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tradeit next generation ecommerce platform
The tradeit ecommerce platform incorporates email marketing functionality that helps merchants to effectively communicate with their customers. tradeit's high volume bulk emailing tool enables marketers to create email marketing campaigns, execute them and then analyse the results in-house. It also allows the merchant to take your email marketing and personalisation a stage further by introducing triggered email campaigns to individuals or groups of customers.

Email Marketing

Design and build emails in-house with the easy to use email builder that allows you full control of imagery, layout, content and links. Send emails in both HTML and text versions – ensuring your customer can always read your email content.

Integrate promotions into your email campaigns to drive sales forwards. Dynamically generate group or individual vouchers and promotions for customers from within the tradeit ecommerce system and define when and how many times that discount can be applied.

Manage automated responses, such as order or delivery confirmations. You decide when your customers are emailed and what the email content is. Tailor automated responses to specific customer groups.

The ability to measure and report on response and conversion rates allows you to continually hone and improve on your email communications.

Triggered emails are ideal for campaigns such as abandoned baskets or incentives to place an order or re-order, all generated automatically.

Manage email lists and mass email to customer groups from within the back office application.

Monitor bounce backs and unsubscribe requests automatically.

Import and promote to external and 3rd party email lists.


Triggered Email Marketing

The power of the system enables personalised email campaigns to be sent based on actions users have carried out or events that the merchant has defined.

For instance, these events may include:

  • Customer registration
  • Customer places their first order
  • Customer orders
  • Customer creates basket
  • Customer logs in
  • Customer spends specified amount (can differ between price lists and/or currencies)

Once the merchant has decided upon which event or events they would like to trigger an email, they can add any event conditions which may determine when and whether an email is sent. These conditions could include:

  • Send X days after the event
  • Send if customer has since placed an order
  • Customer orders
  • Customer creates basket
  • Customer logs in
  • Customer spends specified amount (can differ between price lists and/or currencies)

The merchant can then define exactly who should receive that email, for example:

  • All customers
  • All people who registered on the site
  • Customers in a specific group (Database segment, Merchant defined, Tagged to merchant’s facebook page etc..)
  • New customers

The merchant can then define which product/product groups the event is valid for. For instance:

  • All products
  • Specific products
  • All sale items
  • Specific product groups

If you have multiple brands or multiple international sites you can define which domains will be covered and also choose which email templates to use when sending, when to send the emails (down to a specific time of day) and how to personalise them (First Name/Last Name or Salutation/Last Name).

Set up the campaigns, and emails are automatically sent each time an event is triggered without any more work which makes them perfect for welcome emails, ordering reminders or abandoned basket campaigns.

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