Ecommerce Website Design

We know that the right design can be the difference between a transactional website and a superior online shopping destination. We also know that a well-designed ecommerce site engages more customers, increases sales and drives customer loyalty. With this in mind we aim to inspire and engage your customers by creating an immersive ecommerce experience that delivers your business real competitive advantage.

Ecommerce design with multichannel retail in mind

Red’s talented designers will ensure that your branding and overall look and feel is consistently displayed across all channels, providing a coherent image and experience to your customers, regardless of how they choose to shop with you.

Ecommerce website design considerations

  • Capturing the essence of your brand & values for the basis for the design.
  • Benchmark the competition ensuring current best practices have influence.
  • Being conscious of usability and accessibility guidelines.
  • Choosing between a responsive design or separate mobile and desktop sites.
  • A design geared to enhance sales.

Ecommerce web design process

Getting to know you

With all of the projects that we undertake we always invest in detailed planning upfront. To help this process we develop a deep understanding of your business, brand, strategy and competitors. Over the years we have developed an understanding of how design can be best managed to work in harmony with the technical makeup of leading ecommerce sites. This helps to ensure that we never deliver something which is style over substance.


Wireframes are created to inform the creative design process ensuring that the core functional requirements are established. Wireframes are a visual representation for the website’s structure, content, information hierarchy, functionality & how the interface will behave.

Design concepts

Based on the wireframes, Red’s talented designers will start the creative process creating multiple design concepts working with your brand, values, colour pallet, imagery & content.

Reviewing concepts & roll out to templates

Once the concepts are complete and appraised, the chosen concept is then rolled out into the rest of the templates for review.

Final sharpening

At this point the design for each template can be given closer consideration and be further honed and improved. Once the designs and templates are completed we will proceed to build.