Ecommerce Hosting

Red has provided specialist ecommerce hosting services for over 10 years and in that period has amassed a wealth of experience and know how on hosting ecommerce websites.

Hosting ecommerce websites is a specialist task, in which a strong and personal relationship is required between the Merchant and the ecommerce hosting provider’s engineering team. We provide a support which is second to none allowing you to focus on your business. Downtime is money lost. Red Technology's engineers are skilled specialists with a strong understanding of the importance of keeping your ecommerce solution available at all times.

Hosting for Ecommerce Sites & Ecommerce Platforms

Red has a lot more knowledge of ecommerce platforms than your average hosting company. Not only do Red author and host our own ecommerce platform, we also have considerable experience hosting ecommerce platforms from multiple vendors. Red’s ecommerce hosting services cover a number of ecommerce platforms including Red’s tradeit ecommerce platform hosting, MS Commerce Server hosting, ePages hosting, Magento hosting and others.

PCI DSS Ecommerce Hosting

Any company processing, storing, or transmitting payment card data must be PCI DSS compliant or risk losing their ability to process credit card payments and being audited and/or fined. Red can provide a comprehensive PCI hosting solution inclusive of an intrusion prevention system, independent third party vulnerability scanning and assistance with code and database fixes where required.

Ecommerce Hosting Redundancy and Scalability

Red's data centre infrastructure is carefully planned with data centres in both London and Oxford allowing for split system configuration e.g. a disaster recovery system that can be doubled as a staging / user acceptance testing system in one data centre and live system in the other. Red can quickly add additional web servers and configure its hardware load balancing devices to spread load, or add database servers with storage arrays. This flexibility helps to ensure a consistent high level of performance during peaks and as your business grows.