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tradeit next generation ecommerce platform
Utilise recommendations to help guide your customers towards more of the products that they want by displaying relevant cross-sells and up-sells across your ecommerce site(s), even automate the process using sophisticated pre-defined metrics combined with our advertising system.

Product Recommendations

Using the tradeit ecommerce platform to merchandise recommendations can help enhance the experience for your customers and lead to an increases in sales, conversion rates and average order value.

Maximise sales by displaying relevant product cross-sells & up-sells.

Take merchandising control over product relationships & ordering of cross-sell / up-sell products.

Take recommendations a step further by automatically populating your cross-sell / up-sell products based on the sort options (both those standard to the platform and unique ones based on attributes defined by the merchant), including the pre-defined metrics.

Merchants can choose which of the sort options to use for their recommendations and then select which categories to select the products from, how many products to display and the order they should display in.

Setup and configure product recommendations across multiple page templates. As templates are designed and built from scratch these can be easily customised.

Merchants can use different sort options (including metrics) to populate different item recommendations on each individual product page or use the same ones across categories and/or product groups.

Red can configure algorithms which automate merchandising recommendations. These algorithms can leverage various data sets to ensure that the products displayed are highly relevant to the customer. Data sets include customer’s search criteria, customer location, an individual customer’s order history, other customer’s order histories, product ratings, stock availability and more.

Use a combination of more than one recommendation type on product pages such as both similar and complimentary products giving you the ability to include 'You may also like...' and 'Complete the look...' on the same page.


Metrics and behavioural merchandising

tradeit takes the power to generate relevant recommendations a step further with the use of pre-defined metrics in conjunction with its advertising system, giving you a full set of behavioural merchandising functionality. By using the recommended products content type for your adverts, you can automatically generate cross-sell and up-sell recommendations based on actual statistical data.

These metrics include:

  • Number of orders
  • Number of baskets
  • Number of page views
  • Number of reviews
  • Average review rating

You can also choose from one of the standard sort options, such as:

  • A-Z
  • Price
  • Product Name/Code
  • Date created
  • 'On Sale' (Item is 'on sale' if the product/price list has a 'was' price value)
  • New products

You can even use ones created using your own attributes, giving you complete flexibility over all of your product recommendations. These recommendations can be populated down to an individual product page level if you require. Otherwise they can be the same on a product group, category or sub-category level meaning you can make them as specific as you want.

You've also got the capability to configure which categories to select the recommended products from, how many products to display and the order they should be displayed in (high-low, low-high etc...).

Find out more about the recommendations functionality of tradeit