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tradeit next generation ecommerce platform
A fully integrated ecommerce solution allows a seamless flow of data between the ecommerce platform and your existing accounting, ERP & CRM solutions, your order management, stock & fulfilment systems, your payment service provider(s), additional online sales channels, other 3rd party services and more.

Integration Hub features

Extremely robust integrations with all channels and systems, providing online retailers with resilient, fully integrated ecommerce solutions without compromising agility.

The integration hub is very flexible, accepting XML & TAB data delivery formats for batch transfers as well as a full set of Web Services for real-time integrations.

Manage feeds to affiliates and 3rd party comparison sites including Amazon, Google Merchant Center, Kelkoo, Affiliate Window & others.

Integrate with physical stores to provide Click & Collect/Reserve, Store stock checks and other omni-channel functionality.

Connect the tradeit ecommerce platform with ERP, fulfilment, CRM, PSP & financial systems.

Automatically update Google sitemaps, aiding search engine optimisation.

Complete mass imports/exports of product data using CSV files.


Realtime & Offline Integrations

Red’s tradeit ecommerce platform has been specifically engineered to deliver extremely robust integrations with supporting business systems and 3rd party applications, providing online retailers with resilient fully integrated ecommerce solutions without compromising agility. Whether your organisation is using a commercial package or bespoke software developed by an in-house team, Red’s tradeit ecommerce platform combined with Red’s integration expertise can fit into your business.

Delivering both real-time and offline integration models, the platform’s flexible architecture means that it is able to adapt to suit your existing processes and workflows. The platform interfaces with other systems using common data delivery methods including, XML, TAB, CSV & Web Services. The platform already has a number of pre-built integrations with an array of software and services, helping to reduce development time and costs.

Integration Architecture

Importing and exporting data

The tradeit database holds a wealth of information pertaining to orders, products and customers. As the ecommerce platform, the tradeit system usually holds the most up-to-date information as customers interact directly with it. Using tradeit’s DTS & Web Services this data can be imported and exported for use by other systems.

Orders / packing slips / invoices / returns

Export / import order data including order statuses, order email, billing & shipping address details, order date stamp, shipping date, currency, exchange rate, shipping costs, any comments appended to the order, pricelist used, payment method, shipping tracking number, purchase order number, originating domain / channel and any custom order attributes.

Products & stock

Push and pull product information out of and into the platform including product codes, product types, product groups, language translations, product descriptions, images, metadata, weight, stock level, lead time, creation date, domain ID, relationships, categories, Increment or decrement stock levels and set quantities against product codes and custom product attributes.


Customer data that can be fed in and out of the platform includes, customer groups, website credentials, credit limits assigned to a customer, personal details, shipping address details, subscriptions to mailing lists, favourites and any custom attributes.

Online Chat

Enhance the customer experience and provide them with instant online help. The tradeit ecommerce platform has been integrated with a number of leading online chat providers including WhosOn, LivePerson and Live Chat.

Payment integration

Reliable integration with Payment Service Providers is crucial for all online businesses. Ensuring that your customer’s transactions are handled efficiently and securely is paramount. An unreliable PSP connection can mean lost sales opportunities, missed revenue and directly impact on cash flow. tradeit is robustly pre-integrated with leading payment gateways, providing merchants with reliable payment processing and the flexibility to offer multiple payment methods, one click checkout options, store payment details using tokenisation, accept global payments and ensure that your payment processes comply with PCI. Pre-integrated payment service providers include Secure Trading, CyberSource, Sage Pay, PayPal, Klarna and WorldPay.


Redirects can be easily imported and exported in bulk meaning updates/changes can be made en masse. Redirect types supported include:

• 301 Permanent
• 302 Temporary
• Marketing (vanity URLs)
• Category
• Page
• Product
• Custom

ERP, CRM, order management, stock & fulfilment system integration

tradeit has tight two way integrations with a number of Fulfilment, ERP, CRM & Accounting systems from leading vendors including SAP, Sage, Pegasus, Sanderson, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, WinMan, Exchequer, Intact, Salesforce, Amethyst and many others. For many businesses, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are core to their operation and act as a central store for information used by various in-house systems.

Comparison sites, affiliates & 3rd party online sales channels

Increase sales opportunities and increase revenues for your businesses by strategically linking up your online store(s) with 3rd party comparison sites, affiliate networks and 3rd party sales channels. tradeit is able to feed data through to a number of 3rd parties using XML, connecting your business to services such as Google base, Shopzilla, Kelkoo, Affiliate Window, & Amazon.

Email marketing

Whilst tradeit contains sophisticated email marketing functionality for both bulk and triggered emails, the platform has two-way integrations with a number of leading Email Service Providers including Silverpop, dotMailer, Adestra, ExactTarget, Lyris, MailChimp (including Mandrill), emarsys, Inc Direct, Campaign Commander and many more.

Fraud screening integration

The tradeit platform can be integrated with CyberSource fraud management & payment security solutions to protect the revenue of online retailers, giving them added security and peace of mind when processing payments. CyberSource’s screening services can be delivered both in real-time and off-line, and retailers are able to customise how the screening fits within their order workflows.

Merchandising & marketing

Further optimise and enhance your online presence and create an online shopping experience that is truly customer centric whilst increasing sales. Using software solutions from providers such as Fredhopper and Adobe (Omniture) merchants can extend the powerful marketing and merchandising capabilities of the tradeit platform. Not only that, the tradeit ecommerce platform is integrated with GiveX to provide retailers with sophisticated Gift Card functionality and Loyalty Programs.

Analytics, A/B and multivariate testing

tradeit enables comprehensive integrations with advanced web monitoring and analytics solutions for enterprises and medium sized businesses. These sophisticated systems enable merchants to constantly monitor and optimise their ecommerce stores, helping to easily analyse user paths, conduct A/B and multivariate testing, monitor site traffic and report on generated revenue. tradeit is commonly integrated with Google Analytics but for enhanced web analytics tradeit integrates with commercial software including IBM Customer Analytics (Formerly Coremetrics).


For online retailers, understanding the location of their customers represents an opportunity to personalise the customer experience based on their geographic location. Cross border retailers can use customer IP data to automatically display the correct website for their territory, localised in the correct language and using the appropriate currency. tradeit can also use the longitude and latitude of a user's browser for accurately locating where they are and delivering localised content accordingly.

Address/Postcode Lookup

Incorrect delivery addresses cost online businesses a substantial amount of money and with this in mind Red’s tradeit ecommerce platform is pre-integrated with PCA Predict (formerly Postcode Anywhere). The postcode auto-fill and validation solution from PCA Predict not only makes the checkout process smoother for customers but merchants also benefit from the increased accuracy of the addresses captured.

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