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tradeit next generation ecommerce platform
Take control over your facets, handle synonyms and mis-spellings for your on-site search and set options for processing different search queries in different ways e.g. multiple search sweeps on different data held on each product. All of this helps to ensure a better experience for customers, helping them find what they want and fast. You can also use faceted search on content pages, questions and users, which is ideal for job searches, news listings or blogs, for example.

On-Site Search, Sorting, Facets & Navigation Features

With the right platform, on-site search is one of the areas where merchants can significantly improve conversions and ultimately revenue.

Improve your site search speed and accuracy with fast searches returning accurate results promptly.

Configurable redirects, exact matches can take the customers straight to a specific product page.

Configurable search sweeps mean that on the first sweep you could attempt to match the search term using a full match against the product code, then if no results are found, do a sweep against product name, product long description, product hidden search keywords description using a full match and then if still no results, do a final search of a partial match in product code, name, description, hidden keywords.

Choose from paging (merchant can also choose the number of products to display at any one time), lazy loading (merchant can choose to display all items on a single page that will populate as the user scrolls down and can also define what percentage of on-screen items the user will have to scroll through before more begin to load) or Infinite scrolling (all items appear on a single page).

Multi-faceted search allows customers to sort, apply and remove filters on the results.

Data rich search results (descriptions, product attributes, add to basket etc).

Merchandise your search results using hero products which trigger with specific search terms. These can be positioned above or to the side of the product set.

Promotional areas for ads and banners. These can be set to display against specific search terms and can be configured to display offers, products or even content pages.

Create product categories with pre-selected facets meaning results are automatically pre-filtered (i.e. pre-selecting an 'in stock' facet will return only items that are in stock from that category - user can uncheck facet to show all results once on the page).

Matching of products to be included in the record set is configurable; you can choose which fields should be used to match products against the search term and how they should be matched against the search term e.g. partial match or full match.

Customise “no results found” page with suggested products and promotional teasers to minimise exit rates.

Vendor maintained dictionary for handling misspellings, synonyms, alternative and related terms. Inflectional forms of words are also automatically handled.

Site wide coverage capable of aggregating results from products, blogs, forums and content pages including rich media.

Have both ascending and descending sort options (i.e. Price Low to High, Price High to Low).

Scalable architecture flexes to cope with peak query volume.

Have sort options on category and/or search results pages and apply different options to both if you wish.

Search options allow customers to search within a category, whilst still retaining the category, sort order and optionally the selected facet values.

Sorting (price, name, on sale, new products, date created, rank - how relevant the result is compared to the search term, star rating - or other fields specific to the project).

Facetted search covers both products and content pages, questions and users. Ideal for creating (fast) blog listing pages, job search pages, news listings etc...

Set up clever search redirects meaning you can take specific terms and redirect users to brand or landing pages when entering that term, or allow customers to buy directly from the search results.



Sort Options

The tradeit ecommerce platform contains sophisticated sort options enabling merchants to help their users find exactly what they are after as easily as possible. some sort options are standard to the platform such as:

  • A-Z
  • Price
  • Product Name/Code
  • Date Created
  • New Products
  • 'On Sale' (A product is classified as 'on sale' if the product/price list has a 'was' price value)
  • Rank

The merchant also has the ability to create sort options based upon any item attribute they define and flag in the admin system as a sort option. These might be specific to their products or industry.

Sort Metrics

Merchants regularly request the ability to sort products on a product listing page by average rating, number of sales etc... Automatically calculated product metrics per product/channel are now available and can be used as sort options. These metrics created include:

  • Number of orders
  • Number of baskets
  • Number of page views
  • Number of reviews
  • Average review rating

These metrics are all pre-defined and can be renamed (i.e. highest number of orders could be renamed 'Bestsellers' or highest number of page views could be renamed 'Most Popular') and turned on or off in the administration system. The default sort option can also be defined for each individual category and/or search results pages and merchants can apply different options for both if they wish.

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