
  • Control access rights to who can do what within the order management area of the platform.
  • Offer both gross and net pricing with different taxation models.


The tradeit ecommerce platforms’ checkout has been designed and engineered to be incredibly flexible whilst incorporating current ecommerce best practices.
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Order Fulfilment

The order fulfilment built-in to Red’s tradeit ecommerce platform gives merchants ultimate control over their order processes, providing them with an up-to-date view of order activity across multiple commerce channels.
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My Account

tradeit’s customer my account module reduces the load on your business by empowering your customers with an enhanced set of tools that help with managing their account and orders.
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Call Centre & MOTO

Process telephone and mail orders, returns, refund customers & replace goods. Handle customer enquiries using the Call Centre to check the status of orders, view order histories and more.
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