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tradeit next generation ecommerce platform
The tradeit ecommerce platform is designed for optimum SEO performance and provides you with the flexibility to run your site based on Search Engine Optimisation best practices that Red has learnt from working with hundreds of merchants, and their SEO companies. The built-in content management system is incredibly search engine friendly and gives merchants full control over all of the on-page elements including metadata, page title tags and URLs.

SEO & Link Management

tradeit features simple ecommerce SEO tools, designed to help you outrank your competitors.

Choice between separate domain names or sub folders for different territories.

Ability to control the formatting of URLs (finish in a / or no slash or an .html extension).

Facet friendly URLs with values that are readable by humans and completely visible to administrators within the in-site editing menu.

Proper output of image tags and similar.

Keyword rich URLs.

Full control over content, titles, meta tags, h1-h6 etc...

Ability to create shortened (marketing/vanity) URLs.

Manage and configure the output of Google sitemaps.

Automated canonical tags for product pages as the product page can be assigned to multiple categories whereas all other pages just have one URL (although if required a product page can be configured to have just one URL).

Consistent behaviour in URLs so if somebody adds a slash to the end, the system will notice this and redirect the customer or robot to the correct URL.



The tradeit WCM system provides an interface for handling 301 redirects, helping ensure that you maintain your positions within search engines for a smooth transition when moving your site and when making changes. The ability to create 301 and 302 redirects in the admin system is very useful for migration from another platform and also in on-going site maintenance as URLs for products/categories can be changed as required. Redirects can be handled individually or imported and exported in bulk for changes en masse. Redirect types supported include:

  • 301 Permanent
  • 302 Temporary
  • Marketing (vanity URLs)
  • Category
  • Page
  • Product
  • Custom
tradeit also provides the ability to retain expired product URLs for SEO purposes - i.e. expired products are removed from the main navigation and search results, but do not return 404 errors for customers following old links or cached search results pages. In addition to the on-page controls, merchants can also maintain links, using broken link reporting to help avoid having incomplete user journeys.
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